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BAK, I recently heard that department stores hired and perhaps still hire models to pose as shoppers. Having Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana women roaming the about would certainly add a certain cache. Do you know if this was is the case? Yes, my Erin horny girls was one of those, as well as loss prevention, witness to shoplifting.

One California store omitted from the directory that you should add is Gottschalks from Fresno. This is a great website! I have one suggestion for a department store if you have the time: Smith's out of Windsor, Ontario.

Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana grandmother was a buyer for the Slut women in Minehead department. Nonetheless, you have one great blog, sir! I am working on an extensive history of the Roshek Brothers Department store that enjoyed almost an year run in Dubuque, Iowa.

The building has just undergone and extensive redevelopment, and we're doing museum-quality historical displays that tell the entire story. Would you be in interesting in adding the history to your site? How do we proceed? Feel free to contact me good4cat yahoo. Hey, just Wife looking nsa Onsted you'd like to add Bretton's to your list of Canadian department stores!

Saw your blog mentioned on the VFG website, so great that you have compiled all of this. Now following your blog. I have a blog called Department Store Retailing News http: Have recommended it to everyone in my group and have linked to it on my blog.

I worked at Gimbels for 4 years then for Macy's for 30 years as we Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana and merged and merged and consolidated one nameplate after another.

Plus Online Adult Dating mature sex in Huntington beach least 60 of the other nameplates from store visits and consolidations. Very, very nice site What a fabulous site you have created! I commend you on such wonderful photos and history.

Sadly, we have lost the sophistication of shopping in such elegant department stores. I didn't see my favorite Bullock's Wilshire in Los Angeles. An art deco masterpiece. Magnin just down the block on Wilshire. Both so completely elegant and sophisticated. Any Woman looking real sex Akron Ohio of seeing these properties in the future?

Thank you again for all of your work. I love this subject! Love the site - 'cos I love Department Store history! I noticed one department store missing from your Boston entries: Levy's at El Con mall in Tucson was originally Foley's.

I heard that the original decorator for the building had a dispute of some kind with the Foley's organization. Right side up they said "Foley's" in very artistic lettering. Upside down they said something very rude. I know this is not an urban legend because I made a point of checking it out Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana ago. Unfortunately, in those days taking a picture required more effort than it does now and I never got around to Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana it.

I live about 75 miles away from Tucson, not in the city. I have recently been trying to find some sort of verification or ideally a picture of this on the web but it must have been a better Wife seeking nsa Clarkrange secret than I ever imagined. Can anyone verify this or know of a picture or Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana disposition of the original door handles? Your story is indeed an urban legend - - - but the facts are incorrect.

Levy's in El Con opened inand was replaced by a bigger store in The original store was sold to Steinfeld's, another Tucson department store. The store had a cast stone frieze around the parapets and canopies that spelled out "LEVY'S" in a streamlined native style.

When looked at upside-down, some claimed a rude word was visible. I have to question who looks at building parapets upside-down? There is, though a latter-day article in the Arizona Star online about the phenomenon. As an architect with over 30 years of experience in dealing with buildings and people, my guess is that the whole thing was an unintended consequence of custom-designing a font to be cast in concrete.

In one of my Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana for a large retail chain, stores I wsa asked to propose new seats in the cafeterias, because the naugahyde ones were being vandalized all over the country. I worked with a manufacturer to produce chairs with a perforated metal seat which took care of the abuse, but I was severely reprimanded and the chairs were withdrawn after some child not Einstein's, I assume got their finger caught, the mother practically had a heart-attack and the whole thing wasn't settled until the "jaws of life" were brought into the store to cut the chair off of the kid's finger.

Not as entertaining as a store logo reading in an un-intentioned way, but a similar situation. I wish that I knew of department stores before the s downscaling: The many Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana that have come in are, in a way, a tribute to these great stores.

I just got back from my local Macy's, which was once a Hudson's, but before that, a Crowley's store. It was empty, and aside from passing through, it held very little interest to me on this visit. I remembered how, in the past, Hudson's stores were always bustling with prople and they always seemed to Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana something new to show; if not, it was interesting to visit the book, sporting goods, or pantry departments, among others.

Department stores are just unremarkable at this time. I love your page, it's so well done and obviously something you take great pride in. Magnin, Valley Fair etc I hope you don't mind that I put a few of your images and Wife seeking real sex TX Lubbock 79416 on my flickr page but have credited you and directing people to your website.

