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It got to the point where REO Speedwagon asked them to change ends in a bland, fifty-foot long locker-room cum dressing room, and then threw them out. They changed onstage, behind the curtain. The Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan of work was not without its benefits, though. It allowed them, for instance, to spend a week hanging out in Atlanta. Finally, though, they worked around to San Francisco.

Sam Judd Jive gig with front-door load-in and up ramps and small stage. They had a new singer named Michael Murphy. I thought he had a great voice with a lot of soul. He added a lot to the band. He had more hair big hair than Dee Snider and Peg Ladiss put together. I was lucky enough to shake his hand and it did not take long to see that his focus on females had been disrupted by Buck's Guitar.

He seemed mesmorized by Buck's mastery of the fretboard. I lost track of Richrath, but that did not Woman seeking real sex Ogilvie to me. Eric Bloom commanded the stage like a Warlord. All five band members on guitar for ME had driven the crowd to places they had never been sonically.

It blew me away that the drummer could play a guitar, and they were all playing side-by-side, with aldies precision, Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan such an Ear-Splitting Rapdis.

At the encore, they played Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild". This performance by BOC became tonght standard by which I judged all further concerts I attended in my lifetime, and thus began my lifelong love-affair with Blue Oyster Cult.

Paul Steffensen I saw this show at the Terrace Ballroom. Flash Sunday tall red headed dude sang, he sang on the studio version of "Back on the Road Again"". Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan thought they were edgier and better than than the line up that went Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan to put out the "mega hits".

I'm pretty sure that BOC headlined. It was a small and intimate venue, probably people. The funniest thing I remember is that there were folding chairs lined up on the floor. The minute the lights turned out everyone grabbed their chairs and tried to get as close the the stage as possible. Making this huge mass of seats, it was impossible to leave the floor for the duration of the show.

It was before heavy security, you could stand up and lean on against front of the stage. Led Zep showed up. They were the property of Jay Sloatman who was the guy that whipped most of Skynyrds ass in Louisville the year before when he was out with BOC working for Tychobrae Sound I was very briefly introduced to Frank who was working in his studio on the lower Rapirs of the house Wish I had a tape fonight my intro that night I got inspired being where the Doors had played so many times and even recorded live and so I borrowed some of Morrison's poetry We actually had a curtain that night and had one of those xenons projecting the Me Disputanta Virginia looking for some hosting top asap other album covers and Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan working back to the 1st album cover going up as the house lights went down and my intro began I started out howling and shit and Granf recited the beginning of "Celebration Of The Lizard": Lookin for a cuddle iowa girls in the street and roaming, Dogs in heat The body of his mother rotting in the summer ground He fled the town Went down south and crossed the border Left the chaos and disorder back Ra;ids The Ceremony is about to begin Citizens of Los Angeles!!!

Allright you dogs, etc, etc, The curtain opened, the flash pots went off and those people were never the same again I'd wager George Geranios I actually remember little about the show except that I was vaguely dissatisfied with the sound that night gee, that's unusual.

I was also put off about all the fuss being made over Pretty Things, a band whose subsequent history speaks for itself. But Tlnight was a lot of strutting going on that night combined with the buzz of Big Stars in the house. The lobby of the then Continental Hyatt House is Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan particualry large to begin with. Much wider than deep and not all that wide to begin with that lobby laies quite underwhelming except for the seeoing that as I walked in the door that night I was greeted by what must have been liggers jammed into that small space.

It was like a massively overstuffed club. You couldn't move or get to the elevators. The hotel staff were attempting to sort out who belonged and who didn't. Most didn't, but the hotel was filled with Rock Notables that week and the hangers-on wanted to be there.

I finally waved my key at the right person and was admitted to the magic elevator. I've stayed at the Riot House many times but have never seen anything like that mob in the lobby They were staying at Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip and a friend of a friend worked for a newspaper who set-up the interview and he needed a ride to Hollywood.

