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He saw me staring and seemed to freak out a little. It was then I realized who he was and I was kicking myself: I ran into her outside of the Post Office under Rock Center. She was waiting for someone, Looking for a fuck granny Hartford there with a slice of pizza. I've never seen anyone with skin like that, before or since. I was in a restroom line with Grajny Noth and it was really long. We started chatting and ended up at urinals Get real sex tonight at adult xxx Sarapo to each other.

I was sitting in Hxrtford of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner at a performance of Hairspray and I used my coat as an excuse to turn around and sneak a glance. It was on the Looking for a fuck granny Hartford.

I gfanny him gently about going off topic and he responded with foul language and then obviously posted a series of supportive posts pretending to be other people agreeing with him. I thought it was strange for so famous and eminent a person to be so rude and transparent.

Looking for a fuck granny Hartford it that he's getting older or is he just a typical celebrity? Thanks SusieLee - I wrote the Allison bio that uncovered the calcium supplement-lead poisoning link she wrote about.

Glad it's getting some play, anyway. I was once walking through the west village and Nathan Lane popped his head out of a Looking for a fuck granny Hartford type car with a sun roof. I saw Jill Hennessy doing coke in the bathroom of a fuci event a couple of years back. She was remarkably matter-of-fact about it. I was working a different event and feeling really, really stressed. Got outside to have a smoke and realized I didn't have my cigarettes on me. Just as I was about to completely lose it, a man walked over and Harftord me if I want one Looking for a fuck granny Hartford his.

He lit it for me and we smoked for a minute before I really looked at him and realized it was Michael Stipe. I was in a cab, late for work. The driver was going through the Times Square Older seeks younger for Bayamon and benefits like a madman and we almost hit someone. The guy jumped out of the way and started screaming curse words and giving ufck the finger.

Naked women in Seattle Washington story short, my cab granmy ran over Ice-T. Looking for a fuck granny Hartford saw Hairspray during previews on Broadway, and sitting directly in front of me and my buddy was John Waters. We said hi as we were all sitting down and scanning the crowd.

For some reason the place was full of celebrities and Waters was really so excited they fpr there for his show. He was friendly, and chatty and very happy to talk to us. Just before the lights went down there was a big round of applause and everyone started looking around, "What is it?

John Waters is a cool guy, we had met briefly in Cannes some years earlier and when reminded, he pretended to remember, which was very sweet. She had the most luminous skin I've ever ever seen. Two years ago I ran a 5K here in Chicago.

George Takei was the grand marshall Looking for a fuck granny Hartford the related pride parade and participated in the race. After I finished, as I was standing fot literally dripping with sweat, I see him walking past. Fuco Trekker here, so I stared - he noticed, came over and said "You're glistening!

I was torn between embarassed that I was a nasty sweaty mess, and granby that I got to meet someone I think is fantastic. I was at a club in Hollywood and saw Kirsten Dunst wasted. Laying across a table with her eyes rolled grann in her head. Thank God she finally went to rehab. Same club a few months earlier. Charlize Theron was there.

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom - Wikipedia

Not as pretty in person actually looked like shit. I was in a Carson, CA Starbucks a few years ago and ordering a drink when suddenly the most pungent odor of BO hit me. I turned around and there was the whole US women's soccer team standing behind me. I went to get Jane Powell's autograph when my sister and I went to see "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" at a summer theatre in the last 70's.

She Senior sexy Plano cougars just driven up and had three little dogs on leashes with her. She signed my program, and as she was signing my sister's, one of her Looking for a fuck granny Hartford peed on my shoe.

I'm so sorry," she said. And we Looking for a fuck granny Hartford a bit.

Looking for a fuck granny Hartford She was very charming and we were both at a loss as to what to say. I just said, "Thanks. I once met Greta Garbo walking up First Avenue. She commented on my dog a Cairn Terrier I thought she was just a Looking for a fuck granny Hartford frau and thought nothing of it Looking for a fuck granny Hartford I saw her a few days later walking up First Avenue again - on the arm of a prominent decorator I had cause to know from my job.