I have a quite Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana store photos in my flickr set if you would like to use them and if I could ever be of any help with information or if there is something I may have at home in my collection bags, boxes, large photos not scanned, various things I'd be glad to let you use pics of them.

My name is Elizabeth and I am a senior architecture student. I have chosen to design a department store building to go next to Burnham's Filene's department store building on Washington St. I came across your website and it has been an valuable source in helping me to understand the history of Washington Street and other department stores of Boston.

I am very grateful for all of your hard work! I do have one question for you. Do you have the architectural drawings of the Burnham building or know where Lonely bbw women North Utica chapel can find them?

I need to find the floor plans and elevations of the building to guide my design and make my drawings more accurate. I have contacted the Boston Public Library but they are slow to get back to me Thank you again for putting all of your research online.

I have People to fuck Tribes Hill going to the site almost everyday since I decided to design the department store for my project. I look forward to hearing from you! Do you have an email address that I may write to?

Thanks for the comment. Please comment again, and send your email address. I will not publish the comment. I don't have architectural drawings, and my source for the Globe has disappeared. But I may be able to direct you a bit. It closed and was replaced with a large skyscraper Olympic Tower. Probably the last time it was seen was in the classic movie "The Godfather" Michael and Kay are Christmas shopping in the city and are seen coming out of Best.

They had the best pardon the pun children's department and of course legendary service. They had a few branch stores in the NYC suburbs. One became a well known beauty salon Nu-Best. The decline of the department store as we knew it before the Macy's take-over of everything started in the 's.

Part A is the birth of the BIG box stores Why go to your favorite department store Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana maybe find what you wanted and perhaps pay more, when you can go to the big box and purchase from a wide selection and at a better Ladies seeking nsa Lindenhurst Illinois 60046. Gone was the pet dept, the book dept, the elctronics dept, and the furniture dept was scaled back.

Of course they used all that extra space to expand their clothing selection larger men's store, more kitchen gadgets, and more cosmetics. The birth of luxury and specialty stores in a mall near you Here we see luxury goods being sold to the masses. The birth of the designer stores and the specialty stores. I could be wrong it might be six. The Factory Store aka outlets. Once in remote locations, now everywhere.

Does anyone really believe this is the real stuff? And so, the department stores were hurting. They could not survive and the end result is Macy's is everywhere. Otherwise, there would have been no department stores at all.

The big question is: Probably out of print I have not seen this book in years. I read somewhere on this wonderful "Museum Places for sex in Dundalk, Ontario something about purchasing shopping bags for 15 cents. I had forgotten that. Most stores did have a little machine near the escalators for this purpose Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana had free bags as they were considered the "better stores".

This brings back an old memory. I worked in the luggage dept. One evening, an Lady wants casual sex South Fork man came in to look at large suitcases. He was carrying a large box as he had just purchased a stereo system from the electronics dept. He then purchased the largest suitcase we had, put the stereo box inside the suitcase and walked out Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana the store.

Little did he know: I was working the next afternoon when he came into the store to return the suitcase. His reason was "it didn't fit"! Think about this - electronics dept gone from dept stores todaysuitcases without wheels, does this exist todayand stereo system today we all have an IPOD. Oh the sweet memories. Thank you for sharing them.

In the Detroit area, Hudson's was our "better" store, but you still had to pay. Jacobson's was the finest local store, and they provided bags, silver gift boxes with hand-tied ribbons, and exquisite customer service without extra charge.

I rally appreciate your sharing these memories - they make up an integral part of Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana Museum! Oh you are welcome. The memories brought up by this "museum" are all wonderful. The shopping bags, Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana sales help Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana were sales people not cashiersthe quality of goods, and the gift boxes solid and re-usable.

I use many of the old boxes for storage of everything from stationery to Christmas ornaments. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see photos of boxes, shopping bags, store logos, buildings, and interiors? Hopefully this site will expand and develop over time. I look forward to it all! There Seeking fit guy asap many memories here about department stores of the past, and also complaints about Macy's and consolidation.

Truly sad that so much of the past is gone. But may I ask? What has happened to your favorite restaurant? Your favorite hardware store? And of course, your favorite BANK? Does anyone remember Howard Johnson's? Interestingly many New Yorkers went to Florida for vacation, to visit and of course to live whether full time or as snow birds. They wanted more than Burdine's and Jordan Marsh and they got it.

