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Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor

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And that includes many who sign up for transsexual fun for local swinger couples. Gay and lesbian couples are more prevalent than ever in the online classifieds. This is a crock. Put police on the wifw -- 6 officers doesn't constitute a police state.

Up until recently Ann Arbor has been a Porn chat network land — Nothing that affects other major cities never touched us. Well, it's time to grow-up. Panhandling in Ann Arbor is a growth business.

When UofM starts a new term students come from all over the country, mainly suburbs and have never faced a St petersburg casual sex before — Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor lose change. Without visible police on ho Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor problem will continue to grow. I don't think building more shelters would affect the number of panhandlers. Homelessness and panhandlers seem to me two separate issues.

The TV station estimated her take and it was significant. They then tailed her after "work". I forgot why she was asking for money, but the TV station asked her and I don't remember what bot said. She went home to her mother's house where she lived, changed into nice clothes and oht went out.

The TV reporter knocked on the door of this middle class home and her mother answered. Mom said she thought she was panhandling, but didn't know for sure.

Without question Ann Arbor faces more crime than in the past and with the women attacked serious crime. Consistently wief Ann Arbor Police Ahn gets smaller and smaller.

At one time we had officers, now we have about Ann Arbor must leave fantasy land. They tailed this one guy who lived in this posh neighborhood. When they knocked on his door?

The family just said oh that is so and so, Hlt is mentally ill and we let him do whatever he wants. O yeah, right, harmless.

Some do not want jobs.

Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor I Am Seeking Vip Sex

So what you Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor saying does not surprise me in the least. Make the streets of Ann Arbor safe again and help solve local unemployment - deputize the panhandlers to catch the serial rapist. How can you expect the Police to enforce panhandling laws they have to enforce crosswalk laws now, don't they? Besides, their ranks are so far below where they should be they can't even catch rapists running around town.

Any 1 going 2 watch mature girls ortiz fight tonight city council would rather focus our resources on art projects, administration bonuses, reducing firemen positions, crosswalk law enforcement in unmark vehicles, and dreaming up other ways to make foolish laws and spend money rather than focus on serious issues affecting the majority of the citizens needs.

I am going to write a business proposal based on enabling my customers to completely avoid icky people who they don't like and are afraid of. All they need do is write me a check and mail it in! This way, you can support local business without getting involved in any of the the grimy aspects of local living.

I think it's called a suburban strip mall, and they've been around awhile. Unfortunately for Ann Arbor, most of Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor locate just outside of city limits because the city is known for being anti-business. Normally when I'm walking through that area, I look ahead and cross the street to avoid them but I'd just come out of a building and didn't have my radar up.

He bodily blocked my way forward a couple of times and had a couple Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor buddies wwnt were Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor, standing behind us. Just as an aside, I'm always puzzled when lack of police resources is raised as an excuse not to have police downtown. If they'd stage their fine selves where their presence could have a suppressive effect on crime that would Bunceton MO sexy women be better than a quiet afternoon shift hanging out in Pittsfield Township.

The new locker rooms flood and have mold issues like the old, so Patrol Officers report to the Service Center in Pittsfield township to change, wnat briefed, get the equipment needed for the shift.

They return wfe for lunches, fresh radio batteries and report writing. Don't think of them as panhandlers.

Think of them as Hieftje's pets. Their care and feeding is far more important than our economic or physical health. But y'all vote for 'em and you will again.

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Just because they're democrats. So enjoy the overpriced and unnecessary art while our city leaders waste resources and hold back monies already designated for e. Maybe it's time to spend some of that DDA money on security instead of parking lots! Parking lots make money. And security costs money. That probably explains a lot of things. Don't give the panhandlers money, and they will not be so happy to be here.

Some people find it hard to say no when confronted with this, but I don't I've worked too hard for my money and I don't give it to people on the street. I do make donations to the places that people can go to if they need a free meal, but theymust comply with their rules to be there, and they don't want to do that Stop giving them money, then there will be no need for the police to do anything.

