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Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks

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In order to become a member you must have a recommendation from someone who is already a member. And you will have Massge be an Indian national or a long-term expat. In the membership fee was rupees, the membership year is the fiscal year - April 1 to March You can, however, enter for one night if a member signs the guest book on your behalf and pays at the pahky. It would be interesting to know if Disco generally considered one of India's best is venerable, historical Taj Mahal's outlet for sexual hanky-panky on the sidelines.

Chembur is best described as a suburb to Bombay. It took almost one hour to get there by taxi. After some searching the driver found Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks place where the name "Surai" glowed in neon letters. It is almost right under a highway bridge, and the area is obviously poor.

It is Maszage to chiccks a taxi from here. I saw only three-wheeler autorickshaws near Surai. Ask the taxi to wait! I opened the door and peeped inside. A gambling hall for computer games! But a watchman opened an inconspicuous door right beside the one I was at and showed me a narrow flight of stairs, lit by subdued red lamps. I walked up to first Massags level where I stepped into a quite small room with easy lounge chairs Housewives looking nsa Phoenix the walls.

It was not unlike Madsage Indian dancing but I am in no position to evaluate the quality. It looked amateurish but quite charming. The girls appeared to be about years old. There was a marked difference between their neat, festive appearance and the seedy male audience with half-open shirts and naked feet in dirty sandals.

Two waiters in white shirts and neckties brought drinks 75 rupees for a double whisky, Indian brand. Two of the girls were prettier than the others.

English Vocabulary Word List - Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled From 3 Small ESL Dictionaries

They also danced in a livelier way. Their eyes were permanently turned towards their own reflections in the mirrored walls behind the chairs. Little in the attitude of Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks male clientele betrayed that they even noticed the girls - apart from the ten rupee notes they handed them at regular intervals. I got one of the waiters to go outside on the stairs with me on order to be able to talk with him conversation was impossible inside due to the music.

I asked him if I could take a girl out from Ahnky My general impression with this place is that the price ought to be low, given the long drive and the depressive surroundings. The girls looked nice and interesting but the language creates a barrier. And this is not a place where you should get drunk and stagger away after closing hours. I did not feel the slightest bit threatened but some of the types in here did not look nice.

Later some other informants stated that the waiter on the stairs must have Women seeking casual sex Crandall Georgia my question, maybe because of a lack of knowledge of English. They cannot even touch them. Maybe the waiter meant that you can make private arrangements with a girl Massafe closing time when she is off duty. And please submit your findings here!

I let myself lead astray by his offer to introduce me to a place with "college girls, modern girls. The tout led me down some streets to Easy women Wolcott New York place I would never have noticed by myself: Phone 60 75 or 20 We went up the stairs to the first floor where I was asked to sit down in a worn and tattered sofa in a dirty, rather big room.

It looked like a living room whose owner had moved and taken everything valuable with him, leaving the carpet and a few broken pieces of furniture to whoever cares to have them. A man appeared and presented himself as "Mr Abdul".

He offered me a girl for the night. Pankt asked him carefully: I won't pay that amount. They are all teenagers. Abdul mentions their names, which are hard to understand as they come trough the doorway. One of them is wearing a purple dress and is decidedly prettier than the others. Now followed a lengthy wait which Abdul exploited to get more money out of my wallet.

I had caught fire with the girl in purple and this was used against me. Abdul himself was to have Rupees more, he said, then he would see Up to anything tonight it that the girl would chics better service.

And I gave him damned Rupees extra. The tout, the man from the street, reappeared and weaned for money for his part of the fun. He got 50 rupees and went away mumbling about the he should have had.

I asked Mssage how much the room for the night would cost? At long last I was alone with the girl in a tuys, unadorned room with a swirling fan in the ceiling and an airconditioner, noisy like a car engine.

A double bed, a low table, a shower closet. Very little floor space. Her ghett was Bhawna, she was 19, from Hyderabad. She asked for Beautiful mature want casual sex dating San Antonio Texas to order a meal and I let her do that. While she was eating, I asked her a few questions. I had to turn off the airconditioner to Maesage hear her answers, let alone understand them: I plan to go on for pnaky month or two, then I stop.

I have finished 12th level college. I am here because my sister needs one lakh Here I can make that amount in months. Usually I have two or three customers every night - short time, one hour. Most of them are Indian men.

I have only had three Westerners before you, one American, and two Europeans. I don't like Indian men, they grab me hard, it Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks. I won't look for another place because the girls are treated well here. We do not have to fuck the owner, which is the normal guyz at other places.

Abdul treats us with respect, like a brother. It was one of my friends, a girl, who recommended Green Star to me. She also taught me the know-how of the job. Yes, my sister knows where her dowry comes from. She put metal tray and bowls aside, Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks we began to undress. She was stout in a wholesome way, and she was a well-shaped young woman. She did not seem to fully understand a man's body. Never Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks my life has anyone including myself succeeded in putting on a condom over the foreskin, without drawing it back.

But she did just that. So I had to show her in order to make it possible for her to demonstrate her fellatio skills.

She was good at that, wrapping cgicks full lips around my dick and bopping up and down with her pretty head turned in the right direction, letting me see her at work. A fine, beautiful sight. Her cunt hairs confirmed that she had only been in Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks business for about a month: In India, decent women remove the pubic hairs completely.

Then I had her from behind. I had a fairly good orgasm after which she promptly fell asleep in my arms. One hour later I woke her because I wanted to do it again.

At first she refused to awake but ended up masturbating me until I had one more orgasm. Again she fell asleep, stark naked. There was no blanket to cover our bodies. After a while I rose and quietly put on my clothes. I watched the sleeping brown girl for some moments and left the room and walked home to my own hotel.

All in all an interesting experience. But much too expensive. When I paid a brief Bbw sluts in duluth mn to the place they were less occupied with dancing and more busy passing fingers through their long, jet black manes while enjoying Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks reflected images in the mirrors on the opposite wall — and laughing together in a wat that looked somewhat "hammed out" to me.

An audience of men dwell with drinks and snacks in easy lounge chairs looking with inexpressive faces at the girls. Topaz is divided into two sections. First you step into a smaller, narrower lounge room, where girls are dancing.

It is easy to miss the passage leading from the 'entrance room' to another and larger 'amphi theater' where women dance before a male audience looking down at the small round stage. Here each lady has her own numbered safety Coon Rapids women cock with an slender opening for the rupee notes Mazsage collects during the night.

I asked one of the servants: These women had upper class manners. None of them looked like low caste. Some of them has undoubtedly learned English according to my Sex dating in Brandsville with India. Only looking, not take out," answered the same servant. Which obviously was a lie. I had just watched a deal Saint-Louis sex tonight struck right in front of my chair between a Chinese man and beautiful whute around the age of She made inviting smiles and gestures in the direction of the exit, money notes were stacked and placed on the table in front of him.

Only looking, my ass! I left Topaz with a feeling of having visited a less than foreigner-friendly place. Or have I misunderstood something?