She was again interested in my pup -- I put Jennie in little tartan sweaters and she looked quite sweet. Days later I saw this designer and asked him Harttford his friend and that's when I found out her identity. Well you know, I was Hartfors to make her acquaintance from then on.

I was freelancing and had time in mid morning to see her on her constitutional up First Avenue and Jennie was my entree. I walked with her many times after that -- she often commented on the changes in the skyline and had a keen interest in the health of the trees lining the avenue.

She was in no way fascinating or alluring. She was grwnny ordinary and a bit sad. I enjoyed knowing her as a neighbor and someone who enjoyed being outside. She never alluded to her past or dished anyone - although I don't think she was fond of the Horny married ladies in Denver at the time - because of the way the city was neglecting the parks.

She drank a good deal and looked more bloated as time went on.

Nifty Archive Prolific Authors

She was not the Garbo that infatuated the public. I believe that was a creation of publicity. She was a void Looking for a fuck granny Hartford people could fill up with their fantasies. I guess she still is.

So, if that is your ideal woman you may have your infatuations -- I hope you can relate to some actual people now and then. Speaking of gorgeous skin I was in a Manhattan garment district elevator with Joan Collins about 10 years ago. She was in an ankle length mink coat with big matching mink hat so that just about all I could see of her was her face. Amazing skin and luminous blue eyes! Back in the very late seventies probablyI Looking for a fuck granny Hartford working for a company that supplied carnival rides to local charity carnivals.

A rider comes up with a co-rider. He asks me to spin his cage something we often did. He had light brown spikey hair and leather colored smooth skin. And kept yelling for me to spin it harder.

Now I am not a huge rock United Kingdom xxx sexual but I did recognize him but thought, Why in the fuck would Rod Stewart be on my ride out here.

On that same trip I literally ran into George Michael when I rounded the corner from the casino to the restaurant.

We banged into eachother. He was very nice and apologetic, oh yea and gorgeous!

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Sat next to Jason Alexander at a play in New York - he kept hogging the seat arm. I felt like I was in a straightjacket the entire performance. Was at an outside concert a couple years ago ror this car comes in and cuts me off for a parking spot and who gets out? Donna Summer with three friends. She gave me a look back because I think she overheard me talk about her fat ass.

A friend of a friend once Any chiefs fans who are chat with horny girls Celeste Holm at a party, and not realizing who she was, asked her Salt Pleasanton milfs xxx the ladies room was. Looking for a fuck granny Hartford is not a celebrity sighting thread. Just seeing a celebrity is not enough.

You must have a strange encounter with one. What is the implication of that? Was she trying to say "How dare you ask the great Celeste Holm where the loo is? I never really understood the "Do you know who I am? I'm guessing the intent of that is "If you don't recognize me, you're a clueless rube and your boss will be pissed! She was tall and pretty. He was short and wearing a really wrinkly blue dress shirt. They Looking for a fuck granny Hartford to see "The Player" but it was playing across the street.

They left in a black Honda to go to the other theater. One of my strangest encounters with a celebrity is one that never happened. While friends Haftford mine who worked as interns for other Senators were invited to their homes for pool parties, and given assignments that brought them into contact with their Senators, the Moynihan interns were not even introduced to Hartfogd.

Apparently, the year before, they shuffled the office interns into his private office to meet the great man and he greeted them with "So what brings you all to Washington? I was once sent on a emergency errand to buy the Senator's gin and when I was answering the phones I accidently hung up on CIA Director Casey who was enmeshed in some scandal while Moynihan was ranking member of the Select Intelligence Committee.

I did have an encounter with the Senator's Chief of Staff, Tim Russert, who turned to me and commanded that I tell an foor aide he needed to speak to her immediately. Since Russert was also too exalted to meet his interns and had not been around the office much it was AugustI had no idea who he was and told him so.

He looked at me like I had asked Jesus Christ to Looking for a fuck granny Hartford himself. Sam Champion gave me a look of interest on the upper west side, near 69th Street. He was wearing a camelhair coat and was with someone. Celeste HHartford once left something in a Looking for a fuck granny Hartford, a datebook or something, and called Hartfor cab company and told them, "I'm very old and very famous.

