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Monk Gets Hypnotized" is the episode that aired immediately after this one, it is implied that Harold is referring to Dr. Harold also appears in the season seven finale, "Mr. Monk Need you to send healing Tucsonia City Hall". Now serving on the San Francisco City Council, Harold initially votes against Adrian's motion to preserve the parking garage where Trudy was murdered, instead of demolishing it to build a children's playground.

At first, Monk sways the a majority of the council to vote in his favor, but inadvertently tips the vote when he insults one of the other council members while exposing reporter Paul Crawford as a murderer.

Harold also thanks to an inadvertent slip from Natalie learns the name of Monk's new pf, Dr. Bell, and announces that he will also be seeing Dr.

Bell in Matteson future. Harold has a cameo Matteson members of dating penpal in the season eight episode, "Mr. By pehpal stroke of luck, Monk manages to avoid breaking character and tells Harold that he has Matteson members of dating penpal a Matteson members of dating penpal, and threatens to kill him if he does not back away. Then Monk shows himself off as a "tough guy" by shoving Harold away, who then apologizes. In his Matteson members of dating penpal appearance, "Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy", Monk finds himself sharing datign therapy sessions with Harold when his HMO refuses to compensate him for any more individual sessions with Dr.

The two butt heads constantly, even to the point that when two of their other group members are killed under mysterious circumstances, Harold accuses Monk of being the killer. Both Monk and Harold are ultimately kidnapped by Xavier Danko, the real killer, and thrown into the trunk of his car together, where they both break down with claustrophobia and finally become friends: Harold admits that he has greatly exaggerated his own progress to goad Adrian, while Adrian admits that he envies Harold's relative success in Wives wants nsa OR Lincoln city 97367 on with his life despite his many fears.

The two men realize that they share many of the same problems, and even overcome their claustrophobia together when Monk convinces Harold to see the trunk as a protective space rather than a trap. Afterwards, in an extraordinary gesture, Harold voluntarily transfers to another psychiatrist, to let Monk's "group sessions" with Dr.

Bell be individual sessions after all. Ambrose Monk, played by John Turturrois Adrian's older agoraphobic brother. Matteson members of dating penpal has both more severe problems than Adrian and more acute powers of observation. As stated by Adrian in " Mr. Monk and the Three Pies ", Ambrose has not left the house sincespending 32 years in the house. Adrian also reveals pejpal Ambrose and their mother were in a state of catatonia after their father left. In fact, Ambrose did not even leave his room for an unspecified amount of time.

He can pf seen in person in three episodes: Monk and the Three Pies ", " Mr. Monk Goes Home Again " and " Mr. Monk's th Case ", as well as in home movies he spliced together himself during " Mr. Monk Is on the Air ". He has a romantic interest Matteson members of dating penpal Natalie TeegerAdrian's second assistant. Monk and the Three Pies ".

Ambrose blames himself for Trudy's death. At his request, Trudy went out to buy him cough medicine when she was murdered by a bomb planted under the front seat of her car. Guilt-ridden, Ambrose avoided all contact with Adrian for seven years after the incident. Ever since Latino Dating Agency adult father left, Ambrose has been obsessed with the idea of his adting, even to the point of preparing a dinner plate for him Horny women in Maafokurom night, just in case.

Adrian feels Matteson members of dating penpal, believing his father will never return. However, their father shows up Matteson members of dating penpal Ambrose's doorstep to leave a note. Adrian and Ambrose miss their father's appearance when while in an ambulance because they think he has been Adult sex meet in dafter michigan by a Neptune candy bar.

Matteson members of dating penpal I Am Looking Nsa Sex

Their father leaves a note, congratulating Ambrose on leaving the house. Ambrose has left the house three times: Monk and the Three Pies Matteson members of dating penpal, the first being when his next-door neighbor Pat van Ranken sets the house on fire, and the second to visit Trudy's grave, and the third one mentioned above in " Mr. Monk Goes Home Again ".

Monk's th Case ", he appears in a documentary about Adrian, and says his brother held the family together after Jack Monk left them. Both Matteson members of dating penpal and his mother became Matteson members of dating penpal to deal with the outside world, and Adrian saved them. He greatly respects his brother's ability to cope with the outside world. Even though Ambrose's last television appearance was inhe continued to appear in the Monk novel series by Lee Goldberg.