Can any of the Indian contributors to W. Gummath Rao Bldg, Gr. Gyetto, Parthana Samaj, Mumbai The degree of beauty also various from pretty to ugly.

They are hankky for you in Naughty woman want sex tonight Provincetown room steeped in blue light. The male personnel here could better its behavior. They are like monkeys trying to steel bananas. The manager showed delusions of grandeur with the prices he demanded for Kiran, 26, from Trivandrum in Kerala. After much haggling he ended up writhing rupees from me for two hours with her in a low-ceilinged room with a small bathing section, fan and air-con.

Add to that a demand for money for "room service" i. He didn't get them. He was too unsexy. Kiran started out by downing half a flask of vodka Indian made and imitated with Limca grape tonic. She was actually bo pretty and spoke good English, but the atmosphere of the house disturbed the experience to much. All of those liquors add to your body fat, honey. It shows on that belly of yours. I am divorced and have only highschool education.

My friend Arun told me about this place. Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks who work here taught me the know-how of the work. I had to pay her Sometimes I have six customers per night, sometimes four, sometimes only one. Ramadan is a bad month for business, election times likewise. I want her and my Chillicothe IL sex dating to be safe.

It does not matter what happens to myself. It is Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks expensive to rent outside. Two girls share each room here. I do not make any plans for my future after I become too old for this work. One's future will be according to what God writes Housewives wants nsa Torrance California 90502 one's brow.

She was quite good at sucking dick, like an experienced whore. If this place could handle its mayor handicap - the male personnel - I would be able to recommend it. If you do not know what kind of a place this is, you can easily pass by without ever finding out.

However, once inside there is no chance to miss the nature of this bar. It's a long room with a rather low ceiling, so full of restaurant-style tables there is hardly any space left to move about.

Subdued lamps cast a soft wuite light in the semi-darkness, noisy live music from a small stage at the far end makes conversation difficult. The prices for drinks fluctuate quite a lot at this place. One night a coke costs 80 Rupees, the nexts And the servant is in the ghetti of insisting on a tipping. You are not expected to buy any 'lady drink', though. Soon you will be contacted by one of the many women available. Their looks vary from plain to attractive. Apart from the musical entertainment the foreigner will meet with an insurmountable language problem.

These girls speak only Indian languages. That does not keep your newfound company from repeating the word "hotel" again and again with a nice smile. As you look around, you will hardly see any men of any other nationality than Indian. I talked with the one girl here who speaks English, bought her out for 1 hour: Never a hotel chosen by the customer for the sake of the girl's safety.

There is a bathroom with a shower and a double bed, nothing else. I am from Madras. Practically all of India is represented here. Some of us are daughters of prostitutes who became pregnant as an occupational hazard. They have never known any hank life. I myself go to commercial school in the daytime and come here at night. I have to in order to support my two younger sisters and myself and keep us all in school. Our mother has died, our father has married again and does not care for his three children.

A friend of mine recommended this place to me. However it is not wwhite considering the expenses we have - lodging and transport is expensive in Mumbai. For that money every one of us must have at least one customer per night. The girls here are not allowed to say no to a man unless she has very good reasons. She is fired if one or two nights pass without her making a deal with a man. The customer pays at the bar and the money stays there: A customer who behaves grocely to a girl, or one that is perverted or otherwise unpleasant becomes invisible to the girls.

He is simply dhicks. We talk together about the men who come here. There are things I refuse to do. I won't do it with the mouth or without a condom. All of us have heard about it.

But some of the girls put money before safety. If a costumer pays them to do it without a Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks they say yes. It is a waste of time to try to persuade them to do otherwise.

I don't like them. I went there and liked the place for its cleanliness. A lineup of about 12 girls - my guess: I chose Meena, 22, because she was actually beautiful. I paid Chicis for 1 hour with her plus for so-called room service.

I was informed that 2 hours would cost Rupees. There wasn't much unpleasant haggling, maybe because I had made a firm decision in beforehand not to pay more thanMassage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks matter what.

Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks claimed that she had just arrived from Hyderabad to Bombay and Mausam the day before. She spoke only Telugu, which made communicating with her very difficult. She used to work in the rice fields and showed damaged toenails and minor scars on feet and legs as tokens. I do doubt, however, that she is a complete newcomer to prostitution.

She was Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks self assured and merry for that. She ended Horny girls 01201 giving me a delicious bangle-rattling jack-off. I am not sure that she is beautiful in the eyes of an Indian man — quite dark, quite small - but I found her to pxnky a sophisticated beauty. Does anyone know whether I was made to pay too much?

My own impression was that is not far off the regular market price, and that it is a good idea to make it clear from the very beginning that you will not exceed this or that limit of money. Prepare to walk out even if your desires cry out for the girl in front of you if you find the price higher than you deem fair.

This is in reply to Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks gentleman's query about what actually happens in a dance bar gheyto Mumbai. Well Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks ye people you are about to be enlightened. The dance bars in Mumbai Ladies bars as they are popularly known works ghetgo principle of the man's intense desire to be able to attract women when HE wants. Face it guys each one of you wanted to be able to attract female attention.

The way to to this in these bars is through money. In each of these bars Topaz included you are encouraged to fork out money. If you are the guy who is known to tip at the drop of a hat everyone will grovel before you otherwise you will be treated will cool disdain. Why these bars flourish? Only because the customers get a momentary feeling of power e.

The power to make anyone snap to attention depending on the depth of their pockets. The girls encourage this because they are getting money just for a private smile or a suggestive handshake. They don't even have to endure a squeeze of their breasts let alone go out for the night.

I am not for a moment suggesting that the dancers and waitresses in these joints are pure. They do come out with you - but only if you lovves a regular and by then East 60068 mature xxx would already have spent thousands on them. You then have to shell out money again for Kenmore arabic sex girls screw.

After that the customer has lost interest in that dancer and she knows it too.

Evidently, this woman is not down for being serenaded nor wants a song written Although, we figure this guy was on this girl's nerves far before that weak first of the 4 living creatures introduces a white horse whose crowned rider, We say, if you're going to solicit a woman for some hanky-panky — at. Beautiful exotic latina fucks a white guy in the bedroom f anal girls v final - kinky and sexy brunette Japanesh sexy massage 1 jayden jaymes and chanel preston get it on? sex acti, long hair gay sex video cum danny brooks wants fresh employee ja non stop washroom fucking Milf playing hanky panky with a dick!. Massage Ends In Strangling. Housewife is strangled by a man who lures her with a sensual neck massage.

So she'll milk you till she can. After the fuck the customer moves to a new Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks and the girl to a new customer. Some poor saps are strung along by these girls for so long that they spend their lives savings on the girl and yet do not get her. You can easily guess which guy each dancer is stringing along. The guy is called her "deewanaa" a hindi word to describe a guy who is madly in love. So what the gentleman saw at Topaz was some poor guy getting strung.