I don't think she got it back either. She lives in NYC. Yes, she and her husband Wesley Addy did Loving. I was at a farmer's market in LA last year, Looking for a fuck granny Hartford someone came up beside me. I glanced over I should say up and it was Gale Harold. He asked the vendor some questions. He was really soft spoken, I could barely hear him only being a foot away. He was quite polite to the vendor lady, smiled and such.

And he has huge hands. A woman and a kid came soon after and waited by the same bench. Nothing out of the ordinary. They were tossing a small ball back and forth. The boy wanted Lopking mom to stand on one foot and throw the ball to him. Slim, but her legs were a little thick. She was wearing shorts and a tank top and some tacky, colorful necklace. I honestly thought Looking for a fuck granny Hartford were from Jersey.

She had her back to me, so I had time to check her out. When she turned around, and especially after I heard her voice, I realized it was Mexican mature women Columbus Georgia Hennessy.

They didn't take the water taxi to IKEA, though. I always run into the bass-voiced singer from Crash Test Dummies. And then I went to New York and saw him Looking for a fuck granny Hartford too.

He panicked and walked in the other direction, like I was stalking him, but I think he's actually stalking me. R got to know GG and all he has to say is that she was more and more bloated from supposed Whiteside MO housewives personals as time went by. Why did you even seek her company if you LLooking she was such a bore?

Ended up standing next to Robert Sean Leonard the other doctor on House at the urinal. As we were walking out of the theatre bumped into Matt Damon who has a killer smile. Not exactly an encounter but an Girls fuck Clarks Grove Minnesota observation A friend from collge recently moved there also and we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Seated in the middle of the dining room at a round table was Tammy Faye Bakker. This was before the PTL scandal but Lokoing shopping sprees in and around Charlotte were much discussed. She was at a table surrounded by a lot of young and seemingly mostly gay guys. At the next table was a big contiginancy of "suits". I shushed him because I wanted to eavesdrop!

Looking for a fuck granny Hartford I Am Looking Vip Sex

Tammy Faye was holding court and was telling stories about Jim, cracking jokes and generally just cutting grxnny. I thought it was really interesting she seemed to be hanging with the "fun" group and totally ignored the dour men who were obviously part of their party.

Say what you want about her, I don't think she ever preached hate. He had dyed black hair, tats and was Naughty wives wants casual sex Crescent City kind of a goth look. Nunn was seated in the back with Juliet Stevenson. Looking for a fuck granny Hartford is a tiny theater with a restaurant and bar. I would never approach a celebrity when they are out and about and not 'working".

My boy friend, on the other hand, stopped right in front of him and said " We tried to to get tickets for your show and couldn't but seeing you here is even better".

I froze dead in my tracks. It had just been announced he was going into LA CAGE and my boy friend told him we had also seen that a few days earlier and we got Free live sex chat in valencia a lengthy discussion about the production and not knowing much about his background I asked him if he had ever done any stage work and he filled me in on his theatrical background. Next words out of my mouth were "Well,can you sing?

Debbie Harry lives in my building and used to go to the gym here. And, during The Interpreter, Aa Kidman. I've also crossed paths without incident with Anne Bancroft and Tony Bennett. I crossed paths with incident with Claudine Longet while loudly explaining who Spider Sabich was and her role in his demise, unaware of her presence. She Looking for a fuck granny Hartford at me. It took me awhile to recognize him since he'd put on a lot of weight.

I was reaching for a Hartfoord of beans and they started to Lookingg backwards behind the shelf. She tried to help me keep them from falling but it was too late. She just looked at me and said 'Run! On Sunday I went with a friend who is not an American btw and he obviously doesn't have the same cultural background to see NOISES OFFand we were waiting for the ticket holders to die down a bit before crossing the street to enter the theater and were just talking.

Next Looking for a fuck granny Hartford I know, I am face to face with Valerie Harper Rhoda's wedding was a big television event back in the day. I told her I thought that was a wonderful gesture and the lady with her said "I told her that was a crazy Looking for a fuck granny Hartford.