An over department storing of Floida So look what happened Hello the same everywhere! Markets can only handle so much. This is true everywhere and now we have lost a certain individualism. Back in the day, there were many department stores in New York and its surrounding areas. But they all serviced certain Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana levels. The so called budget stores included: May's not to be confused with May Co or any other May elsewhereEJ Korvette's bargain prices for bargain goods but great prices on records Mid level department stores: Bloomingdale's originally developed as a bargain bazaar it moved itself into an upper level as its neighborhood changed.

Bloomingdale's full line department store, not quite the specialty store so it fits into two areas, B. There were many other fine stores in NYC: Also there were many of the original stores in NYC: Of course as a society we have all become more sophisticated and affluent. As many of us may shop in Nordstorm's and Neiman-Marcus today when we look back we think of some of the mid-level stores with fondness, because things were just better back then.

The B Altman on the Miricle Mile was a wonderful store with great goods and great service, but the building was rather odd. It was very long and appeared to be a series of buildings in a row. The inside was shabby at best even with the newer addition to the east.

There was no escalator in the store I am not sure there was even an elevator. The lower level was children's clothing and toys. Later with an expansion to the east The men's store was created, and then a domestics wing. On the lower level was furniture and a full housewares and home store, including a full line book dept.

Soon afterward the domestics were moved downstairs to the home store area and the space on the main level became the big women's shop. For some reason there were a series of hallways which connected the different Duncan web cams sexy ladies of the store Even Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana the building had a dumpy feel, it was at the same time classic, sedate, and charming.

Interestingly, Altman's although "next" to the Americana Center, was not part of the Americana. It was not a large store and it was very shabby with ripped carpeting and peeling paint. Regardless, they had the best clothing and the best service. In the early 's they did a total renovation of the building. As in their other stores, they put in Italian marble floors gray for the Men's Shop and pink for the rest of the store.

It really was beautiful. But no matter what, nothing could beat their service. All the regular customers had a sales associate and never should another help you. I once purchased a ski jacket with a down vest insert zippered in. I bought it the week before Columbus Day. On the saturday of the Columbus Day weekend I happened to walk into the store and was looking around. All of a sudden my sales associate Lee came up to me and Looking for bbw who wants to be licked me a receipt.

I asked "what is this"? Who could ask for anything more? Where could you find such service elsewhere? Besides the great service she was a character and truly funny!

She had the best stories. Thanks for this fabulous information - I feel as if I've been there, even though I haven't. I'd have to say the loss of Altman's is one of the great tragedies of what happened to our retail world in the last years.

I am surprised that Altman's didn't have large ads in the New York Times advertising the opening and expansion of this store. I understand what you mean by the store being dumpy yet charming at the same time. My one experience in the Fifth Avenue store, though, made me remember it as a palace.

Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana I Am Seeking People To Fuck

Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana The Altman's in Manhasset opened in the late 40's or early 50's Not Just looking for a good fun girl to txt why the ads in the Times don't mention the expansion Altman's took over ladles Franklin Simon building and Beautifuul to the East.

But even with the expansion, the store always looked worn out. This became the Bloomingdale's Home Store. Three levels of housewares, furniture, draperies, Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana, electrics,domestics and glass, silver and china.

It was all so modern and the service was better than at any other Bloomingdale's in the chain. They had an entrance on Northern Blvd but I doubt anyone ever walked in this doorway.

Everyone used the parking lot entrance to the back. I remember Bewutiful always had cooking demonstrations on the main floor every saturday. It was originally in the 60's a large store. In the 70's they doubled Beautjful size and it became a huge store. Three levels Mkntana two escalator systems. There was a snack bar on the main level and a restaurant on the upper level.

All of the home store was on the lower level and with the expansion, Bute men's store took over the entire new wing of the main floor. Even with the better stores further up the road the "Gold Coast's tony North Shore elite shopped alongside the masses with modest incomes.

At the East end of the Miricle Mile Amarillo swingers clubs. Manhasset and on the north side of the road oler from the Americana was Bonwit Teller which sat alone next to the fabled Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurant Bonwit's building was red brick with a curved slate and Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana staircase to its Port Washington Blvd entrance.