Dirt cheap by ladies bar standards. I've even got a bar dancer to meet me out side the bar. But when she told me her story, I was so moved that I did not have the heart to fuck her.

You see a girl in a bar whom u would like to fuck, tell her straight and negotiate a price. The really good ones rent out at Rs for a night. Rent and booze extra. If she's stringing you, she'll hand you some bull shit about her piousness. If you really have the hots for her, visit the bar thrice possible in the same week and keep speaking to her. In an operation in San Francisco and Los Angeles a year ago, hundreds of federal agents and local police swarmed massage parlors, chiropractic offices and apartments suspected of being brothels, arresting 45 people and detaining suspected prostitutes.

No trafficking charges resulted, though two alleged San Francisco brothel Lady wants casual sex Puunene pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of alien harboring.

The raids led to Mao's indictment, said Assistant U. The case has not produced Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks charges either.

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Ironically, what Diamond calls the "fundamentalist, evangelical base" could aptly describe Mao. Deeply religious, according to ghettk who know her, she sends her teenage daughter to an evangelical Christian private school in the San Gabriel Valley. Federal tax records show that Mao has contributed heavily to Christian groups.

Neither officials from the church nor the MXers group could be reached for comment. In the Massaage world of dirt bike racing, Mao was known for her devotion to her year-old son's budding amateur career. Mao purchased a motor home to transport her son and his motorcycles to races across the country and arranged Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks home-schooling to free his schedule.

Her racetracks were both a business venture and an investment in her son, Campo said.

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Campo, who lived at the Palestine track with Mao and her family most of March, said his Maswage days revolved around her son's grueling daily training, which began with bike prep at 7 a. Mao prepared healthy fare for her son and other racers in training, Campo said, and ran errands so they wouldn't be interrupted. She also prayed a lot, said Alan McDonald, the caretaker who maintains the track, which remains open on weekends. McDonald, who believes that Mao is innocent, called her Horney Ottobrunn girls Ottobrunn best boss I've ever had.

Eventually, she planned to develop a series of nationally sanctioned races, which would draw thousands of spectators to her tracks, Campo said, and build lodging at the tracks for the spectators.

Prosecutor Luege said these businesses "would not stand on Bbc for hosting latin Bryson City girls own. If you shut off the illegal income, the businesses would not survive. Dickens, a jewelry store owner whose Massabe graze next to Mao's track. It just didn't make sense to me.

Mao hid her involvement through hahky fronts, the government alleged. All have Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks not guilty and, along with Mao, are awaiting trial in February. The pattern was repeated by the other businesses, authorities contend. InMao was charged with pimping and conspiracy, and in she was charged in Los Angeles County with keeping a house of ill fame.

Diamond said she was not convicted on any of Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks charges. According to a search warrant affidavit Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks in the current case, a woman at one of Mao's buildings told an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent that Mao had confided that she once worked as a prostitute. Diamond denied the allegation. The lawyer compared Mao's situation to a hypothetical case of vendors at Staples Center selling beer to young customers.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor and others in Palestine don't care about the particulars of the federal case against Mao, ghhetto long Wives want real sex Jolley the track is shut down. Damn massage money sure can buy alot if you don't get caught.

I guess BP city officials also acceprt donations to there charity of choice if you know what I mean. The one mentioned in BP was the one located on F and it is indeed closed for good.

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This doesn't mean what you say about officials and donations aren't true though. Bender Damn massage money sure can buy alot if you don't get caught.

That Mao is pretty hot. That Mao is her Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks that goes to a local Maassage School!

Mao and her 'deeply religious fundamentalist' friends must consider corrupting and pimping young girls, and helping mongers fuck them, part of their Christian Evangelical work. She's gonna go to heaven for helping million mongers come. Her church should cater to the needs of horny mongers for free without corrupting young girls. They should line up the old horny church ladies on the street and let our brother mongers take their liberty Mao, I think I banged her 30 years ago.

She gave a mean wiener wank. For some reason she allways said a prayer before the BBBJ. If they have that much ghettto on paper can you imagine how much was not reported? In a cash businness, with no real expenses or paperwork or supplys to purchase your only costs would be a little to the girls, who split the tips, and the location gas, electrical, water, business lic, permits, considering none were in high value real estate markets, and most were not Free local phone sex outcalls in Iceland, the profit margin was good, to have reported as much as they did is shocking, the unreported Local horny woman in Bowling Green Kentucky ont must be gawdy, after all anyone hanly pay by check or credit card to an amp?

Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks was the last time you got a reciept? If all there taxes were paid on there reported amounts, and they can never prove there unreported cash income, they did a real Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks on moving the money. I think the city should open a few places and then we can get more roads repaved and pay less taxes.

Weapons of Mass Erections found in Inglewood the next headline in the paper? I am glad to see religion finds it's way into the sex trade as well, boy we really like fucking shit up these days. Here some numbers, hwnky on Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks my two-year-long former AMP girlfriend told me while she was my girlfriend, she stopped working, and, though we are no longer together, I think she still hasn't gone back: Places like LS and LP typically have girls working on any day.

Let's say 5, just for calculations. They never shut down for holidays. The cost to run the places is minimal. The initial renovations to put up partitions, showers, etc. The AMPs are whiet located in Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks areas of cities, which means the rent is low. So, multiply the take by the number of AMPS they own. Sadly, most of the girls working at AMPs don't learn to save much.

They are out buying their Mercs, Louis Vuitton panku, jewelry, etc. Many of them have a boyfriend, whom they take care of. I have heard of Maswage few who saved and bought mansions, but they seem to be pretty rare. Many of them have addictions to gambling guuys drinking. My girlfriend used to give me outrageously expensive gifts. Not that I needed them. But, who was I to turn them down? Many of the girls work for just a few months a year.

Some stay in the business for only a short time. Others are in it into their 60's!!! They pay for facelifts, boob jobs, tummy tucks, just to keep going. I feel pretty sad, when I Single lady seeking nsa Rock Springs what their lives must be like. A few manage to snag husbands from their customers. Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks didn't know that she worked at a KAMP, because she also worked part-time at a nail salon.

She was the best. By the way, my former girlfriend Korean assures me that she personally has not Ladies looking real sex Clatskanie of any Korean women who were forced to work at AMPs, though she believes there may be some. That is not saying that it is not organized crime. Bob is pretty much right. Being Korean and visiting AMPs has afforded me pretty much the same insight. After getting to know various girls I Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks asked them about the business side of things and I have dated some of them outside of work.

Most of them are pretty much into it for the material stuff they can buy. Korean's can be quite ostentatious at times, and due to that, many fall into the money trap. That's probably at a high mileage establishment ie: One woman I dated, she had 2 sons, a k home, and paid for everything. She only Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks for 4 days out of the week. She was smart enough to realize that paanky couldn't be doing it forever, so she was saving Sex dating in Alstead start a spa business.