Monk in Outer Spacehe is shown to Matteson members of dating penpal a fan of the science fiction series Beyond Earth, and has even written a number of books about the series itself. It is also revealed that he is a good lip-reader, as he can read what a shooter on a surveillance tape is saying. Hence, he plays a big part in helping Adrian's investigation into the murder of Beyond Earth creator Conrad Stipe and later executive producer Kingston Mills.

He identifies Mills's killer by reading his lips and creating a written translation. He later appeared in the novel Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out, when Adrian briefly Woman want real sex Arlington Vermont in after he gets evicted from his apartment.

This novel reveals that Ambrose wrote the instruction manual for the Triax tracking device that is utilized by alleged Ponzi schemer Bob Sebes, whom Adrian suspects as having killed three government witnesses about to testify against him for their parts in the scheme. In the novel, Mr. Monk On the Road, Adrian, having found a balance in the world, knocks Ambrose out by drugging him with a sleeping pill placed in his birthday cake, then with aid from Natalie puts Ambrose in an RV.

The novel serves to allow Rockford women who like to suck cock to help Ambrose get over his agoraphobia.

The novel also reveals that Ambrose became agoraphobic after he caught Hong Kong flu. Monk on the Road.

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In the book Mr. Monk Gets Even, they get married. Kevin Dorfman Jarrad Paul is Monk's annoying, talkative upstairs neighbor. He appears in five episodes, his last appearance being the season seven episode, "Mr.

Monk and the Magician". Kevin has a motor mouth, and every topic must be discussed in full detail. Monk and jembers Magician," Monk recalls a time when Kevin had a sore throat, then "talked for two and a half hours about how much it hurt him to talk".

As Monk and Natalie observe at Kevin's wake, this trait actually appears to be Thick sexy bbw seeking bbc tonight. Natalie has a photo of Kevin on display, which she at first claims took over two hours to take because she wanted one where he was not talking, but upon noticing a skeptical look from Monk, admits to having used Photoshop.

Kevin first appears in penoal Mr. Her accomplice, the membfrs night manager, kills paperboy Nestor Alvarez while trying to steal newspapers that they think are Kevin's they are actually Monk's papers. Later, Vicki kills the accomplice by stabbing him with a cream soda bottle while he is making the store's night deposit.

Vicki then tries killing Kevin by stopping their car at a certain point in the road and drugging him - which happens to be on a grade crossing right as the lights begin to flash and the gates begin to lower.

Monk and Sharona arrive, having followed him thanks to a travel brochure, and after a Matteson members of dating penpal with Vicki, throw the switch at the crossover to shift the approaching train to the other track, just in the nick of time, sparing Kevin. Although Kevin gets his money back, by the Matteson members of dating penpal he makes his next appearance in "Mr.

Monk and Matteson members of dating penpal Game Show," he has lost it all to a number of serious misfortunes, including: A CPAhe has two sisters and could recall all eight times he ate egg Mattesob sandwiches.

Kevin works in a coffee shop in Aspen, Colorado and in "Mr. Monk and the Game Show", he accompanied Monk when Adrian's father-in-lawDwight Ellison, asks Monk to investigate a cheating problem on his game show Treasure Chest, which Dwight produces. According to Kevin, a pencil with Roddy's chew marks on Matteson members of dating penpal is a "collectible.

Kevin is mentioned briefly in the season four episode "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk", and while he does not make a personal appearance in the story, it is revealed that Monk entrusted Kevin to pick up his mail for him while he and Natalie drove out to Napa Valley to visit his and Trudy's honeymoon retreat.

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Kevin also makes a short appearance in the Matteson members of dating penpal four episode, "Mr. Monk", where he and Monk are shown in the kitchen, preparing food and happily chatting together, while Natalie broods over the impossible notion that Trudy might still be alive.

Monk Is On the Air", Kevin and Natalie are shown one of Monk's old home videos, where Kevin lightheartedly comments that seeing his friends' old home videos 'always makes him feel better about his own family', and later that night, when Monk is preparing to face Max Hudson on the radio, Kevin gives him some of his uncle's jokes for use as Monk prepares to accuse Max of murdering his wife Jeanette.

It is also revealed that he had an uncle who was a comedian that knew Uncle Miltie. During the radio broadcast, Kevin calls in as a fan to compliment Hudson, but he actually called in just to support Monk. Kevin is mentioned once more in the season seven episode " Mr. Monk Takes a Mountainside fitness tonight around 500 pm ", when Monk, after learning that he has to pass a physical fitness test to continue his work as a consultant for the police, Matteson members of dating penpal up at a track field dressed in a purple jogging suit.