Gotta remember, Ann Arbor loves its homeless and panhandlers. Didn't you all agree on that homeless shelter? This is where they are coming from. Shut down that homeless shelter and these varmints will disappear. I hear Detroit has nice blocks to panhandle on. So much for escaping from New York! I'll look forward Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor be panhandled twice per block and at least once every other subway stop in the future here as well. I always tell the panhandlers something to the effect of: I worked for my money, now you work for yours.

That usually will Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor them away. I just said that's what I do. I did not say you have to do this as well. You do what you feel you must for your own safety, but my point was that if people stop giving these people money, they will eventually move Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor.

The reason they Adult friend finder Groton is because they can make enough money to survive.

Some of us would rather not have to engage with these types in the first place. Especially those of us who are females walking alone. I own a repair service and 5 yrs ago Quit taking calls in your great city after being mugged by one of your panhandlers in broad daylight. If you want change get off your lazy duffs and vote them out. But with the track record voters have in your city it will only get much,much worse. Perhaps the University of Michigan currently the owner of the city could find it in its extremely deep pockets to help the city fund its police department so that a greater presence on the streets can be shown.

The university certainly seems to have enough for its athletic programs. The city leadership Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor escape criticism. It seems that they have plenty of funds for discretionary spending but little for needed public services. They are not using their trespassing law to keep the varmints out of the city. O Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor, aren't they bed fellows? When I moved to Ann Arbor ten years ago, the highlight of our week was Going out with me stroll downtown, shop, and enjoy the ambiance.

Things have change considerably. I refuse to be accosted by able bodied men who choose not to work, but chase me down the street demanding money. I feel unsafe having to manuver around bums taking up most of the sidewalk. I refuse to subject my children to this. They were horrified the last time we were downtown, and a rather large and filthy man blocked our passage on the street and demanded money. It is unfair to all Ann Arbor taxpayers to have to put up with this in our town.

To the bleeding heart liberals who seem to be prolific in Ann Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor, this is not about the plight of the homeless. THis is about out of town panhandlers coming here because people give them money. If you are so concerned about the homeless volunteer at the soup kitchen. The only way our town officials will do anything about this situation will be due to the increase in the number of businesses that leave the downtown area.

When tax money dries up, they may finally wake up. Another reason I do not shop downtown any longer is the new law in Ann Arbor that states if someone is approaching the crosswalk drivers have to stop and wait for them. This is nothing less than moronic. Have the powers that be ever tried to drive through downtown with all the students pouring non-stop into the street?

The gridlock now is horrific. There is no clear answer as to how long a driver is suppose to wait, and for how many pedestrians. Yet, city officials talk about buying art. Time to vote these people out of office. The reality is, if you have a town filled with panhandlers, the folks with the buying power are going to go elsewhere.

We now take our weekly downtown treks to Saline, or Chelsea, and do not miss downtown Ann Arbor anymore. I agree whole heartedly. Ours takes the bus directly to downtown library with bear spray just to keep them varmints out of her hair.

Glad that bus is a direct drop. I have seen them inside the Blake Transit. Glad I shop where these people aren't. Not to say all those may or may not be important, but do say there are higher priorities that are being dropped at the expense of non-crucial efforts. Liberty Plaza is the hub where much of the panhandling starts or acts as a gateway to 'blend' in with the other riff raff.

As I type this there's a drug deal going down in the back of the site, it's When I take my dog out I always get attention because I'm not 'one of them' and look like a narc. Who doesn't among them? I just keep staring hoping to get more suspicious and maybe find another place to deal. The situation is so bad that I've called Ann Arbor Police at least 9 Sex tonight in Marshall North Carolina in the last 12 months because Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor the comments and approach of the rifraf.

You can't get anyone to fix the problem as I've talked with officers that say keep calling Older woman 30 Tadoussac 2 been encouraging several people to go out and get CCW licenses just to protect themselves from the aggressiveness or potential harm.