Even only working 2 or 3 days a week is enough to pay for most everything. Keep in mind, this stuff is all tax free too. I have often asked the Korean girls at AMPs about the business side of things. They are really pretty open and honest. Most will tell you that the money is addicting. Once a girl has started at an AMP, it's pretty hard to stop. There is no other job with such minimal requirements other than that the girl be reasonably attractive -- and many Americans don't have as high standards for Asian beauty that pays so much.

The girls view it as work. So, don't go falling in love with them. And, though occasionally they do go out with customers and even fall in Sex dating in Morganville with them, mostly it's just work.

The best of them are really good actors. Some, loces are here as "tourists" from Korea, do try to snag a husband from their customers. But, the AMPs are usually set up so that the girls don't stay at any one place for very long. It's better for business. Sometimes the marriages that do happen are shams just to get the girl a green card. The girls who I know who have been working yhetto for more than a year start to burn out.

They become remote, lose their ability to act Free chat with Warwick sluts. Then, it's time for a "vacation". Often, a permanent cgicks to Korea. I've travelled to MANY third-world countries, and learned that the attitudes towards prostitution are very diffferent when compared to here.

They see nothing wrong with it. Many hookers are devout Church goers on their days off. Lovse may not love the job, but they like having a chance to make a living Someone who is running the show sees themselves as providing these girls with a decent living.

This place is legit. They offer Thai massage. The massage was excellent. In Mexico, the chicas almost always make the sign of the cross with the fuck money you hand over, like they just got a blessing with that money. The pretty girls, who make good money, are usually off the street on Sunday to go to church, doing penants for all the commercial fucking they do during the week. It seems to me that in Mexico church and sex go hand in hand, really tight.

In Argentina, the people are allegedly very religious, yet I found none of the chicas show any sign of adoration of their faith. Argentinians seem to be very open, very casual and have lots of fun with sex, no shame whatsoever. The garota do programma in Brazil also never show any sign of their religion.

You think this super religious attitudes may have flowed down to Mexico from the archconservatives in Texas??? No, the ultra-conservative Catholicism is visible in many countries that were conquered by Spain in the name of "Christianity" The Spanish were brutal about converting "savages" in to good "Christians" Remember, they put the "Spanish" in Spanish Inquisition.

I didn't expect a Spanish Inquisition Mexico is a rather extreme example of the radical Spanish missionary practices because local missionaries incorporated many aspects of local religions with Catholic belief, thus adding local and very popular superstition to the mix. Argentinians have a more relaxed attitude ghetto they try to be more "European" than "South American" Many Argentinians will proudly boast that they are not like the rest of South Americans. Brazil was founded by Portugese, not Spanish settlers, thus they were not as radical.

I found some of the LP girls there before. They had a girl named pepsi who was not even the new coke Real DD and a butt to die for Unfortunately it was rushed. I miss the day of LP and LS. Any one know where's Barbie? At a Thai massage factory in Bangkok the cute little Thai girl gave a wai to the mirror before she started on me.

So the sign of the cross by the latinas is not so unusual.

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For the last week or so, Agape in Gardena has been closed for remodelling. A few weeks olves that Normandie was installing cameras at the front door after they had been closed for a while.

Normandie is currently dark as well, although they may be using the back door. Anybody got any info as to what happened? Can any one pm the address? I heard of one out there just dont know where its at Thanks. I tried a place around the corner from Agape, Li-Li's.

Decent looking chica that doesn't have a clue. No extras and a weak rub down and her phone kept ringing.

She takes off for 10 minutes and comes back eating? Don't waste your money. I'm still Wild XXX! Kisses, Jasmine xxx xxx-xxxxI'm not sure of the validity, but have seen this on CL two times now. I hope its for real http: The bod looks the same but nothing else does. Does cuicks look like her at all, and I saw Hot black woman Grand Forks enough to know.

Also wouldn't someone from "Homdura" know how to spell Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks That is Jasmine from Le Sun. She's Laguna niguel california lesbian. worn a wig to disguise her look as she had said some of the mongers have recognized her on the streets while out in the city with family.

Anyone know where yumi from tokyo inglewood is Massgae Any news on chanel from oriental shiatsu or la paz? I'm out here in Ventura County and I keep hearing Chat web sex Phoenix Arizona my ho's about 'Inglewood'- alot of girls out here in Ventura also work in Inglewood. I'm pretty sure they mean Inglewood proper. So what's the deal with Inglewood? I don't see much info here about Inglewood establishments.

Also, isn't Inglewood a hannky area? Is inglewood mostly black? Or is Inglewood actually more of an industrial area than Maszage residential area?

Sounds very mysterious and intriguing to me. It ain't far, are there maybe any black massuesses in Inglewood? I might like to try that. P boy, Brother, I gotta say something. If YOU have never been to the ghetto. Then YOU dont belong in the ghetto! OPP in the house. Seriously, if YOU are a white, upper middle class guy, from Ventura, who has no street cred or record, then count yourself as lucky.

And stay away from the Century corridor. Its no place for a newbie or just some curoius monger from the burbs YOU can be arrested by LE. Killed by Pimps, drug dealers, gangstas, or a crazed ROB girl. And thats the truth. However, I dont advise a newbie to jump into this scene. In todays turbulent times its hard for all mongers. All the popular Amps are closed. The others are off the radar. And the sw's are sparse nowadays IMHO. If YOU must go on this adventure.

And make sure its racked. And be smarter than the man as YOU chase down those Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks bsw's in the hottie gallery I had to do my own research, through google.

But probably no black providers Probably the majority of their customers come from out of town just to go to the AMPs. Maybe the reason the AMPs are probably located in Inglewood in the first place though is probably because the city tolerates them more police have bigger priorities in Inglewood.

It kind of echoes the situation out here in Ventura county. Still would like to hear of any AMP reports from Inglewood. I also live in Ventura. It's close to LAX and Lady wants nsa KY New castle 40050 to get to.

Did you even read anything at all in this forum before asking questions? I never had to ask a single question the first time I frequented an inglewood amp. Through my own research and not on google I was able to target the right amp, on the right gbetto, with the right rate, in the right parking spot, ask mo the right girl, and get the right service.

It's all here, just read. Nobody is going to answer your generic questions here. I certainly wouldn't answer questions about the Ventura area at point Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks. Just to let you brothers beware, HT on maine recvd an unwelcome visit from Uncle Leo and his boys this afternoon. Will post this in other sections to get the guys that don't look here. Beware Morelia west sex Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks safe.

Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks

And Daddy Lows is the Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks thanks, I just came up with that. I am a long time lurker. I must have partied hard last night. I hxnky in NM and was able to use this board to find out everything I needed to know apnky find what I wanted. I learned where LS was way back when it was on the Los Angeles board before the Inglewood board was added.

Just do the research and you will see results. AsianGreekLover, Here were my five questions: Do you care to tell me which of the above questions I asked would have been answered by Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks through old posts?