When Natalie asks where he got the suit, Monk reveals that Kevin lent it to him. By the beginning of the penultimate season Matteson members of dating penpal episode, "Mr. Monk and the Magician," Kevin is working as an accountant for professional magician, mentor, and 'supposedly' close friend Karl Torini Steve Valentine. He is also revealed to be an amateur magician himself. While doing Torini's books, Kevin notices that the Hot lady seeking casual sex Cairns Queensland are probably overcharging Torini, as for whatever reason, his receipts show that his equipment seems to weigh more when he comes back to the Matteson members of dating penpal States than it does when he leaves.

Unknown to Kevin, Torini is secretly trafficking heroin for an Asian drug cartel. Fearing he might be caught, Torini and his assistant Tanya Adams come up with a plot to kill Kevin on the night of his debut. After checking into their hotel in Reno, NevadaTorini drives back to the Magic Castle Theater and sneaks in posing as a repairman. Torini and Tanya then stage a phone call to make it seem like they are both in Reno at the time when Matteson members of dating penpal is actually hiding in the basement of the theater.

After the show, Torini strangles and kills Kevin in his dressing room with a piece of piano wire, then leaves the building disguised as a repairman. Unfortunately, he is spotted by Monk who is looking for Kevin Matteson members of dating penpal accidentally gives himself away when he gestures in the direction of the dressing rooms with his middle two fingers together Monk concludes that Torini was the so-called "maintenance man" when Torini Finland senior married looking a similar gesture at Kevin's funeral.

Monk opens the door to the dressing room minutes later to find Kevin's dead body. Despite the fact that Monk is always shown to be annoyed by Kevin, he is seen crying after Kevin's murder, hinting at a possible friendship they had. As difficult as it is for Monk to take upon the case of a victim he knows, he accepts it with the determination of seeing to Looking for a cam friend women only that Torini is caught.

Torini and Tanya both feign innocence when Monk and Natalie question them at Matteson members of dating penpal loft apartment.

In the same scene, Monk is also Matteson members of dating penpal to endure a blatant insult to Kevin's memory when Torini writes down a phony confession that he is responsible for Kevin's murder on a piece of paper, which he folds and places in Monk's hand. Seconds later, it blows up in flames, and Torini jeers: After Torini's arrest, Monk and Natalie watch a video will that Kevin had made, and despite his tendency to ramble about various things, Monk lets the video play.

Steve Zahn is Beautiful couples wants love Lake Charles half-brother. He escapes from prison but is framed for murdering Lindsey Bishop, one of the social workers at the prison, right afterwards.

Jack goes to Adrian in hopes that Adrian can clear his name. Despite being family, Adrian is thoroughly repulsed by Jack's display of complete immaturity, and at one point, he Matteson members of dating penpal him "the most selfish human being he's ever met.

Adrian does not know what this may mean until he mentions this to Dr. Adrian becomes furious when he learns that Jack's obsession with Paraguay is because its new extradition laws do not allow for extraditing individuals indicted for crimes other than murder.

Adrian confronts Jack in front of Natalie, just as Jack is conning her into signing a check for an orphanage in Quebec. Eventually, Adrian finds that Jack was framed by Daniel Reese, a guard at the prison who was Lindsey's boyfriend and the real killer, and his feelings about Jack start to change.

Jack is able to overcome Reese by running him over with Natalie's car. He goes back to prison, though Randy's handcuff key "went missing". He is mentioned in "Mr.

Monk Meets His Dad". Adrian enjoys og with Jack, and even goes so far as to protect him by giving him the phony name of Jack Gretzky and claiming that Jack is his penpal despite the name, Adrian has to tell others that Jack is not related to Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky.

Marci Maven Sarah Silverman is Monk's biggest fan and has made three appearances on the series. Marci first appears in " Mr. As Monk and Sharona are first investigating the murder of Brad Terry's ex-wife Susan Malloy, Marci hands an envelope to Sharona, saying that it is a petition to get the old theme song back, since quite a lot of people hate the new theme song of Crime Lab S. However, Marci also dislikes the now-deceased Susan Malloy, since Susan only made one movie, called Frat Party Massacre, which Marci datint watched several times.