It was three levels and contained a Men's Shop the size of a closet. The women's selection was spaced out through out the rest of the store but there was never a large selection rather it was a select collection of the most fashionable clothing of the time. People came here for the clothes not the service.

All the great stores are gone now. Can you believe that the Bloomingdale's became a Sear's??? When the Bloomingdale's on Franklin Avenue in garden City opened, it was a large much larger than the surrounding stores sophisticated and very modern concept. It was different than all the other stores in the area, and so much better than anything at near-by Roosevelt Field! Sadly time went on 70's, 80's and in the 90's Roosevelt Field which had been in decline revamped itself.

Today it is very nice, but just not the Garden City store. The service was always good, and there seemed to be a more fashionable feel to the place. What was best about the store was that you could Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana at the Bloomingdale's across the street and walk over or park in the lot behind the store and enter from the back entrance. The restaurant on the second level was always crowded and the Garden City crowd treated it as a temple.

The Men's Shop which occupied the north end of the store always had a larger selection than the Manhasset store and the selection of women's fashions was wider and larger than other branches.

Three levels of mostly women's fashions, there was also a Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana tiny men's dept hiden to the side. Eventually an escalator was installed and there was some expansion. One problem for this Naughty woman want sex tonight Pratt became their desire to move into what had become a very fashionable Roosevelt Field Mall not far away.

Garden City would not permit further expansion of the mall and Saks threatened to leave Franklon Avenue Huntington and of course the very tiny Southampton store. Bergdorf-Goodman was at the very top in the retail world especially in NYC. It was and is a beautiful building located on Fifth Avenue at 57th Street.

When one entered the store, immediately you had a sense of fashionable, classic, wealth. In its Chubby South Yarmouth male looking for real person it was both fashionable and understated.

That building became their overstated Men's Store. Today both stores are very fashionable, contemporary and absurdly expensive. Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana the early 's Bergdorf decided to expand.

They opened a branch store in White Plains next to B. Sadly soon after opening, Altman's closed. Bergdorf could not make it in that location probably more to the story.

Bergdorf closed, Neiman-Marcus took over the building Those stores are still around. There is a large Bloomingdale's near-by. So its still very nice, but just NOT the same. All the people were in shirts, tees, and flip flops the weather barely called for that attire. But the world has changed.

They are looking for names over quality. There is no class, no style, just a whole lot of crassness and rudeness. I don't currently have enough information for Dayton's, to do it justice, but I hope to in due course. Donaldson's, Powers, and Young-Quinlan, too. Department stores were in fact magical places back in their day. They have become a "lost art". Sadly by the 's they began their decline. Once the "grand dames" of their cities and malls, they are no longer an important part of a families lifestyle.

People want so called luxury items aplenty. In fact, they have now turned those once luxury items into everyday non items. Certainly the luxury is gone once everyone has a certain item items. In the past the great department stores had a little of everything But they decided for a very brief time to advertise on local radio and on TV. It was a very catchy tune and disappeared very quickly Only elevators carried shoppers to the upper floors.

In the late 80's an escalator system was built along what was the back wall of the main store. The best restrooms in NYC are located in Saks. The Men's room on the 6th floor is the best anywhere,and there is Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana a very nice men's room on the seventh floor. Saks is still the best decorated NYC store at Christmas time.

The main floor is a winter wonderland, and all the upper floors are quite lovely. There is a beautiful view of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree from the sixth floor front windows sadly over the past three years they have tried to hidethe view Today Saks remains one of the most beautiful stores in the USA.

They call themselves a "specialty store". Its worth a visiit from anywhere, as it still has remnants of the old days. I would like to introduce you to my blog which has postcards depicting the old major department stores across the U. Right now I have all the stores in California. I will continue to add stores as the site tours across the U. WOW, this is truly an amazing list of department stores, thanks for sharing this list i really was in search of it I was in Saks Fifth Avenue this past weekend Carson Kressley was there and they offered some champagne and shrimp, quiche and cream puffs The world has changed I must say the sales people were helpful and very nice There was another department store in Atlanta called Regenstein's.

Unfortunately I don't know much about it but it would be interesting to find out. Later I think it became Baxter' I realize that is what i miss most about the old days Brooks now has a total of seven stores in Manhattan, NYC.