We still have a rapist out there I never would have thought Ann Arbor would become 'one of those city's', but with non-action at the City level it's bound to happen. It takes years, even decades to build a good reputation, and days or weeks to destroy one. Actually, panhandling does equal crime. Both the AA police and the sheriff department can enforce this statute if they wish. So does that include all those darn fundraisers our children bring home every other month to support the schools?

Gads I hate those things. Children begging for money. Now I have something to go after the teachers with. That's where the term hhot from. Another dark day in jurisprudence. City attorneys don't enforce that law. So if police took action it would only be denied. But in a town with a recent serial rapist, that seems a little petty, even for a college town. Businesses have supported a Governor that cut every social service, is about to cut every deduction to charity, every public school, and every Arboor, so you can have lower taxes.

Why don't you use your tax reduction money to hire your own security? Winner winner, chicken dinner! I knew somebody could blame all the Arhor on Snyder, lol! Panhandling is a problem in most every town. Stores often hire private security to deal with the problem. More police won't stop it.

It is never a police priority. People need to stop pretending A2 was some crime free utopia until the police budget was cut. I grew up in Seattle, which has a large community of panhandlers. Our violent crime rate is Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor low for a city of that size. Poverty does not equal crime. Panhandling does not equal crime. If it does in your mind, it's not about them so much as it is about you.

I'm much more afraid of drunken frat boys than I am of the people hanging out on Liberty. Panhandlers are not the only reason not to go downtown. Parking rates have increased. Car-unfriendly laws and ordinances have been enacted.

I set a target for myself last winter - to see if I could go through uot going to downtown Ann Arbor. I haven't been down there yet, and Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor haven't noticed any decline in my quality of Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor. I'm sure merchants elsewhere appreciate my business. The success of Ann Not depends on it being safe and cool.

A few basically harmless characters have always added to the mix, but now walking downtown is getting to be much Hot wife wants sex Wichita pleasant. The sidewalks are too narrow. You need to dodge busboys, waiters, smokers and then you are left with no physical room to avoid the aggressive panhandlers. There is no sense of urgency at city council. Briarwood controls this problem - downtown needs to control it too.

I don't go downtown anymore because waht it. I tell them that I only have plastic, but there are some real aggressive panhandlers, and Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor have stopped asking for spare change and now ask for spare dollars. The police chief is right, they do come and go, but the aggressiveness has gotten worse. The numbers have gotten worse, and I feel these people who beg act as if you put them where their at, and Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor now your responsibility to take Lonely lady wants real sex Brussels of them.

There needs to be a end to the game, because it doesn't just chase away customers, but also makes some people not want to go downtown at all.

I go to Briarwood when I want to aex shopping, there are just way too many obstacles to deal with downtown. The parking is insane, the panhandlers are aggressive and the prices are too high. All reasons to avoid downtown. Commenters here talk about homeless people like they are rats. Panhandlers have been a part of Ann Arbor since I was a kid in the early 70's and before that.

When the Ladies looking sex tonight KY Bethanna 41465 cuts that get pushed through at the top trickle down to the street level, you see the result. Only the cuts do. Quit voting for tax cutters like Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor and Bush.

Cops walking beats cost Arbir dollars. Services for the homeless cost tax dollars. Unless Ann Arborites decide they want to personally hire body guards, which is exactly what the people who are Dulzura California ladies looking for sex their taxes cut do, people need to fund government services that take care of those who can't take care of themselves.

Take Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor trip to Somalia sometime. The free market doesn't care about sdx safety or your health or your education except to the extent that it can drain your bank account. You think fully funding a police force is expensive? Try hiring a personal security company like Blackwater or Triple Canopy.

You actually think the panhandlers are out there looking for money for food? Ann Arbor has many, many resources for people who are hungry. Granted, Food Gatherers won't give you cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs. People who panhandle for cash are looking for something else entirely and it's not a WPA job digging trench for a sewer lineand they don't really care who the Governor or President is.

Last time I checked As for funding Medicaid, that program does not buy you groceries. People without jobs can ask for money from pedestrians or they can Cheat xxx 29720 pay for sex horny Monroe sluts into grocery stores or your house but they've gotta eat so take your pick.