At first, she confesses to murdering Brad's ex-wife, and Monk is convinced. But when Monk sees the renowned TV star lie to one of his scriptwriters about her script, he is convinced that Brad Terry is guilty.

He confronts Marci about the matter, stating that she is protecting Brad Matteson members of dating penpal she knows he killed his ex-wife. After Brad is arrested, Marci is released from jail. A few nights later, Matteson members of dating penpal shows up at Monk's door convincing him Granny fuck in Pomona if he ever gets his own show, he should lenpal Matteson members of dating penpal the theme song.

The theme song controversy surrounding Crime Lab S.

Marci returns in " Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan ". Mztteson this episode, she has started a website about Monk, and we see pfnpal digitally replacing Natalie's head with her own.

The police show up, asking if Marci owns a dog named Otto, who apparently attacked and mauled to death Debbie Ringel, the wife of Marci's neighbor John Ringel. Marci shows them Otto's grave. When she shows up at Monk's apartment the next day, Natalie is able to shoo Marci out. The next day, Marci shows Monk how much she loves him, wearing Mattesin old Nampa bearded hipster malei need you, serving his drink in his old glass, even showing him a Matteson members of dating penpal of them based on the season two episode Mattson Mr.

Monk and the Three Pies ", while singing him a song on her guitar about him. She has even written fan-fiction centered around Monk, including one story entitled "Mr. Monk and the Dragon's Lair".

Then Marci explains the problem she is dealing Matteso Ringel was apparently "mauled", and the teeth marks on her body match Otto. Monk finds many clues that suggest that Otto was framed, and so Monk, Natalie, and Marci go to several lumberyards in the area. At John Ringel's lumberyard, they find clues that explain Otto's day-long disappearance of about two weeks epnpal, the simple explanation being that Ringel made a pruning-type device that could Matteaon dog tooth marks on his wife's body after he murdered her.

Due to Matteson members of dating penpal obsession with Monk, Marci is well-educated on just about every aspect of Monk's life and career. Although Monk is mostly annoyed by her, he becomes momentarily Matteeon when Marci starts ddating as his buffer in relation to his personal quirks and social dealings with people.

In one scene, Marci actually performs Monk's obsessive-compulsive tendencies for him, where she straightens a man's hat and evens out his sleeves in a perfect imitation of Monk's Palace club west coat Morristown girl, and all Monk has to do is stand and wait. Marci firmly lays various 'ground rules' of what the man can and cannot say to Monk before permitting the man to talk to him.

Marci even Matteson members of dating penpal to be Monk's personal assistant for free, which would relieve vating of having to write a paycheck. Deep down inside, Monk is more flattered and delighted about the convenience of having Marci Lonely Lund women than he cares to admit, and once Natalie notices this, she Matteson members of dating penpal forces him to accept Marci's offer.

Marci loses interest Matteson members of dating penpal Monk when Ringel shoots her during a hostage situation at his lumberyard. Although she has only been hit in the shoulder, she decides she is no longer interested in pursuing her jembers in him. At the end of the episode, she gives Monk a membfrs holding all his stuff she took, saying her Matteson members of dating penpal obsession, F.

However, she reappears in " Mr. Monk's th Case ", interviewed in a television show, reverting once again to her obsession with Monk.

At one point in "Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan", she stated, "I'm not crazy, just a fan". Monk's Favorite Show ". He appears in the Christmas special of season five, " Mr. Monk Meets His Dad.

Adrian was only eight years old, and his father's abandonment is seemingly the catalyst for both Adrian and Ambrose's psychological illnesses. After leaving, Jack is not heard from for over forty years. Jack also makes an appearance albeit an unseen one in the membets four episode, "Mr. Monk Goes Home Again" at Ambrose's door. He leaves Ambrose a handwritten piece of paper saying that he does not blame him or Adrian Mature lonely seeking bbw sex not waiting on him, mebers, unbeknownst to Jack, this was because Mztteson was being driven to the hospital in an ambulance after daging eaten what he thought was a poisoned candy bar.

He ends with a congratulatory note to Ambrose for leaving the house. Little is known about Matteson members of dating penpal Monk's personal history. Adrian establishes in the above-mentioned episode Mattesson Jack wrote school textbooks as his career of choice although in Like to Overland Park massage episode "Mr. Monk's th Case" he is referred to as "a frustrated linen salesman"similar to Ambrose, and indicating some level of education.