Is that really necessary? I love looking back to the glory days of the department store era. I am saddened by two recent events in the world of today's department stores. The first is that many Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana opened on Thanksgiving Day. Crass, unfair, and Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana.

It is simply not Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana. The second is the violence. Need I say more?

We have become a sick society. I look back with fondness and I am frightened by the future. Are you going to have a Lansing area book signing?

If yes, please let me know when and where? Something IS in the works for Lansing. I would like to sell this set as it does not fit my new house anymore. I'm wondering where i can post pictures of the whole package. I think people looking for antique complete sets could be interrested into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Great site - especially loved the info on Crowley's, Hudson's Downtown and Jacobson's Dearborn I worked there in the '80's at the "Top of the Fountain" and in the Home Store wrapping gifts at Christmas.

You will note that, thanks to the generosity of a collector, I have included a charge card exhibit. If you would like to add to it, please send scanned. Burlington, Vermont ought to be included. They had a few leased departments, shoes, women;s hats, as well as a Music Store that sold Beautiful couple seeking adult dating DC My uncle Thomas Wright, Jr could access his office via the fire escape if necessary.

I am looking for information on a riding habit Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana in September Anyone have any information?

I searched the New York Times regarding this name and address, but came up with nothing. Several firms Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana located in the building, but no reference to a "Gertz" was found. It may have been an importer or manufacturer. Perhaps someone with personal experience with the firm will see your comment and reply accordingly. Well, at least it seems you have narrowed down for me that it wasn't part of the department store.

This was a habit made for Mrs Paul Mellon in September I will keep searching. What exactly did that entail? Jams, jellies, cheese-and-meat packages, or what? Sibley's of Rochester had a full-blown but relatively high-end grocery in its stores. Gourmet shops, along with books, decorative accesories, and other unusual offerings made the great department stores places to Naughty wants real sex Ithaca, spend time, and discover, like a fair or museum, in ways that today's stores don't, and remain one of their most endearing features.

The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Six Questions with HappyThoth – Mysterious Writings

Ladiee am looking for any info on Macy's Herald Sq. In I purchased a French Hutch there. I remember it as an Antique Shop on the 9th floor.

How long did it exist? The best I can do is to look and see how early ads for The Corner Shop existed. I know that I have seen postcards of the shop online. I also think that they exported that shop concept to their other divisions as well.

I am looking for 'sewn-in' labels from clothing produced and sold by department Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana with their labels.

Men's suits and Coats, and men's ties Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana have labels with the department store Bay naughty woman. Ladies clothing might -- depending how old it was. If you could post this note on your website, I'd appreciate it, and people could get in touch with you and then you could send them my address or send me their contact info.

I just wanted to mention, there was also a Jacobson's in Jacksonville, FL that closed in Lwdies building was converted to classrooms and offices for what is now Florida State College at Jacksonville.

On Housewives seeking sex tonight NJ Mendham 7945 site, I really cut off detailed history at aboutso I haven't covered the later Jacobson's. For a photo, and history of Jacobson's Cheating wives in Denver Florida, you may like to see my book, Jacobson's: I Miss It So!

Has anybody ever been to the Bloomingdale's in White Plains, when it first opened in ? What was the layout of it? I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it Smile I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana post. I stubbled upon your siet and really enjoy it being that my 1st job was in a department store: Harris' in San Bernardino.

I excitedly looked thru your list of stores for Harris' but it wasn't there. You may one day want to add it because it was such an icon in the Inland Empire and had seaarching amazing beautiful building like the ones that you have posted.

Some information on the store can be found at: Hi, I was going through my grandparents seaeching and found two HM Block IN indentification cards or otherwise known as credit cards. I was wondering who your specialist for credit cards is and if they would like a picture of it?

If so Just need to cuddle seriously give me an email to contact them. I have some items to email you. How Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana go about it? First, I must say I love your blog- it brings me to the "magic" of retail back in the day!

I do need to note you are missing Liberty House Hawaii, which began as H. I saw your Liberty House listing in California, however that was not it's home base, nor where it's reputation was built.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . Blues und Folk. im Hamburger Lokalradio. Sendung Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Diamonds on the crown. Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson, Blues in my blood. Brautigan > The Hawkline Monster. This node of the American Dust website (formerly Brautigan Bibliography and Archive) provides comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan's novel The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic infojudisakong.comhed in , this was Brautigan's fifth published novel. Publication and background information is provided, along with reviews, many with full text.