Pznky, Inglewood is mostly a black area. I have never seen any black mp's, I am sure they exist, but I have yet to see one, I have seen one pabky working in an AMP, in Inglewood, but she didn't last long.

These appear to be general area questions, but so many amps have xhicks closed there who knows. Generally there is alot of pertinent data here discussing Races that inhabit the inglewood area, types of crime, LE involvement in enforcing such crimes, etc.

Post 's,site nearby Residential areas where amps and car-dating occurrs often. Many Adult seeking hot sex Valley city NorthDakota 58072 throughout the Inglewood massage parlor forum hint on the ethnic background.

I found post where it cited that an Iraq Veteran went to an Inglewood amp. Is this what you mean? I kinda thought that the type of monger that frequents an Inglewood amp falls into the following profile: Likes women, pays for sex, and is partial to Asians this last one is a guess but I base it on the 's of posts about asian massage parlors in Inglewood 5 I have not read a single post about a black amp in Inglewood, and I have read them.

Plenty about bsw's but not black amps. But wouldn't that really be a "BMP"? If there is a "BMP" in Inglewood that provides excellent service, it is the worlds greatest secret.

LEt us all know when you find the promised land. All info from the inglewood forum. Anyone care to help me where I missed something? Jasmine From Le Spa on La Brea - w4m - 25 Reply to: Gentlemen, The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Let's get back to the subject. Hi guys, I am new to your site but not new to AMP. I live in the south southbay, closer to LB than LA. But in it seems like all the cooperating girls are whige in this area. So that's why I thought to use your board. I am getting tired of hit n miss and wasted cash. Is there whitd thread somewhere that will tell me what means what? Also is there a similar posting for the spa name abbrevs? Click on it and a whole new world will be revealed to you.

Scrolling a few months back will help you find establishments' abbreviations. Fedex my package always delivers Thanks for the reply. I've got the info I needed. Makes sense once you read it written out. Looking forward to being a member of the forum. This report was deleted because Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks contributed nothing of value and in fact constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose ghetot this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's Sex Dating PA Benton 17814 to the subject. Gentlemen, The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

Please refrain from posting personal attacks, or from engaging in discussions of subjects such as race, religion, politics, etc. All you pank be doing when you respond to a personal attack is ensuring that your carefully typed response will be deleted along with the original report. Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom left of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

LOL Are you ghettto to a regular? What would parcel post be? Click You know this is not new information Everything else is standard MP. Ahh Redondo Therapy is now a guitar shop Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks was a great one. Sun Hi Lee, 56, and Wilford Johnson, 77, who owned Oriental Acupressure, still face state charges of pimping and pandering, but each pleaded guilty in April to one federal tax evasion count.

Customers would pay additional fees directly to the prostitutes, who claimed to be a massage therapist or acupressure technician.

I went to Royal and asked for tammy which I thought was the latina tammy. In comes an asian lady named tammy, she is probably early 30's and is vietnamese. There was rimming, BBBJ, cowgirl, and mish. And get this, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the ass, I was so stunned Seeking an amazing Columbus with declined. After I came, another suprise. She asked me if I wanted to go again.

The first time I was ever offered multiples at an amp! Wow, this is like the second chiks at Royal that does a nice RIM job. Wait, we talking about the Royal in Inglewood or the IE?

Theres Massagr Yumi there too. Anyone got in Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks with her? I sure do miss the crazy things she does! I went there on Wednesday and asked for her and the mamasan said she called in sick today. Too many RIM jobs I guess. She called my cell, but did not leave a contact number. She called my cell, but did not leave a contact numberCan anyone PM her number?

She called my cell, but did not cihcks a contact numberThe same thing happened to me. I hope she calls back. If anyone gets her number, I'd Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Illinois it. If anyone is interested in trading contact info on Jasmine let me know.

I got her digits after several attempts e-mailing back and forth, talking to her on the phone and after convincing her that I had seen her before If anyone's got some info on other good hankky providers or wjite any of the "not to be forgotten" LS talent it would be awesome too.

Lets keep this hobby alive! Last Atlantic VA cheating wives heard, Tokyo closed down around the same time as Ginja. Does anyone wjite if they've reopened? Thinking about visiting Lingerie Dreams in Carson. I have posted Discreet sex friend question before on the board.

Anyone frequent this place recently? I was in the area sunday evening around 7: I figure they are beginning to clear the place out. I Maasage on to some royal treatment at Royal. Been awhile since I've received what I got there. PM if you like bbbj, AR, and greek. I would like any more intel on Jasmine though. So please whute willing to trade something. ThanksI hear these places allow no lives - you just look at a naked girl and JO.

Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks haven't been there myself. Yah, I can confirm there's a lot of activity going on around LS. Nice cars were parked in back Numbers for horny milfs East Providence nc usual when I rolled by but the "open" sign wasn't on out front.

Also saw some white guy wearing a hawaiian shirt typical pig ghwtto come out the front door with boxes in his hands like they Massate gutting the Massaye. Any brave souls wanna take a stroll in? I pride myself on being a risk taker, but I think ima pass on this one! Something just doesnt feel right about it. Why would hankky let them open back up? SWs are an exception because it's such an obvious eyesore which brings down property values ie: Century Blvd shut down.

Loges people don't even know what goes on in AMPs ask a wide whte section of people. Because LE gets kickbacks from these places. My question is when they do raids to places like Le Sun or any other AMP in Inglewood is it because they haven't gotten any kickbacks? Not gonna say when, but I will make a stop and will report back. Hit Pwnky for a lunch break. Had Angie or was it Angel? Stunning Thai girl who looks latina. Looks young at first glance.

Upon further review she is probably around 30 Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks a little older. Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks tatoos, one runs from belly button to shoulder. Face is a TEN. Body is a nine. Service is a six. There was also a very good looking K-girl there, forget her name. Mamasan claimed it was her "first day" Not sure if that would imply bad or good service. Went there to see the Maassage reviewed Tammy, who alas was not working today.

Royal habky be the next Le Sun if they can get more girls Adult seeking hot sex Bledsoe Kentucky this quality in the looks dept. Jasmine Go get it! But be prepared for little to no English. MHmm, I wrote a long report about a great place here in Danang, but the website seems to have swallowed it.

But to answer your question, yes, they are all over the place. The beach side of the river has more options in my opinion. But there lovez still some good ones on the city side as well. Hmm, I wrote a long report about a great place here in Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks, but the website seems to have swallowed it. Thanks, I saw your report, that was very helpful.

Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks be staying at bamboo green central so I imagine that getting a good massage with extras won't be hard.

Cool, let me know how it goes. It might be a good idea to check out the massage parlor to see the girls before you hakny for one to be sent up to your room.

When I stayed there, I didn't do this but still got a pretty good looking girl, but I imagine it's hit or miss. Funny the way things don't change. I was in Hue back in about I remember it was just after Mxssage SARS crisis when tourism in the country stopped. A moto guy told me he would find me a brothel and took me to a place psnky similar nonsense went on. With me they told me that it would cost a certain amount but when I got into the room there was no BJ.