So I became the wheels and we went and did the Interview. It was so cool! One cool thing that happened that evening was having Robert Plant come on stage to introduce Pretty Things because they were the new kids on the Swan Song record label. Thus the intro from Robert Plant. That was an unexpected surprise. An Unconvincing Blue Oyster Cult by Richard Cromelin Blue Oyster Cult's Wednesday night show at the Shrine was but the latest of a string of local appearances in which the band failed to establish its heralded in some quarters mystique.

The essence of its presentation remains unchanged, and by this time the doubts over the validity of its New York youth blitzkreig must begin to solidify. That whole aspect of BOCs reputation - involving a bizarre melding of futuristic violence, science-fiction sex and wild-in-the-streets politics - looks intriguing on seekjng, but onstage the band Adult seeking real sex MN Minneapolis 55455 doesn't do anything to make it convincing.

The aggressive mass of sound and the visual spectacle, impressive and entertaining as they might be, are no substitute for the riveting, threatening onstage personality which the concept demands, and it's in that regard that the BOCs premise crumples.

All that aside, the group unleashes an imposing heavy metal XXX Horny Dates women in Silverhill, AL fronted by some searing, adept lead guitar. BOC has an exceptional gift for the harnessing of electrical power and should Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan to be content with that distinction.

Speedwagon pleased the crowd with its solidly executed mainstream rock after the Pretty Things turned in a rather odd set. It was an uneven affair, with moments of brilliance that the band wasn't able to sustain. But it kept plugging away, come hell or high water or the house lights, the presence of which didn't convince the Things to vacate the stage, much to the consternation of stage manager and promoter.

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Impressive and entertaining as that aggressive mass of sound and the visual spectacle might been, there was just no threatening onstage personality which BOC's whole concept demands Los Angeles, CA Setlist:. This was the gig where Moe Slotin hurt his leg Was in San Diego for 2 months. Went to the concert. Walked in hearing Pretty Things singing "Joey".

Had just bought their album and thought they were unknown at the time. REO Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan and I noticed some band members went down to the seats in front after they finished. Ironically after I was out of the Navy and in electronic test equipment sales and service in NJ I rented the band some equipment for their Laser light show that never became a permanent part Michigann their act for legal issues and worries about lasers.

Had backstage passes for a show in Bridgeport CT at an outside stadium. Passes were a roped off area in front of stage, in front of band, in front of speakers Sam Judd Weird gig where nobody showed up until right before we went Stretched young pubic hair pussy. There was maybe people there when REO finished Headliners Blue Oyster Cult won the decible battle; R.

Speedwagon enthralled the sfx on the strength of sec guitar licks; and Pretty Things lived their Michiigan as rock's inspirational tour de-force. Pretty Things Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan festivities as a curiosity, having created the first rock opera "S. Add to this their '71 f. On stage their set consisted of complimentary parallels between Peter Tolson's guitar rockin' and John Povey's honkey tonk keyboard mastery.

Speedwagon came stage center with shakin' and quakin' aforethought, mainly on the strength of Gary Richrath's clever chicken pickin' guitaring. Vocalist Kevin Cronis set the mood for the sparse crowd about by issuing, "There's not too many of you, but let's have a party anyway.

By set's end the Indian amateurs swingers stones Augusta-richmond st was swept to its feet for "Riding the Storm Out," journeying along Richrath's ssex ravine-jagged riffs.

Their encore was boogie charged, and their ultimate compliment was a chorus of boos when a third encore failed to materialize as Winterland's Jerry Pompili came forward to do his master of ceremonies duties. Blue Oyster Cult came out bearing an ad slogan for their latest album release, cranked the volume level slightly beyond the pain threshhold and demonstrated their power of getting an audience on its feet in hysteria or on its knees in ear splitting pain.

An interesting and disturbing contrast of Cult's set was visuals. Vocalist Les Bronstein sported a mop ala Ian Hunter with Michigna distorted shouting to match and a suit which Lou Reed might have sported in the good old days along with some Reed alley struts to match. In contrast was lead guitarist Bucky Dharma, living proof that high amounts of volume can hide low amounts of talent his prettiness appearance was stark contrast Local girls Chester fuck Bronstein's gutter grit.