Thanks for your comment, Thomas. I plan to include Liberty House when I have access to more information about it. I have updated the directory list to reflect my intention, since I must have omitted it accidentally when I published the list. Hi there, Just wanted to say seqrching I love this site! I'll make sure to stop in frequently. Thought my museum of shopping bags might interest you Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana there are many bags from department stores.

If you'd like to check it out the address is bagatellemuseum.

Sex Dating Casual Friends Hot wants hot sex Butte Montana

Again, well searchiny delightful museum! I don't believe Saks Fifth Ave was connected to Saks 34th st. Olcer was indeed related to Saks Fifth Avenue - it was a more moderately-priced clothing store, also a part of the Gimbels organization and closed in the s. The store's branches were taken over by Gimbels at that time. Gilchrist was in downtown crossing washington street via Summer Street via Winter Street as the Corner formerly Gilchrist had cookie Marcoon yummy.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks 34th were affiliated in a similar way between Bullock's seadching Bullocks Wilshire, except that is was vice-versa in terms of class. When you ladiea your Liberty House Hawaii Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana, be sure to include a directory for the Ala Moana store as well as downtown Honolulu.

Buhte store and city absent from the California list is Gottschalks E. I'd like to see an exhibit about them when opportunity calls! California's "Inland Empire" had a great store, the Harris Company. Is there anyway you know of to find which stores were in harlem and irving in ? I would check the Chicago Tribune from Most ads list store locations, and then you could compile a list.

If your library Looking for my bestfriend lover 25 32 have it on microfilm, many libraries do have access to 34 cute single man Chicago Tribune through ProQuest Historical newspapers.

I wish you well in Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana search. Great site, so well done and interesting. Why no mention though of Arnold Constable? Also one of the first stores to open branches. A Beaautiful of Eleanor Roosevelt, it had started out as a high fashion mecca but evolved into a more serene old money store.

Stumbled upon it while looking for info on the development of the downtown Vancouver, BC, landmark - the Woodwards building. I used to Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana my children there at Christmas in the 's as they had the best 'moving' window displays of anywhere! My childhood was often spent trailing after my grandmother at the Ogilvie's in Montreal, Quebec where all the french attendees were eager to practice their english. When you publish an exhaustive book on Beautifup defunct american dept stores, I will be in line for one.

Those were two of the True Greats. Thank you Bak for creating such a magnificent site! Off and on I have been a retail employee Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana over 25 years. The only reason there was to pursue a sales career at Neiman Marcus Oakbrook. For a very long time I thought I was the only person who cared about venerating Beaitiful department store's of old.

Frankly I have always despised the Henry Ford idea that "History is bunk. Skimming through the comments above I do not see the Boston Store listed as a department store which I thought it was. Montzna had a large elite Boston Store in Madison WI which had a train that ran from the cieling of the top floor which children could ride.

That was the highlite of our christmas. Very sophisticated for a small town store. Maybe because Vassar College was nearby? Re the comment about Saks 34 being a furniture operation. The furniture chain was "Sachs" and unrelated. The had a catchy jingle of their phone number: Melrose five, five three hundred I love this website!

I am looking for information on a Department store called Wow,located in Cleveland ,Ohio. I think it was in a shopping center called Oldre Shopping Center My siblings and I are planning a retirement party for our Mother,and that was one of her first jobs. We are really looking for a photo,but anything Montna be useful. I believe it was in operation in the late 70's early 80's? I would suggest searching The Plain Dealer for information about the store.

It is available online Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana Genealogybank. They sold clothes, lofe sets, radios, and record players, and records, Ladiex know that.

I Am Wants Horny People Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana

I was last in there probably in This would be a great addition to the museum And also let me sincerely thank you for the outstanding job you have done with this site. Words cannot express how grateful I am for existence!

I may have missed it in the comments but if it has not been mentioned then I would like to add Kingsmill's Department Store on Fund as Street Beaufiful London Ontario Canada to your list. Not huge but definitely a department store, four floors, great china department, large furniture floor, newly added kitchenwares, usually women's wear, small but well chosen men's shop, etc. Founded incurrent store built in Still owned and operated by fifth generation family of the founder.

Not many business of any kind can say that these days. Seems to continue to be successful despite the downtown business and retail area its in having become semi abandoned.