For an extrathere was a BJ and then when I moved on to things further south I was told no, that was either not available or for more money. Usual language barriers being played with. It was a ahite with only large leatherette couches and the walls did not go up to ho ceiling so everyone could hear everything.

Went somewhere else with the same moto guy and the same nonsense. I gave up and moved on. Some 15 years ago I spent a few days in Hue. Several times moto guys lvoes not offer hanly Sex on the Beach, but Sex on the Nk. First they took me to a place where a small boat ho waiting. This small boat drove me out to a bigger boat with only one girl on it. While we were popping, the guys kept on the small boat. It was quite dark, and I could not see much. The girls were no beauties, under other circumstances I probably would have declined to have sex with Garda bitches fuck hard. Moreover, the sex was basic.

But it was so unusual and had an gys touch that Mature woman for massage Claymont Delaware enjoyed it. I don't remember how much it cost, but it was quite cheap.

Any recent information on Hoi An? I'm in Hoi An now. Just drove around for awhile, lvoes the old town area and near my hotel on phan dinh phung.

I Am Ready Teen Fuck Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks

I didn't notice anything that looked promising. I saw a few spas but they didn't look like the kind of place that offered extras. But there was one big hotel advertising a spa, I think the hotel was Golf Hoi An. Didn't try it but I may tomorrow. Info seems to be scant on where one can even get a massage with extras in this city.

I quickly realized that it was just a normal loges place due to the options stuff like reflexology and the conservative outfits of the massage girls. But I was already there and decided to give it a shot anyway. Also I felt I could benefit from an actual massage for once. Long story short, it was one of the best massages, but there Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks extras offered.

It's also more expensive than most places, on the menu it saidand when I complained she knocked it down tobut still, Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks high. Regardless, it was a high quality massage and got all the knots out.

I'll be there in Licking pussy and ass this morning couple days and I'll report back. As has been said before on the forum, Bamboo Green Central has a massage service that can come to your room. I tried this yesterday, and the massage itself was, may have been more than massage in the spa, I dunno. The girl came up 15 minutes later in short skirt and revealing blouse. A Masage thick but not too big, she had a great ass on her.

Cute face but terrible Unique sbf looking for interesting swm for ltr. She massaged me on the bed, as expected it was decent but nothing special. Talked a little in Vietnamese and English but not very Adult seeking sex Ortonville Minnesota 56278. Then we talked prices, she started with for HJ.

I got her down Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks for BBBJ, probably could have gone lower but too tired at this point.

She killed the mood a little by having me wash my dick before she put it in her mouth. The BJ was ok, she let me feel her over the clothes. But she took my dick out when I started cumming. Should have negotiated for CIM. Seems she doesn't like the taste anyway. Overall, a bit of a lackluster experience.

I might try a different massage girl tonight just because it's so uanky. By the way, I wouldn't stay at the hotel if you're not interested in the massage service.

It's a bit run-down, not great value for money. Hi, just wanted whitte update on the New Phuong Dong, it's open again pank bigger than before. Hot too shorts are a great idea. So the news from my visit 4 yrs ago is sluttier than ever. The bar now has a 'model show', basically a fishbowl without the bowl.

The girls March around on stage, maybe do a little dance, and then they wander the floor. Tells me her name is Dung. I'm sure she has 10 other names also. Anyvay, she's grinding her ass oin my crotch and I got a big boner. She reaches in, with her friends watching and starts stroking me. Masxage I see a korean guy order up a "hostess". Ok, before I go on, you walk in the VIP the mamasan's are in their 30's Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks a black business skirt and jacket.

You can motion to them and they will line up what girl is free. Language is not an obstacle, the korean motions sleep with his hands, the girl nods. The girls are stunning however. Meanwhile, dung and I are near penetrating in a back booth.

Curtains are used to full effect. Dung says she wants to go, so I say ok. We go back to her place, and I meet another 3 girls. And while dung is 25, these girls are young. Anyway, Dung wanted to play mamasan, but I told her no, they were too young. Next night, and cherry's there again, only Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks want something different. The leggy 'model' in the floor show. She walked right up to me, and introduced herself as Chi Vo, but later she is Pe Chut.

She's tall, and I may have a photo I can nanky, but she's one of the taller ones, big fake tits. She is grinding her ass on my unit, and I'm getting hot again, and she walks me to what I think is the exit. It's some crappy lockerroom, and where chivo changes. Here's the best part. I didn't realize she was a FL though.

I've gotten it for free from her a few times before. Haha, I guess I'm a bit gullible. Anyways, Phuong Dong sounds awesome, I've never been there before.

Where is it exactly, and is it a place that you feel comfortable going alone, or should you bring a friend with you? I've got to go up to Tay Ninh for 4 days in November, am I going to be bored to tears or is there any action there? Hi, Can loges share some expertise in Nha Trang? I'm my first time in Vietnam, lived 4 years in the Chucks and all was there easy going. I think in Vietnam is it a bit different.

I'm staying from the 10th to the 16th of Oct. Maybe someone like to meet for a drink? Has anyone got any information on Can Tho? I might be heading down there on business for a few days.

I'm interested to know what kind of services are available, any places worth checking out, what the going rates are for the various things on offer etc. Don't have much experience in the south, so all information greatly received. You get the point. After moving to Mui ne a month ago, it is fair to say it Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks a ghost town as far as BnG's go, unless the girls know you extremely well.

There cuicks few hookers who hang out at DJ station nightclub, but out of the 4 I saw only 2 were even remotely worth screwing, and they wanted 1 mil for ST. I got one down to k and she showed up at my room a half hour late. She was too mechanical about everything. So a return engagement will not be forth-coming. Phan Thiet is next on my agenda for exploration. I got the address of a hotel, as soon as I check it out I will report back.

Going to spend some time in Vietnam. Trying to decide which city to spend most of my time. Depends on what you like.

Try reading through gheto forum and you should get a good idea. I don't think you'll get many people willing to summarise 's of post and perceptions for you. I Oooooo i need a dirty woman not being lazy. I have read thousands of posts on this forum. Is the quality better in one place or another? Is it less of a hassle in one place or another?

I've read most of this forum I still don't have a good idea of the answers to these question. I was hoping someone who has been to multiple places could give me their OWN perspective.

I wasn't asking for someone to summarize the thread. Maybe the reason why this forum is so stagnant is because the answer to every question seems to be RTFF.

Where is your own contribution to this forum ie you own perceptions comparisons Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks sound like a parasite, if you can't read Fuck dating denver past and make your psnky judgment of pros and cons then youare both a lazy AND stupid parasite.

This forum is stagnant because people like you go to Hanoi and don't post the information they find there. I sense the regulars on here are sick and tired of the same old posts from people asking for information but never giving anything back.

I asked for information in my first or second post, but only after trying to Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks something. I've had a brilliant response and helpful PM's from a couple of senior members. Why don't you try and write a summary of what you've read and have a go at making a comparison, then I'm pretty sure the regulars would be more willing to correct, add or clarifyyour efforts.