Not much explanation is provided for how he ends up in the state explored in "Mr. When Jack finally shows up in person, he is working for the MidlandTexas -based Matteson members of dating penpal Bay Trucking Company and had been stopped in San Francisco for running a red light. He is arrested and placed in jail because he shoved a cop and resisted arrest. Initially, Adrian's Matteson members of dating penpal to his father is icy and uninviting, but the two later reconcile over a road trip, where they suspiciously travel by the longer back roads.

This is later revealed to be because of Jack's boss, Ben Glazer, who was trying to destroy evidence that would link him to the death of his partner, Kenneth Woods. Gail Fleming Amy Sedaris is Sharona's younger sister and an actress. She first appeared in " Mr.

Monk and the Earthquake ", where Sharona, Benjy, and Monk stay at her house after a magnitude membdrs. Her second appearance is in " Mr.

penlal Monk Goes to the Theater ". In this episode, she is framed by her understudy Jenna Ryan for stabbing actor Hal Duncan in a performance of the play Blood on the Moon during a preview performance prior to it heading to New York City.

I Seeking Dating Matteson members of dating penpal

In "Earthquake" Sweet woman wants sex tonight Pooler remarks to Sharona that she thinks Sharona copies her by moving to San Matteson members of dating penpal, buying the same purse, etc. Gail also makes an appearance in the novel Mr.

Monk and the Two Assistantswhere it is revealed that she is dating an accountant. When her husband Douglas died, she was left to raise her daughters alone.

She datijg Sharona in " Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater ", just when Gail is framed for murder. She then begs Monk to take the case, which he eventually does, though reluctantly. She Matteson members of dating penpal tells her she is dating a stock broker and that Benjy is on the honor roll. Linda Salvato Matteson members of dating penpal Sharon Lawrence is Captain Stottlemeyer 's girlfriend and a real estate dealer during season five and the beginning of the season six. She first appears " Mr.

Monk, Private Eye ", when she hires Monk and Natalie to investigate damages done to her signature Buick Lucerne at the marina done by someone who left Naughty gypsy girls threatening note on the car afterwards. The investigation eventually leads them to a local doctor named Jay Bennett Fred Wellerwho had hit Linda's car while driving from Mattesonn marina after killing his girlfriend Anna Pollard out in the bay.

At one point Matteson members of dating penpal the investigation, Linda drops by Monk and Natalie's new office while they are talking with Stottlemeyer and Disher. Unlike Karen, Linda unashamedly presents herself to Stottlemeyer, Monk and Natalie as a very confident and calculating woman who will not be intimidated by anyone.

Before Stottlemeyer can even formally introduce himself, she instantly recognizes Stottlemeyer as a divorcee replying "I've been in the real estate business for fourteen years and I can smell divorce from a hundred feet away Stottlemeyer is immediately impressed by Linda's crisp, cool demeanor.

Sparks fly Matteson members of dating penpal the two, and by the end, she has set Matteson members of dating penpal up with a new apartment across the street from her own. Linda and Stottlemeyer continue to see one another, but their dates are often interrupted, postponed, or canceled as a result of Stottlemeyer's duties. For instance, in the episode " Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan ", Linda resorts to bidding on a date with Stottlemeyer at a bachelor auction just to get him alone as Marci Maven resorts to bidding on a date with Monk.

However, their date is Horny women in Miamisburg, OH when Stottlemeyer Matteson members of dating penpal that John Ringel is a murder suspect and framed Marci's dead dog. Before he leaves, however, Linda off-handedly remarks: Monk and the Bad Girlfriend", Stottlemeyer's duties, and the fact that Linda No Strings Attached Sex Fort Rucker moved uptown to Richmond, means that she can only talk to him at 6: Matteson members of dating penpal are planning on going to Hawaii.

However, just before they leave for Hawaii, Linda's former business partner Sean Corcoran is shot dead by a shotgun-wielding intruder in front of a married couple during an open house tour. Monk and Natalie are sent to Marin County to investigate, where Monk determines that the shooter had a house key.

When Monk and Natalie talk to Linda at her office, they come to the shocking conclusion that she is the killer, after Beautiful want casual sex Walsall realizes that Linda has a strong motive her victim was planning on starting his own real estate agency and taking many of their clients with himshe knows how to use Matteson members of dating penpal shotgun as he notices a photo of a younger Linda with her deceased grandfather on a hunting trip, carrying a 12 gauge shotgunshe is 5'7" the killer's height as described by the two eyewitnessesshe has a house key, and she wears the Matteson members of dating penpal shade of lipstick one witness remembered the shooter as wearing.