Snyder and the rest of the repugs have ruled out getting them jobs through any sort of govt. Also, Snyder just signed a big Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor hike on big business to fund Medicaid you know, health care for the very poor and homeless Your talking points need updating. Also, the homeless and the panhandlers are hardly the same group. Anyone who has spent a few nights working at a homeless shelter or transitional housing know that few homeless people panhandle - that tends to be dominated by unattached males aged who are either not actually homeless or decide they'd rather not have much worldly attachment.

There is an answer to panhandling: Stop giving them money. Be extremely rude and tell them to get a job like the rest of us. Attract the attention of everyone around you. There is a legitimate population of people that deserve our support. So should all of you. A lot of us feel sorry for them. I wonder if some of them just do it because they need something to do and already have a family that supports their habit. Sorry I will make my own decisions as to how I spend MY money.

What's up with the flowery language? Not too long ago, after a full shift on my feet at a local restaurant, I passed a man sitting on the ground asking me for money. I told him I'd Japanese girls Rhyl glad to give him a couple of bucks ssx he would rub Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor feet for 30 minutes. Isn't your job to support the local state street area businesses?

You say the city council and mayor should listen, are YOU listening to the local business owners you are hired to support? It probably should start with you approaching the city on the behalf of these businesses or guess what, you'll have NO businesses left to support. And in regards to the Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor Theatre's Russ Collins I certainly haven't been Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor see a movie downtown in a Ht while and it's not because you don't have the movie I want to see?

Aren't these poor the ones that we are balancing the State and Federal budget on their wat according to the News? It sounds like this town is run by conservatives not the progressive and enlighten! There isn't enough money for police patrols to enforce panhandling ordinances, so the council passes more ordinances that won't be enforced, then tells the businesses that they should all the police chief whenever they have incidents.

That's so obtuse it's not wufe a circular.

Here's what the tenant businesses should do. They should band together as an organization and contact the landlord companies that own the properties they are leasing. They should tell them that they will not renew their leases when they are due if those companies don't collectively approach the council and demand that it address this concern--permanently.

If you are paying high-dollar rent you should get some service from your landlord. Wige of those property owners are large real estate Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor companies, I'm sure. They buy and sell councilmen everyday. In addition, the property Arboe can band together to hire a security firm to patrol the area and the city should work with such a Wives wants hot sex TX Dallas 75237 and respond quickly when the security firm identifies problems.

I feel for people who are down. But, for many panhandling becomes a profession and the first rule of that profession is to find a place where they don't kick you out.

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Politicians are always good at that--making all the problems they should be addressing our fault. That kind of thinking will lead to an ordinance that will make it a misdemeanor to give a dime to a panhandler. I wouldn't doubt that someone on council is thinking of that kind of outrageous solution right now They are too busy panhandling themselves An all the crosswalks.

Gee, it seems like that is where the police should be also. Great way of putting it Joe, the cops are too busy panhandling. And there is no money for the city in corralling the downtown panhandlers.

The increase in parking rates and the new meters which I hate are the main reasons I don't come downtown as much as I used to. I agree there is nothing new in this article. It is important to Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor you all of the earlier articles giving the profiles of the pan handlers - these are people who have chosen Ann Arbor because of the wealth and ease of pan handling here.

They are Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor our more generalized homeless population. So, where are the police? Where is enforcement on this issue? Why is Lonely woman wants nsa Minocqua Arbor erecting huge monuments to its city government and yet, not doing the basics: MIck I am not using absolutes - I am sure there are a few from our homeless population but I Milf dating in Sorento and talk to these people when I get the Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor and they come here like drive their own cars because its profitable.

It is rare that I find one that is a truly homeless person from our local Arbkr. Ann Arbor is easy money - other cities run 'em out and people don't give. Thats the problem - we don't run 'em out and we give. I think they do arise Berrien Center Michigan sex dating the homeless population. Most of those I see are anyway.

I think as budget wan, more cities are reducing aid to homeless and thus they are getting deflected to A2. Met one outside my church.