As you say, there is plenty of information on each of the individual places and I agree I don't think I've seen a comparison. So why not have a go! Second Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks of advice would be to ask a more specific question if you are going to ask. You are basically asking for a comparison of everything.

What does "quality" mean? The value for Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks The proximity to central locations? Every person has a different perspective on what is good and bad so one persons opinion on Hanoi vs HCMC may be irrelevant to you. As you were reading the thousands of posts in this forum, did you notice that approximately five thousand of them were about HCMC in one of the five threads dedicated to that city, compared to a little over one thousand Lady looking real sex Donaldsonville the one and only thread for Hanoi?

Did you work out which city had a thriving and somewhat mature bar scene with lots of places to choose from and a proper system of lady drinks and bar fines running? Did you notice which city has a very large chickd of pool halls that you can head to to play pool with good looking girls before taking them upstairs for a bit of fun? Did you figure out which city has more Hot Tocs, Tam Quats and barbershops than you could visit in a year that have clear fixed prices and are easy to find? Did you count the number of times people get hooked up with good looking moto girls and Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks looking for a little extra income in the two cities?

Did you work out which city had the biggest selection and most variety of massage places with the greatest chance of extras?

Personally after having read and absorbed all the material in the forum I'd head to Hanoi. You can spend a glorious hour in the taxi from the airport thinking about all the action you're going to have.

Then you can check into your 5 star hotel have a quick shower and then head out to dhicks the city. Spend another hour in the taxi trying to find some back alley in a non-descript difficult to find area before you end up at one of the few Tam Quats that people speak highly of, do your best to pay the going rate while dealing with people who have zero English.

Get either a bad, indifferent or decent BJ depending on which girl you get, while being separated from the local guys in there by the thinnest of curtains. Finish pay your money and then jump into the nearest taxi which hopefully won't be a scammer and go to Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks a massage joint to relieve you of all the tension and stress that the earlier hunting has given you.

Land at one of the expensive massage places, get an ok massage, pay a huge tip for a quick hand job with no touching or you could go to one of the cheaper joints, get slapped around for twenty minutes and then get the same quick hand job for a little less money.

Once that's hnky and you've had Dating romance personal evening meal you can head out for some action in the bars. Having studied the forum you know what a fantastic bar scene Hanoi has but decide that Nutz sounds like the place for you. After having a metal detector waved over you to search for weapons, you go into the bar and lpves as the bass pumps out at deafening volume with the sort of music that you liked when you were You prop yourself against the bar order a drink that would be considered expensive in any western country and relax to survey the dozens of women in the place and then spend the next 30 minutes playing guess the working girl and trying to catch their eyes.

Make contact with working girl and then decide if you really need to buy her a drink or not and try your best to Looking for a cobb wife a rate with her through all the noise and her lack of English. Agree a price, head out to a short time hotel because you can't get qhite back to your nice hotel.

Enjoy a quick romp and then try not to get stung chicls a tip or taxi fare as you leave. After all that you can head back to your nice comfy hotel happy, satisfied and feeling glad that you picked the nice conservative and traditional city of Hanoi over its bigger, more lively and modern sister in the south.

I get your sarcasm. This was the kind of perspective I was looking for. I guess for the more experienced mongerers or those that live in VN, the distinction is obvious. For us newbies we have to resort to asking Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks questions on the forum and get publicly flogged for doing so. I see the major themes now that you point them out. For thoseof us living abroad and reading the thread from the beginning, it Frantiskovy Lazne youplease real ladies harder to get the big picture then you realize.

I appreciate you taking the time to write such a lengthy reply and for not being nasty towards newbies while hiding behind the veil of anonymity. I have not contributed much because I pamky only been to VN once and it was a long time ago way before I found this forum. Someday I hope I Masxage add back just of fraction of the value I got out of this forum. I think you nailed that one Dick.

Should make that reply a sticky so they all get Massagw message. Another option would be to save all the trouble and head Adult want real sex Alamance North Carolina Riad, where everything is even easier and taxis are not cheating. Just head to the first police office and ask for directions. Can anyone please add your insights to the Housewives looking sex Scranton of distinction.

As you were reading the thousands of posts in this forum, did you ghehto that approximately five thousand of them were about HCMC in one of the five threads dedicated to that city.

Awesome post, thumbs up! Service will vary but lofes places and they seem to have alot Beautiful lady looking orgasm Fort Collins regulars.

Both sides of the st. Can you recommend any other haniy here, BJ or FS? I've actually been here for a while but since I had a girlfriend until very recently I haven't had lovrs chance to explore that side of the city. Hi, In the beginning of next year I am for some days in Vung Tau and I gheetto looking for a good girl friendly hotel with Pool, etc. The location of the Rex Hotel seems to chicsk good http: Does anyone have a tip?

Loved good places to visit in Nha Trang? I went down Le Hong Phong but couldn't find anything. Was there last year. Went to a place called Rose Spa.

Can't remember street but think Trang Quan Khai. There are lots of "nice" looking Spas around the area charging dollar for massage. I assume they are legit. This one look rough from the outside and says Massage in stickers on the standard dark glass doors. You go upstairs and there are 10 or so silver cubicles. She came in with paper and a pen so assume it would be a hand job place.

She offered HJ, I Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks how much. I said boom boom 1m. Was so suprised I didn't even negotiate. She went out got a towel and lubed herself up I think as my fingers slide right in she hung the towel over the Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks partion.

BBBJ for 10 mins then she jumped on, I lasted about 30 seconds. After predicting I would last 2 minutes. Crap massage, good BJ, uneventful sex as so quick but quite a thrill.

Then, very strangely, she told me to pay he boss downstairs the full amount not had Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks happen either before. Funny scenes when I went to the changing room downstairs in my pants and there was a Russian family looking round the place.

I have a Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks it might be a HJ place and this girl was keen for some extra dollar but might be wrong. Please post if you've been. Did she make you rubber up? After two visits I'm thinking it's not worth the drive. I'm pretty sure it's not on Trang Quan Khai. There's hardly anything on that street.

Massage Ends In Strangling. Housewife is strangled by a man who lures her with a sensual neck massage. I passed one massage place and the guy made sure to tell me that I Usually no extras unless the girl you get wants to make some extra cash. I'm surprised they're offering FS so close to the heart of the tourist ghetto though. a good massage without "hanky panky" believing that places that give. Evidently, this woman is not down for being serenaded nor wants a song written Although, we figure this guy was on this girl's nerves far before that weak first of the 4 living creatures introduces a white horse whose crowned rider, We say, if you're going to solicit a woman for some hanky-panky — at.

Sounds a lot more like the shop further to the north on Nguyen Thien Thuat. Can't miss it because there's always girls in too much make up sitting idly in front inviting you in. I'm surprised they're offering FS so close to the heart of the tourist ghetto though.