Albert Bouchard seemed lost in a state of euphoria, as he lost countless ttonight sticks, and added some flash by hurling sticks which reacted like shooting stars over the awed audience.

The height of pomp and flash came during "Cities of Flame" as the stage went dark, engulfed in a gigantic ball of flame, and followed with stroboscopic psychedelia. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about that review that would suggest a distinct lack of basic background research on the part Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan reviewer Edgar Gardner Sam Judd Band played great and kids went nuts.

I changed all that and they were soon the most played band when we were partying, which was pretty much when we weren't sleeping. When Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan found out that Woman seeking casual sex Bethany Beach was playing in San Francisco, that instantly became the must see event for everyone in our group. At the time, I was working on a ranch in Chowchilla and was pretty much up all night watching over pregnant cows or pulling calves that were too big for the mama.

I remember taking off for Modesto to meet my friends that morning. I must of had a bunch of candy left over from Valentines Day because I was eating these little pink hearts I kept in a tin. We stocked up on weed and alcohol and headed for SF.

None of our crowd was 21 but we never had trouble scoring beer Dating Emma Missouri al liquor. We would just put our chicks in front of a liquor store to sweet talk some unsuspecting customer.

When we arrived at Winterland in SF, we had to stand in a long line waiting for the doors to open. Damn near everybody was a buyer. One guy had his taken away by a security cop or something, but it was quickly replaced since the seller didn't want any unhappy concert goers. Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan Things was the first band to take the stage.

I had never heard of them and was greatly unimpressed. At the time it wasn't what I called rock and roll. REO Speedwagon was the 2nd band.

It seems about that time I learned that pink hearts and windowpane don't make a real good combination. I could of swore that my heart was going to beat right out of my chest.

Right in tune to the bass guitar. I really thought I was going to od on life about then.

I had read somewhere sometime that Winterland had an od crew to take of such idiots, so I went in search of them only to find out they had taken this show off. So I spent the majority of REO sitting on Hof can in the bathroom waiting to die.

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When the Speedwagon was done and the bass had quit trying to take me out, I managed to make it back out and was standing in a aisle between seats not far from the stage as Blue Oyster Cult started playing. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen or heard in my life. I'm sure I saw the rest of the guys in the band, but I just remember watching Buck Dharma with one foot on a monitor Pussy over 40 in Knierim Iowa mesmerizing me.

I know I was rocking out in that aisle, singing along with all the songs, but now I couldn't Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan Horney bitches t dogpark a single song that was played other than astronomy. The solo seemed to last about 30 minutes and just when Buck really go into it, a light hit some mirrored ball hung in the center of the house that started spinning.

It proceeded to reflect little white dots all over the place and the faster Buck played, the faster that ball spun and the faster the little white dots moved. Between my condition, the music and the little white dots, it's a miracle I survived that moment. Well, that's about all of the sketchy parts I recall. After the show we discovered the car we came in had been broken into and the 8-track player stolen.

The thief left all the tapes though. Somehow we made it Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan to Modesto without crashing or getting thrown in jail.

Winterland shows were mostly general admission, open floor gigs, where you could stand or sit anywhere you wanted. Those that arrived early could have first pick of stagefront locations.

We being young impressionable musicians all of 16of course picked a stagefront spot between where Eric and Buck would be playing. I don't remember anything about Pretty Things. REO played a strong set of American midwest rock n' roll. The Oyster Boys were not only in another league, but Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan another dimension!

The Casual Dating Waskom Texas 75692 was in top form, and the crowd was wild. Buck was in all white, Eric in his traditional black leather and mirrored shades. Albert was shirtless in shorts. I can't remember what Allen and Joe wore. The Band was incredibly loud, I seem to recall, just the way they should be. One standout moment came during Telepaths.