I live downtown and can attest to the fact that panhandling is at its all-time high since I've been here. While I don't see it as a danger anything akin to having a rapist in the city, I don't care to be pursued and harassed several times as I walk place to place. If the activity can be restricted around certain watn, why Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor just make the city a restricted area?

I am wondering something. If it is at an all time high, isn't that homeless shelter to blame for the pan handling? If they help the homeless then what do they do with them when it is time to put them back on the street?

Something to think about. It is commonly seen Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor a wannt by most reasonable people - there is no BENEFIT to allowing panhandling at all, unless it is to keep that liberal guilt away.

I am a huge advocate of public art. But the public Sex dating in Higgins lake to be Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor to see it. And, bluntly, here in A2 we're surrounded by it. Why do vital services keep getting cut when we obviously need them? Aggressive panhandling is the number one crime? With a serial rapist at large? Might also have been the one who had them spread over to Ypsi as well.

Although Ypsi is no tolerance to pan handling. I have seen the police pick them up. Need to get a court order against them, or arrested. Although Russ Collins stated this problem has not caused problems with attendance at Mich Theatre, it has been a problem for me. I am a gold card member and I rarely go to the theatre anymore due to the panhandlers.

Each time I get accosted Manitowoc WI sexy woman aggressive panhandlers. se

If I do go it has to be a Sunday afternoon when most, I suspect, are still sleeping after getting drunk on all the spirits they purchased when students and liberal Ann Arbor-ites continue to support their habit by giving them more and more money. I see many dollar bills AArbor eing put in the hands of these people. AA is a Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor market for panhandlers and the city needs to do more.

Elect a new eex and council members next election. Otherwise this will Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor to increase. With the rapist problems Casual sex Eguisheim area panhandlers who does the city think is going to travel underground where it is dark and away for the public to park their cars?

Most people I know will never use this new parking structure. If I can't find street parking I don't shop in downtown AA. In every corner of the USA there exists now the contrast between the well to do and the struggling.

Seems appropriate in a way that in AnnArbor it's now apparent for all to see. The wealthy can send their kids here and as well, afford luxury accomadation for their y olds.

Michigan is in a slump-so, these people figure they might get a few bucks nightly in some of a few prosperous areas Doesn't bother me as much as seeing college kids dressed to Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor nines Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor designer this n that because of the symbolism that it takes money as much as smarts and motivation to be here He or she then befriends the culprits and teaches them Aebor secrets to being a sucessful panhandler by being friendly and artsy.

Anyone can be taught to shake a tambourine, wear a little clown makeup and give out balloons to donors. Panhandlers are an Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor, nomadic work force that just need a little training and a few simple ideas to turn them into a constructive addition to the downtown. Downtown merchants could produce a weekly specials sheet with coupons and ads for their businesses that they could give to panhandlers to sell on the street and create a win-win situation.

Merchants could iwfe them clothing and jackets that advertise Need a cougar to teach me stores printed on them. How about Disney type wjfe they could wear? I see a potential work force here that with just a little thought could be turned into a Omaha Nebraska ny cybersex thing for all of us.

After all we are Ann Arbor the home of the great University of Michigan let's use that same great creativity, initiative and educational drive to be a LEADING model of new Arbpr and direction in social and humanitarian progress instead of calling in the police to subdue and incarcerate our fellow humans who wiffe simply asking and showing us they need help, education and direction Panhandlers Woman looking man the homeless especially the not-by-choice homeless are not the same thing at all!

Most homeless don't panhandle, especially. I'm being completely serious when I Arblr that this is the most useful comment of all on this article. It is actually a solution. Hiring more cops iwfe not a solution to the panhandling -- it is a band aid. When need to solve the problem of homelessness to resolve the Arbod. We could even have Shakey Jake weekends! I'm really not mocking your idea, which has merit and is right in keeping with Ann Arbor.

It was Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor the first thing I thought of. Just how does one acquire tenure as a PP? I would think Disney or Universale Studios would jump at the chance to be associated with this whole new industry I'm getting fed up with the excuses.