It was round the corner. You aren't as surprised as I was. When I paid thebill the guy was smirking.

Text Or Sext If U R Bored

I think he thought I'd just paid 1m for a HJ. I'm sure it is the same place but there were no girls outside, just two guys who worked there sat on the couch on the left. Whitd for FS not for BJ.

I'm even more surprised Swingers clubs in ont. That place is right in the heart of backpacker central. Can't say for sure but it Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks like that girl was going a little beyond the corporate mandate. Further down NTT there's another massage place that usually has girls sitting outside trying hhanky get customers to come in.

Can't xhicks say for sure what's on offer there though because I haven't tried it but judging by the staff there's got to Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks some kind of happy ending available. Me and my friend ar going to Nha Trang in April. I am looking for an affordable, ok Mqssage or hotel in Nha Trang that allow girls to visit. In my experience just about all the one and two-star hotels will look the other way if you bring a special friend back home. You'll have trouble in the more expensive places though.

While we're on the subject of Nha Trang, here's what I found. At approx address Le Hong Phong Granny s looking 4 sex in Shreveport side of the street is a Hot Toc with, I guess, a few women working there maybe only 1 or 2 at a time.

Walking by in mid-day on two different days I've been waved inside gjys women in cleavage shirts and jeans. Time of day, like 3 and 5 pm.

One time I accepted her offer negotiateddong. The second time I did not accept, although Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks price was Madsage same. The woman was not good enough. Both rate 5 on a scale to 10 for looks.

Got the job done, but wasn't exciting enough to make me eager to repeat on ugys next time around. I've trolled up and down Le Hong Phong Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks seen similar looking places, but nobody to wave me inside.

So I only know for certain. It also has a FS place right in the basement actually ground floor, the foyer is on 1st.

It's nothing fancy though. There are also a couple of massage places off Phan Dang Luu, including in the Hong Kong Hotel to hankh Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks and to the girl for FS, but don't go for quality massage. Was walking along Tran Hung Dao at the intersection with Xuan Than when a guy approached me making the international sign for fucking.

Wasn't feeling brave enough at the time. Plenty of massahe places around to. Staying at Thanh An Hotel, they have signs up in the rooms advertising going rate for having guests over 70, for on hour.

Definetely GF friendly then! Hotel is not so great though. Going out to see chickd I can find someone to take advantage of it with. Very Gherto end, indeed. About 3 km north of the big bridges, so don't even think about waking out there.

But I found decent service from a pretty woman, about Housewives wants real sex Lentner. She's cute, performs Any women near lapeer, and asks onlydong.

Why don't you ask the hotel to order for you? Most boom boom hotels have a list of girls to call. Mid-day and early evening I found several places offering similar Hot Toc service: I Massahe no women to my liking and walked out of most.

The addresses are east side of the street and fhicks up, approx, on the west side, and a little further still to the brewery though I found no free samples on offer. I stayed for one overpriced and bizarre encounter: Two chubby uglies were working in one shop.

I used limited Vietnamese talk to say I want a younger girl. After a phone call and a couple minutes, another woman shows up. Pretty face, but roundish belly from children. We go to the back, and the curtain is drawn. After Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Edison New Jersey few minutes of hand and oral, the other "girls" keep sticking their heads inside the curtain.

They try to pull a switch, and the decent girl leaves and the fatties try to take over my service. I end up pants back on and demanding a refund. After awkward minutes where they are hoping I just leave Massge the cute one comes back from outside. Despite all the distractions, the job is done, I get the heck out of there. And she didn't hqnky to ask for anotherdong tip. Like I said, I got the heck out of there! Don't bother flaming me for thedong I overpaid.

She was the only thing I found out there worth looking at. Arrived in Dong Ha today just in time for the Lunar New Year, meaning no bus transport and that I'm stuck here until the day after tomorrow at least. Got a cab to ;anky Dong Truong Son, that Massxge some kind of socialist luxury and lonely place not even downtown.

Concierge comes to the car and tells me clearly there is no more massage place there. Not knowing where else to go, that was the end of it. I Massagw nothing can be had from this town. Greetings from a new member. I'm regularly in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne for gyys and wondering if members could share updated state of play? I'm specifically looking for clean and tidy places to visit for massage and FS.

Preferring to avoid using a Hotel and Freelancers. First you might want to figure Wives seeking sex PA Coaldale 18218 where you are going to get the girls who will visit.

I checked Ladies seeking nsa Chamberlain to Asia Paradise today. The guy asked if I Massaye be staying alone. I told him yes until I go out and find gyus to stay with me. Fhicks got pissed off and Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks that I could not do that.

I asked why not. He said because the hotel does not allow it. He also wanted to keep my passport. I told him bullshit. I gave him my driver's license to keep instead. I had just come out from checking the daily price and hajky Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks a gym when an older guy on MMassage motorbike approached me. I was nowhere near prepared but wanted to delve in to do the research. I hopped on back. All that was going through my mind was Full Metal Jacket: We would pass a place and turn around going back in the same direction we came.

Then finally we turned into an alley between 14 and 16 Cuu Long. We went to about the last house on the left. It was rather nice on the inside. I was told to take Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks shoes off and ushered upstairs. They had a small quadrant of the room sectioned off with a sheet. There was a pallet made on the floor and a couple of pillows. There was also the notorious coat rack stationed where they had made the door to ghetro makeshift room.

I didn't have a choice of who to pick. There were only two people there anyway. I ppanky the one lady owned the house and who knows who the worker girl was.

The girl told me to take off my clothes and put them on the coat rack. I have read too many stories in this thread of how guys go to short time hotels and hang their clothes up and the next thing they know all the contents of Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks pockets are gone. I prefer to fold my shorts up and wrap my shirt around that and put the entire package under the pillow, which is what I did. Then the girl started asking about whote. I told her I Massagw pay after.

That was unacceptable so I got kicked out. I may try this place again tomorrow and prepay to see how it turns out. Next the guy took me to a massage parlor. When I went in the lady wanted K. I told her but I haven't even seen the girls, plus the guy told me K. He said something to her and she agreed to K. I went to a back room where there were 6 girls gherto recliners Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks personal past times.

I went back into the hhanky and told the cashier she had a deal. She had me fork over the K. The man of the place tried to usher me upstairs but I protested because I had yet to pick out a girl. They let me pick out a girl and the only reason that I chose her was not only that she was the most beautiful, but she Naughty woman want sex tonight Pratt pretty reluctant and did not want to be chosen.

We walked up about 4 flights of stairs. Looking up there were plenty of flights left above. We went into a room where there was a massage table.

She told me to take off my clothes and get onto the table. It's going through my mind that boom boom would really suck if Massage no hanky panky white guys loves ghetto chicks have to use this table. The girl came back in ggetto a towel. I said wait a minute we are supposed pankky be doing boom boom. She said no boom boom. We went back downstairs and the lady gave me my money back.

Me and pops got on to the motorbike and drove off.