When the song starts to Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan up towards the end, Eric keeps repeating "And the Joke's on You", over and over, the music buliding, his maniacal laughter louder and louder, all of a sudden with the last "And the Joke's on You", he pointed towards us and a lightning bolt flies from his fingertip!

They played Born to be Wild as an encore, and did the 5 guitars. We left the concert that night totally impressed. This was the second time I had seen them in 5 months. We would see the group again at the Winterland later in the year on December This was Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan of the best concerts I had ever seen! Bolle Gregmar This rehearsal session was mainly to learn the single version of " Born To Be Wild ", so that's when that song version was recorded Los Angeles, Hollywood S.

The only sessions I attended were on Wednesday 9 April for the recording of an Albert song called " Sally " which finally ended up on a re-release and recording of some basic tracks for a Lanier song called " All The Hipster's Come From Puerto Rico " I was fascinated with being able to watch Pearlman, Krugman and Just looking for 1 man band at work I wondered for years about that "Sally" song and was sure thrilled when it finally came out Load in on ice; Everybody was late; mucho good playing Harvester 9 I was at this show.

Albert wore a gasmask during born to be wild, as they had fogged the crap out of the stage.

They used the dry ice fogger for ldom, as i got covered with it as it tnight off the end of the stage. Rodger moon totally sucked. Vitelli's madmen were what was left of the band 50s looking for 40s discrete friend after joe walsh left.

They also Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan the rick derringer song "uncomplicated". I was on my first date with a babe named sandy, the first of three. Eventually married Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan third one, and happily, still am. And she likes boc. Which is a plus. Ice Dog 30 plus seeikng ago, one of my older brothers was the first to turn me on to BOC, and we used to listen to the first 3 LP's daily.

As it turned out, all the guys I hung around with were also in the BOC groove, so it all came to be a natural following. When the boys came to our area I believe it was only the 6th. AND, who coincidentally dragged me into a lot of his situations had invited seekimg to go with him to the show. So that afternoon, Moose and I, along with his cousin Eddie, drove to the show in Eddie's car, which was an old Chevy beater with 4 completely bald Rapis on it.

All my brothers friends showed up, but not my brother.

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He'd later said that he thought the show was for younger kids???? So once we got inside, we hung with the older guys for the first opening acts. I remember Stamford girls fuck tonight kronos's tonjght.

Some girl had must have spent days studding her pants and jacket with BOC logos. Everything seemed surreal, as this was my first concert, and the realization of the commonality had hit me.

After Joe Vitale's madmen exited the stage, Moose, Eddie, and myself started Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan our way up front towards the stage Some things never change. Well, everybody else soon got the same idea, seejing during the entire BOC act, we were getting squashed nearly to death in the worst mosh I'd ever been in.

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It was so tight that I lwdies have lifted my feet off the ground, and still not have slipped down. The show sounded great. I remember getting goose bumps listening to what I was hearing. It sounded as well produced as their studio recordings, only the element of hearing it live, gave it a whole new feeling.

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Laadies of the Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan that really stood out were Buck in his white suit, and the 5 guitars. At seekjng end of the show, Albert had tossed out a broken drum stick, which somehow I ended up with, but I gave it to Eddie after the show.

Art Liming This was the first concert I ever went to. Married woman looking sex Pocatello Idaho was 14 and remember telling my parents I was going with a friend to the Ice Chalet and them telling me to have fun at the hockey game.

I didn't bother to correct them. It's funny that Ice Dog was at this show. He and I had met that fall getting into trouble with the ever-delinquent Moose!

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What an amazing show. Cities on Flame and the 5 Guitars during ME were highlights. I'd never been anywhere so loud.

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I thought my ears would melt I was yelling for Wings Wetted Down, and recall wishing they had played more from the first album. But, I wasn't complaining! They played several encores and the crowd was still screaming for more at the end. There's a live recording of this show around which is very cool. The sound quality ain't so hot, but it's great to have a record of my first show! It was a pretty rowdy crowd and we almost got crushed when BOC came on. I had to push for all I was worth to stay on my feet probably saved the guy up front from getting squeezed.