Although Monk and Natalie believe Linda is the shooter, there is just one problem: When Monk and Natalie try Xxx old lady sexy Fontana Randy for an idea, Randy is skeptical because there is no reasonable way for Linda to go This is confirmed when Monk and Natalie time the route on a motorcycle and it takes them an hour to travel the route.

After the ride, Monk is about to feel relieved that Linda could not have done it Monk and Natalie attempt to break the bad news to Stottlemeyer, but he refuses to be convinced, thinking Monk is being motivated out of pure jealousy, forgetting that Monk is always right when it comes to accusing someone of murder.

Natalie tries Matteson members of dating penpal help convince him, but Stottlemeyer refuses to listen to another word. Fuming, he tells them "I'm gonna do you a favor Monk comes to the conclusion that there is a chance that evidence incriminating Linda might be at her house.

So he can search it, he has Natalie lure Linda away from her house on the pretense of looking at an apartment, while he Lonely ladies looking casual sex Plymouth Meeting it. Monk finds a form for a rental truck on a table in the front hallway, and a Matteson members of dating penpal cleaner and bottle of gun oil stashed in Linda's closet, but Linda comes home while he is searching, having been tipped off, and she attempts to seduce Monk.

It fails, as Monk is next seen bolting of the house, bug-eyed, jumps into Natalie's car, and they quickly take off. During a luau-themed sendoff party at the police station, Stottlemeyer and Linda dance with each other. Still believing Monk to be wrong about his suspicions toward Linda, he asks her about whether she has Matteson members of dating penpal Monk.

At once, Linda confesses plainly about Monk searching her house for evidence, Matteson members of dating penpal then she tells him in a nervously hushed voice that Monk made an advance at her and threatened to sleep with her. Stottlemeyer, having known Monk longer than Linda has and aware of Adrian's unwavering devotion to Trudy, instinctively realizes that she is lying. Monk and Natalie catch Linda through a sting operation. Natalie crashes the party, sneaks into Stottlemeyer's office, and turns on the webcam.

She then summons everyone into the office, to show Monk apparently talking to them from Linda's bedroom. Monk turns on some Hawaiian music on the stereo, at which point Linda turns off the camera, exasperated. However, Natalie opens the window to reveal that the music is still playing. Everyone traces the sound of the music downstairs to an impounded rental truck that was towed from Linda's street the day after the murder.

Stottlemeyer then pushes up the rear door to find Monk sitting in a recreation of Linda's bedroom, that she had used for her alibi. Monk explains that he discovered how Linda forged her alibi when he remembered that during their video call just before the shooting, she put a pen down on the table next to her chair and it rolled away, Wife looking hot sex Arcola when he was in her real bedroom searching her house, he tried the same thing with his own pen, but it did not roll, leading him to conclude that Linda parked the truck on a hill.

Linda is arrested, and Stottlemeyer is left asking himself if the relationship was real or merely something that she had planned from the beginning so she could have a perfect alibi for the murder. At the end of the episode, he tosses something into the ocean. When Randy asks him what he Matteson members of dating penpal threw, Stottlemeyer replies "It's just a rock," suggesting that he was going to propose to Linda while in Hawaii.

He appears in the episodes " Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect " and " Easy women from Florida. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf ". Monk and the Sleeping Suspect ", he shows up at Sharona's house for Benjy's birthday, seemingly a "different man.

She later discovers, however, that he got plane tickets to Detroitwhere his rich uncle lives. Trevor admits to her that his reason for wanting to get back together with her was because his rich uncle had cut him off when he got divorced, and he wanted to get back together so that he would have access to his fortune.

In his second appearance in the season three episode " Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf ", Sharona asks Trevor to take Benjy when she becomes afraid she is losing her sanity, and hence crying wolf. Monk and the Red Herring ", it is revealed that he has remarried Sharona. In the episode "Mr. Monk and Sharona", though, Sharona reveals Beautiful blonde working at Lawton fargowachovia they have broken up for good.

Trevor also reappears in the novel Mr.

Monk and the Two Assistantshaving been framed for murder by the Los Angeles Police Department 's private consultant Ian Ludlow, who frames five other people in addition to Natalie and Sharona for the murders he commits so that he can write his novels and meet his deadlines.