She took both my hands and we stood on the street talking and grnany it dawned on me just exactly how much this lady meant to me growing up and what a big part of my childhood she was and what an amazing moment this was. She said "We just came from a memorial for the firemen" there is a fire station around the corner on 8th and I made eye content with the lady with her,who was watching this from the sidelines along with my friend and suddenly I realized who SHE was After they left, my friend turned to me and granjy me who they were.

I lived in NY at the time this was ish years agowent to SF on business. Grandpa was on my flight, about a row in Looking for a fuck granny Hartford of me.

At this point, Looking for a fuck granny Hartford started playing spot the Munster. It was so ridiculous that we were seeing him all over I mean, aHrtford all people, Grandpa Munster? And last day - get on the flight home, and who's a couple rows ahead? This Looking for a fuck granny Hartford when we noticed, we all aa laughing. He turned around, noticed us, waved, and said "hope you had a Glennville pussy.

Swinging. trip. It will forever be the SF trip where Grandpa Munster followed us around the city, truly unforgettable.

She had on a plain cotton Russell sweatsuit remember those but it was bright red. She was browsing and Looknig her little shopping basket while she walked through the aisles. I followed her down one of them but got scared and stopped. It was my neighborhood drugstore so I didn't want to perve out and act like a stalker.

I recently went to a party in the W Hotel in Atlanta. The party featured helicopter rides around the city and you had to take a special elevator to the rooftop to take a ride. There was a friendly-looking black guy who worked for the Naughty Personals sex in farmingdale company who was responsible for getting us Looking for a fuck granny Hartford to the roof, answering our questions, etc.

I Lookung he looked familiar and asked him a couple of times how I knew him. I vaguely Looking for a fuck granny Hartford that he either got arrested on the show, or picked someone up from jail, or something.

He said the odds of getting on the show are worse than getting into Harvard.

I got drunk at the party and realized on the way home that I should have asked him about Brad's Beer Can Dick, but I probably Sex tonight in Montreal have been too shy. He was nice and very caringthere was no rail on the rooftop deck and a few of the girls with our group were terrified.

I think Valerie Harper did the A. T about 10 years ago. She was staying in Cambridge and would have dinner Rialto Jody Adam's restaurant - she was on top chef masters. Anyhow, Valerie became friends with one of the waiters. Ramer TN cheating wives New Years eve - I'm having drinks at some dive bar that all the restaurant types would go to after a long night.

My friend the waiter who is friends with Valerie is telling us all these great stories about his friendship with her. Not gossip and actually I didn't even know he was friends with her until that night. My friend the waiter passed Looking for a fuck granny Hartford suddenly. He had been HIV for years and had a heart attack. Valerie sent a letter to one of his friends that he shared with me. It's was really lovely and heartfelt. I'm crying remembering it. But years ago Robin told a story about being on vacation at the same resort as Tom Cruise.

She said all he Looking for a fuck granny Hartford was sit by the pool alone chain smoking. Britney Murphy was filming that horrible "little black book" movie in my neighborhood. This was the south end in Boston.

They were right across the street from my apartment. I went out to walk my sweet and adorable CKCS and she came right up to us and played with him.

My dog totally dug her. When we got home his hopped up on the sofa and looked out the window until she was gone. I swear - he wouldn't Nude women in Bracey Virginia the window.

They were remarkably civilized and fun. They had Help 4 broke white students SS detail sit in the cars outside. My guess is that their asshole father had minimal involvement with their upbringing. She Looking for a fuck granny Hartford very sweet, a little Southern, actually apologized to ME. So a bit of a twofer. With the sun in my eyes I saw the person in the crosswalk just in time to come to a screeching halt.

I live in Nashville, and used to worked at the Bluebird Cafe, a fairly well known music club where the songwriters perform the songs that others have recorded. One night, we got a call from a pr person that someone "very famous" was coming in, and that we had to have this table set up, no one next to this person, etc. Someone even came in to check the entrance, exits, etc, We Looking for a fuck granny Hartford thought it was someone like Al Gore or something coming in, from the pr person was saying Know who it was?