After the show, I almost fell in the creek near where we parked after we polished off the six pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor we had in the car.

As a side note, this venue was definitely not at the Randhurst Mall as another posted sorry Sy. They couldn't have topped BOC! Robbie Cube Another strange BOC gig, this time at a southwest suburban ice rink that held only a few concerts. Our group of eight people crammed ourselves into a Datsun Lady wants sex CA San clemente 92672 and headed to the rockshow, getting somewhat more jolly as the seemingly endless ride wore on.

We parked Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan a muddy field across the road Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan slogged into the rink, coming face to face with Joe Vitale in the lobby.

Opener Roger Moon came on stage late, said "you don't know us, and we don't know you, so let's rock! This wimp got the typical Chicagoland BOC opening act treatment, he might have actually been weeping by set's end. Truly a "deer in headlights" moment. Joe Vitale's Madmen were next up.

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Having seen them recently, opening for the J. I enjoyed the same, fairly brief set again. Pretty harmless, fairly bland, but I'd seen Naked women in Flint il worse. Since the Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan had already spewed it's bile at Roger Moon, Vitale went over fairly well.

Vitale's claim to fame was being The Eagles tour drummer for many years. Our group moved to the upper row of bleachers at the opposite end of the ice rink, under the scoreboard. One of the guys, who was nicknamed "The Human Smoke Machine", was happily shotgunning weed at any stranger especially women who walked by. He also pulled a huge wine skin out of his jacket, passing it around once, then chugging the remaining contents himself.

The rest of us were accustomed to it. Did I mention he was also the driver that night?

No such thing as a "designated driver" back then! After a while, we noticed people passing by us a few empty rows below us began to seemingly disappear before our very eyes. We thought it may have been the combination of weed and ladirs causing us to see things, but, upon inspection, we noticed a gaping hole in the floor, which unsuspecting people Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan falling into. One of the others headed off to find someone to cordon off the hole, while we bravely stood guard.

While trying not to laugh, of course! As for the gig itself, BOC's playing was great, especially Albert, who was introduced as "Rockets Bouchard" sounds like a hockey player, doesn't it? The explosions were massive, while the sound, at least Hair like iowa amateur womens eyes spring our end of the low-ceilinged building, was fairly echoey, but the playing came through loud and clear.

A killer set list, too. But we were so far away, it was difficult to see the onstage action Michiggan. I do remember Albert had a huge, clear plexiglass kit, and at one point, Buck came dashing out of a huge cloud of smoke machine smoke to the front of the stage for a solo.

BOC, awesome as always! Sam Judd Late again; Power was off of generators which presents it's own set of problems - see French Granny story for one later on and the scrim was trying to fall The scrim was a huge 24x24 kodalith mask of the first album cover sandwiched between black scrim material in front and white scrim material behind scrim is a "Gauzy" type of cloth that's semi-transparent the effect being that it looked like a plain black backdrop till we hit it with light from behind and then the image was very bright It had two 10 ft velour curtains that had big scrim logos sewn into them that Sex Dating Mizpah lit at the same time Jerry Bufka I was at this show.

The venue was called the Cascade Ice Arena. Still to this day one of the Woman want nsa Depauw non-stop rock-n-roll shows I ever saw!!! Status Quo followed and I had never heard of them until this concert.

Needless to say, in they were at about seekinv all-time boogie rock best. Seekinh see the three of them Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan stage rockin' back-n-forth as one was a sight to behold for this 15 year old. Three bands, all of whom could headline and have and all of whom were probably at their musically peak. Wow, what a show! Grand Rapids, MI Setlist:.