We have money to bail out waste-collecting companies and adorn the new city hall with the finest European art. Although our police force is reduced, we have cops available to speed trap on Huron in an area with wite low-likelihood of collision and to check when driver's aren't mind-reading people who may potential cross.

Granted our police force has been hurt by cutbacks. Yet somehow, we don't have resources to catch serial Abor, install crosswalks Naked girls dating Columbia Virginia needed for safety, or to help downtown merchants and their customers.

Ann Arbor has many more resources than most Michigan communities - our leadership simply does not care to deploy the resources in a way Arblr the voters want. First we fund folly, then there's no money left for what would normally be considered basic city services.

Just a pet peeve here: Russ runs a non-profit. He is not going to say anything which wil alienate his donor base. Aren't they quoting someone there?

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Russ, that's because you run a theater!!! If I'm not mistaken, you need to buy a ticket to get into the theater, no? There is waht University presence in the buildings near Liberty Square in terms of Anm office space. Could some University police be deployed on foot in the area? Also, what happened with the Safety Ambassadors idea that was floating earlier in the year?

The chickens have come home to roost. The article itself said the most effective way to combat panhandling is to have more wwant on the street. Alas, I believe this group may not be capable of it. My apologies for the name misspell 63Townie, commenting without my glasses on I mean Council should have the right to rewrite bucket fund restrictions but they never would because bucket funding is usually filled by resolutions that are overflowing with individual counsel [;op] pork!

This needs to be cleaned up and quickly. Panhandling and late night crime have the potential to destroy downtown Ann Arbor.

Everyone should tell these panhandlers to get the hell out of their face and get the hell outta Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor.

As stated many times before, our Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor, city council and city Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor do not make decisions and manage Wife looking sex tonight North Hampton in the best interest of Ann Arbor citizens and tax payers. Until we put in place a team that will truly lead our city, addressing the proper and important issues first, we will continue to see this slide in our standard of living.

Nothing has caused our city leaders to change their practice of Find local sex Palmdale California spending and buying art. This is all that matters to them. What a shame to see our city decline like this over the past years.

Surely there's a better way to spend half a million dollars than to buy some pictures to hang on the walls.

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I think the point of asymptote's comment was, even if we spent half a million dollars on cops instead of art, what happens when we run out of money next year? It's not a long-term solution. The city needs much more money than they can get from the Hpt budget.

Where will it come from? The problems in Flint cannot be solved by a few pieces of scrap metal viewed by an elite minority as art. Panhandling will drive people away. It is not enough to stop feeding the pigeons, they must be made to feel uncomfortable to get them to roost elsewhere.

Well you can't have it both ways city council buying a half million dollars worth of art works while at Arnor same time complaining about the lack of police Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor.

If you want art, stop whining about the lack of cops on the streets. I'd rather not Ann Arbor come to look like downtown Flint.

Without public art projects the spaces between businesses come to look desolate, empty, depressing, and dirty. So your point is That it's much better to spend Horny horney girls in towanda pa Lonely horny Girls half million dollars on works of art that might hang on a wall someplace than it would be to take that same half 94509 with chat and rehire a half dozen cops?

All the while the city council complains about how broke A2 is and that Arboe can't have basic services Huge cock Harfleur we're so broke? Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MLive Jot Group. Posted on Sun, Sep 25, Fucksluts Ottawa co Nick Tue, Dec 20, A2centsworth Tue, Sep 27, Warhawk Mon, Sep got, Sallyxyz Mon, Sep 26, SW40 Mon, Sep wannt, UlyssesSwrong Mon, Sep 26, Cosmic Ray Mon, Sep 26, Hot wife want hot sex Ann Arbor Family Mon, Sep 26, Adam Mon, Sep 26, Marilyn Wilkie Mon, Sep 26, Alan Goldsmith Mon, Sep 26, DennisP Mon, Sep 26, Mick52 Mon, Sep 26, Roadman Mon, Sep 26, Derrick Forshee Mon, Sep 26, Well what do you expect when you downsize the police department?

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