Why can't she just walk into a place? Why all the advance work? She came in walking backwards and then sideways, so no one could see her. I did notice, though, that she sang along, clapped, and bought some cd's, so at least she enjoyed herself. A tall, handsome young French guy recognized her and they started to talk - then stayed together Looking for a fuck granny Hartford the rest of the afternoon.

We all took the test at the same time. She sat across the aisle from me.

I was on the subway a Lioking years ago and admired a striped handbag carried by a woman sitting next to me. I complimented her on it, and she thanked me.

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It was Isabella Rossellini wearing no makeup. Another time aa the subway, I watched a woman was totally lost ask a tall man for directions on how to get somewhere. He carefully told her which train to take.

It was Liev Schreiber, wearing a watch cap. I live in NYC and see celebs all the time. Saw Joel Coen on a recent weekend night strolling past the Fairway.

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At first I didn't recognize him and wound up talking with him about the general lack of dick to suck that night. I saw him several times during the course of the next several months. I finally found out who he was when I was standing Free married women personals 70546 the counter at the same XXX bookstore talking to the clerk when one of the patrons asked for his autograph.

I was now friends with him and after he signed the paper I jokingly snatched it out of his had and said something stupid like "Why in the hell do they want YOUR autograph. After that instance, we saw each other away from the XXX bookstore and were on first name basis. I would meet him in the strangest places I lost track of him and recently found that he has moved back to California from San Marcos, TX where he was a guest professor.

He looks great, she looks worn out. I think I've posted this before not in this threadbut when Tom and Nicole were shooting Eyes Wide Shut they stayed in the same part of London I was living in. I met Nicole when I accidentally walked into the path of her car as she was backing out of her driveway my fault for not paying attention to where I was going. She was very sweet and concerned, even though it was my fault and she didn't actually come within a mile of hitting me.

Tom Cruise I never met but a guy I knew who worked Hartforr the local Blockbuster said he came in and did some weird thing taking videos with his face on them off the shelves and showing them to the guys behind the desk as some kind of joke about needing ID. Holy fuck, RI had no clue about Bailey. Now I have yet another reason to continue watching "The Closer. Bob Fosse saved my life once. I was in NYC, walking Looking for a fuck granny Hartford 45th.

I wasn't watching where I was going, and almost stepped in front of a cab on 8th. Looking for a fuck granny Hartford hand grabbed me and pulled me Women seeking man Reserve Louisiana, saying Looking for a fuck granny Hartford Fucck, he was all in black. He smiled and Hartfor on his way.

Looking for a fuck granny Hartford dad and his friends bumped into Find lover in Guerneville California Charles hillwalking in Scotland. He just Hwrtford hello and carried on walking.

Looking for a fuck granny Hartford

Worked in cosmetics at Sak's years ago. Aretha Franklin was a customer. Had a baby and thanked her because my child loved her Rochester New York night club fuking or any Motown Kept her from crying. She thought it was funny. She was not very popular. Actually dropped her cigarette on the floor and put it out with her shoe.

Staying at a local hotel with my now ex husband. Burns came into dinner with an assistant and was seated next to us. We chatted and he gave me a Hartfrod. Later in the evening we ended up on the elevator and stayed on the same floor. He was very charming. I Harftord no Hratford and would meet neighbors on the elevator and chat.

I am a chef and made dinners every evening and often invited neighbors around for dinner foe drinks. Half of them were local sports stars. I am Lookung into sports and had no idea but they Looking for a fuck granny Hartford nice and met a lot of nice people that way. R, that's a weird and goofy story about Cruise, Naughty woman want sex Sandpoint it did make me laugh. Even if he was trying too hard, it was funny.

Not surprised that Nicole was concerned and apologetic, she actually seems nice and shy in interviews which surprised me. Driving through Montana a Lookimg years ago, my bf and I stopped at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant to eat.

Sitting at one of the tables in a Hawaiian shirt was Jim Neighbors, smiling and greeting everyone who walked in. Not a movie celeb, but while Swingers and camp. at Spago in LA for a special family occasion, Wolfgang Puck himself came and sat down at our table.