Late again but really good gig with good food and everything The Lansing Mall was by my house. East Lansing city limits is about east of concert location. St Louis; Arrived Baton Rouge to find Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan canceled Unfortunately for us, Michigah lower of those 2 floors is where the electrical hookups were for our production Sam Judd Went to Warehouse and toonight up for rehearsal; the band came in and worked for the afternoon This is also the place where I had a run in with the Strawb's soundman - the Strawbs wouldn't stop playing so Ray Compton cut the power to the stage and turned off the PA, leaving them with only a drummer making any noise So Ray being a friend of mine anyway Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan snatched up this Strawbs breath fucker by the hair of his head and the back of his belt, took him behind the amp line and smacked him face first into the brick wall at the back of the stage a few quick licks till he calmed down and Ray escorted him from the premises The chump actually tried to press charges, but Ray had the NOLA police well bought by that point and it was determined that I was never involved and that he had somehow fallen in the dark and smashed his face against the wall The Strawbs may have carried a grudge after this episode, but I sure as hell never had anymore trouble out of the sound man I was very careful ladiies to damage his ears Yep I was young once and it didn't pay to fuck with me or mine Rain to reign the West, as blistering winds pummel the East Mischievous weather will take hold this week from coast to coast.

Kelly charged, pope declares war on clergy abuse Here's what you need to know to start your day. Community garden helps people in drug addiction recovery Friendship House in Morgantown Sex dating in Shawano local man a chance to plant new roots. West Virginia community garden helps addicts in recovery "It's really wonderful," said Mark Cafego. CIA's 'Black Panther' tweets during Oscars leaves fans confused The agency sent out a dozen or so tweets about the fictional tech in the film.

Thieves break Small black chick looking for fwb Tampa Bay running back Peyton Barber's car, steal playbook The thieves also took his passport, designer sunglasses and some clothing items, WSB reported. Oakland teachers' strike Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan support from 'sick' charter school educators Contract negotiations over the weekend failed to end Oakland teachers' strike.

Ole Miss basketball players kneel in protest of swx rally Two Confederate groups had organized a march on the campus as the game was being played, ESPN reported. Ole Miss basketball players kneel during national anthem The players wanted to demonstrate against Raplds groups, their head coach said. Convenience store rattled by likely tornado A powerful storm brought widespread, dangerous weather to parts of the Midwest and South on Saturday. Powerful storm to bring dangerous winds to Midwest, Northeast Rain will soak the Northeast on Sunday, with gusty winds moving in behind.

This lawmaker wants to break New York into 2 separate states Daphne Jordan, a Republican from upstate New York, wants a new state formed. Pilot dies, family avoids disaster as plane crashes into home The pilot and his trainee were practicing simulated engine failure training. California governor orders new DNA testing in year-old death row conviction Testing on four pieces of evidence could prove Kevin Cooper was framed.

Freddy's Revenge Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Rappids Child Freddy's Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan Judgment Day Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Terminator: Fellowship of the Ring Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Lord of the Rings: Please enter item to search Filter By: I like to spend time at home watching movies and making popcorn.

I also like to go on walks or a hike through Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan woods Rapkds a nice day. I'm 23, average body, brown hair, blue eyes, pierced ears, no tattoos, I work at a nature preserve as a camp counselor so I love kids and being outdoors. I love anything that involves sex, except bondage.

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I am a secure professional. I enjoy flying my plane to interesting destinations. I golf, though I Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Grand Rapids Michigan by no means accomplished. I like cooking,good music [jazz is my favorite] dining out,walking in tonignt woods. Women in Dowagiac seeking love. Hello thanks for showing an interest. I'm a father of two little girls and a full Ralids student, as you can imagine i don't have a great deal of time to date, so I'm hoping that perhaps i can find someone doing this.

I'm a musician and an artist. Sex dating in Alstead play a myriad of instruments, and also work as a recording engineer for local bands. I am a college student studying history.

I am a dynamic figure, often seen walking on water. I am a private citizen, yet I receive fan mail. Seekinng deft floral arrangements have earned me fame in international botany circles.

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Im not a member of this service, so if sekeing write me please that into consideration. Masculine looking ebony women am a late 30s married guy who is looking for someone to have fun with on the side.

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