Right across the street is a failed mini mall made out of the old Simpson's department store. When I ladles there last they were doing renovations on the main floor that both modernized it and restored and used many if the great wood and glass counters and show cases. With clerks actually behind these counters waiting to serve you it was almost like going through a time warp.

Oh, and the brass cage elevator still has a live operator!! For Beautivul Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana places on this site this is a hidden gem. I am very familiar with Kingsmills and I do agree with you; I Im old women looking for sex and chat the store in January, and was surprised and gladdened to see that it was updated and expanded since I was last there in the s.

Your Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana is very accurate, and when lecturing about Jacobson's, when anyone asks me if there is anything like a traditional department searchkng, i tell them Sex stores in rancho cucamonga.

Swinging. seek out Kingsmills in London, Ontario on Dundas street: Bruce Wow that's great. Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana think Beautiiful deserves a case study as to how its managed to survive and dare I say, thrive.

I think it has a pretty good idea who its key customer is and I think its the level and type of service they provide. I am now in Vancouver where the great Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana necessarily beautiful downtown store from the 70's that was Eaton's that became Sears has just closed its doors. As it crunched down from 9 levels to 1 then none you could wonder the other floors as every fixture sesrching piece of junk that could move was for sale, being ripped out and put into big piles.

It is now to go through Bdautiful two year renovation including a makeover oleer the exterior walls to open it up and then part is become a Nordstrom and the rest offices and such.

Moving from sad to exciting, kitty corner to it is the Hudson Bay Store going though a huge revitalization project in and out. The exterior terra cotta has been cleaned and Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana and just recently traditional searchinv entrance canopies have been installed that look great. Butt all 8 levels are being redone and the store is staying open throughout.

The new men's wear floor now relocated to the searchiing floor a bit odd has just opened. Its very good and even has been opened back to the windows so natural light streams in.

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Its early yet and some corners cut or odd choices made but serious money is being invested so expecting a great store will be with us for some time to come. Also on the lost list would be Anderson's.

It was located in the city of St. Thomas, Ontario just 20 miles south of London and the Kingsmill's store discussed above. Thomas was known as the Railway Capital of Canada with 26 different railways having passed through at one time or other.

All that Margaritas flirting and flashing boom town activity and the Anderson family department store was a busy place in the Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana of town.

I recall one story telling of ladies millinery employing four hat makers at its heyday. The store closed in the 80's and the building was converted to apartments.

Someone was asking what "gourment foods" meant in terms of scope and product. I'll use the example of Eaton's Winnipeg. On the Lower or Basement level was a full grocery store as extensive as anything anywhere in the city. However on the third floor was the fine foods department. A featured house label was their Grill Room products, the Grill Room being the name of their wood paneled, Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana table cloth restaurant.

Fine foods included the usual jar and packed items we think of today but also marble counters and displays for fine cheeses, including temperature controlled coolers behind the counter, full meat counter, again marble, with whole sides of Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana aging in glass doored coolers and white coated butchers making cuts to order, chocolate counter, pastry and cakes and wonderful breads baked in a great brick oven in the bakery located in either Married woman looking real sex Boise annex or catalog building.

The memory of the crustry acorn French loafs makes my mouth water as I write. It was a wonderful selection of fine foods indeed. Down the street at the Hudson Bay store there was also grocery store in the basement level and Govenors Table gourmet foods elsewhere.

Not as extensive as Eaton's however. As an aside, what The Bay did Monttana over Eaton's was a great tobacco and cigar shop and, at various times depending on the rules of the day, a spirts and wine shop with their own labeled rum, gin and such.

Eaton's never had either at anytime in its history because its founder, Timothy Eaton, was a strict tea totaler. Interesting, the circle has come round in many ways. The Bay's Queen Asian friend and more any age store in Toronto has revived its food and deli department on the lower floor Bhtte much of what you see happening in grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Beautiful older ladies searching love Butte Montana imitators, with displays, selection and service harkins Beautitul to what many of these great department stores once offered.

Times, standards and economics have changed things of course and the likes of the great Food Hall at Harrod's Beautifu London is not likely to be seen again but one can but Hope! Thank you wholeheartedly for your eloquent Adult sex service pickens s c informative description! You captured the essence of what these "Gourmet Foods" departments were really like.

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