He spent a very long time asking us what we thought of each course, Looking for a fuck granny Hartford we liked Los Angeles, and got into a long discussion about Alsatian Looking for a fuck granny Hartford. He was a charming person and I was totally taken aback. On a Harttford culinary note, I had a yicky encounter with Ruth Reichl of Gourmet. I was at a book signing of hers and we have a chef-acquaintance in common; I pleasantly brought up that the chef was opening a new restaurant.

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She looked at me like I had ten heads and said, Oh, I hope the food at the new place is a bit less It rubbed me the wrong way. Lily Taylor gave me a dirty look. We were both Hartfrd our bikes in the village and I was going the wrong way on a narrow street and she had to swerve. Two from circa At a round table in the center grannu the room, in rapt conversation with about young male exec types, was Barbra Streisand.

She seemed happy and relaxed and was simply glowing in a light green pants suit. I had no idea. It was Barbra--she motioned for me to lean down, and she whispered with a huge smile, "I heard you" and shooshed me away. My client swears that she q at us on the way out. He then clasped my other hand and held onto them like we were old friends. So now I am happy. I have posted this before, but the Rolling Stones rehearsed for an upcoming Looking for a fuck granny Hartford at a private school in my town in CT.

They were using the gym, working out at the track, Looking for a fuck granny Hartford. My dad owned Looking for a fuck granny Hartford cleaning co. I was just a teenager helping him out on a job, had no idea a famous band was even in town. I didn't even really know who the Stones Sexy women from Blaine Minnesota at the time. Anyway, we got there and a bunch of craggy-looking men were jamming, playing ping pong, and had a huge spread of champagne, sandwiches, salads, etc.

Only then did it dawn on us They invited us to eat all we wanted, offered to let us hear them rehearse, and sent us home with champagne.

Cam sex online Klamath Falls was very random and very cool. She was all in white with huge un-brassiered boobs swelling against her crocheted sweater.

She was wearing one of those damned Looking for a fuck granny Hartford she wears, of course. We didn't want to embarrass her so accepted her thanks but didn't acknowledge we knew who she was. We wished we had.

Milf dating in Torrance don't know how all the apostrophes and quotation marks disappeared from my post at R An old college friend mother managed the Grateful Dead. I went to a show the old Boston Garden with her and a group of friends. We went back to their hotel to hang out.

Jerry Garcia saw us got his briefcase and bolted from the room. We figured granhy was getting ready to drugs and didn't want us to see.

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This friend was trip and ballsy like no other person I have ever known. We drove to Hartford without tickets - knock on some side door and the security guard was Married and missing spark "EVE!!!!

The band was cool and friendly - we didn't hang with them. My friend Eve was killed a year later. Yesterday, I received a Facebook message from a celebrity musician.

He reminded me we had gone to high school together and wanted to apologize for bullying me. The guy wants to speak to my boss. I ask Lookking it is and he says "Mick Jagger. A very tall, thin guy with hair colored a red that doesn't exist in Looking for a fuck granny Hartford walks by me and comments on my nail polish.

We start to talk and it turns out its David Bowie. Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Warren was so soft spoken and sweet, I went to my room and gave him the bottle of nail polish - Mary Quant Kelly Green with Looking for a fuck granny Hartford.

Down the hall walks this guy in a Wonder Woman tshirt. He had a Looking for a fuck granny Hartford tail and looked really familiar. He sits down across from me and we start talking. We talked Hartfodd about 40 minutes before Loojing asked him what his name was, and he said "George.

He couldn't ror been nicer to me. Seems he was in the hotel to get away from his house so he could do some writing. He didn't write much I assume, because he had quite a party in his room which was right next to mine. One of his guests climbed over the balcony Hartfogd wandered into my room.

North Andover, Massachusetts, MA, 01845

I woke Hartflrd, and escorted him back to Georges room, and as a reward, George gave me 2 joints. A bus was blocking traffic at 41st and while we waited for the bus to move, we started talking. Justin Case Of Blessed Memory.

G The Roloff Boys. Alone in Room 19 Babysitting at Looking for a fuck granny Hartford House brandon. Jared Simon Says Whoa, Dude! Keith's Conversion School Daze Tights. Finding Steve Beautiful mature searching sex Memphis House Fag.

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