She initially appears in a three-episode story arc beginning with "Happy Birthday, Mr. She works for a magazine similar to Consumer Reports and is covering the debut of the new LaserVac self-cleaning vacuum.

Throughout the episode, Leland tries to figure out what her nickname T. Monk is the Best Man", she is Do you want a soldier to by Stottlemeyer after they have been dating for six months. While trying to deal with the investigation into Matteson members of dating penpal murder of wanted ecoterrorist Martin Kettering, Leland finds himself in trouble when someone starts making threats against him and T.

The stalker first breaks into and ransacks Leland's apartment, then uses a voice scrambler and calls T. Monk eventually discovers that the attacks are the work of T. While fleeing the scene, a police car pulled her over for speeding and Stephanie was forced to hide Matteson members of dating penpal pistol she used inside Leland's tuxedo bag.

It happened to be her third speeding offense, meaning that she got arrested and the car was impounded, so the threats against Leland were Stephanie getting increasingly desperate, trying to get the pistol back before Leland found it. Monk is shown to have been fine with T. Karen Stottlemeyer Glenne Headly is Leland's environmentally conscious Matteson members of dating penpal during the first four seasons and the mother of their two children, Jared and Max.

She spends much of her Whitefield-NH black women fuck filming unscripted documentaries. Karen first appeared in " Mr. Karen's documentary about Miles Holling, Miles Holling: The episode also establishes that their marriage is not necessarily stable, to such an extent that when Randy informs Leland that Karen wants to see him, Leland panics and has Randy keep her occupied while he gets his office reorganized hanging a dreamcatcher Matteson members of dating penpal his lamp, hiding some of his personal junk, and installing a waterfall that he fills with coffee.

Karen is also strongly against the use of guns. Monk and the Very Very Old Man", she gasps and is visibly uncomfortable when Randy tries distracting her by showing her his pistol. Additionally, she is under the impression that Leland never uses a gun forcing Leland to hide his pistol in a desk drawer whenever she visits him at the office.

Monk and the Captain's Marriage," Monk Menasha WI married but looking to Natalie a weekend where Leland went on a hunting trip, while Karen stayed behind to organize a gun control rally. Karen later appears in "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife", where she is temporarily put in a coma when Evan Coker, trying to recover a pistol stashed in his repossessed car, shoots the driver of the tow truck carrying the car, causing the truck to swerve into Karen's van.

To find the truth, Leland sends Monk Matteson members of dating penpal Natalie to follow Karen. They find that while Karen is seeing someone, it is not Ryan Sharkey, but rather a divorce lawyer. She has a sister. Karen is mentioned, but does not appear, in "Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert". She calls Leland saying that Jared has skipped school and most likely has gone to a rock concert where Kris Kedder is performing, which leads Leland, Monk, and Natalie to go to the San Francisco Matteson members of dating penpal Jam.

He died in in the Kosovo War. He allegedly abandoned his men and took their supplies, but Natalie does not believe the reports, as revealed by Natalie in " Mr.

Monk and the Election ". Much of what is known about Mitch is known through the Monk novel series by Lee Goldberg.

Monk Goes to HawaiiNatalie reveals that Mitch died two days before his 27th birthday, which would place his birth date inand would make him 47 if he were still alive today. The two of them once traveled to Mexico to elopemuch to the horror of Natalie's parents.

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It is mentioned in Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouseand elaborated upon in Mr. Dafing is Miserablethat Natalie and Mitch eloped to Paris. When Natalie later sees Paris in that novel, she claims member is epnpal different Paris from the one to which she and Mitch had gone. Mitch is introduced in the season three episode " Mr. In the opening scene, a picture of Mitch with Julie is shown on one of the tables.

Matetson the story unfolds, it is established that he always wanted to be an astronaut, and that he had received a letter from NASA about being accepted into their training program a few days after Matteson members of dating penpal died.

In addition to his services to the Navy, the episode shows that what Natalie admires and remembers most about Mitch was his selflessness and strength of character. When Monk has to retrieve a stolen moonrock from a thief in a science museum, Julie's pet fish ends up out of its tank, where it flops its way down one of the corridors, slowly dying. Matteson members of dating penpal danger closes in on him, Monk is faced with the choice of retrieving memhers moonrock, or Julie's fish.

Despite the millions of dollars the moonrock is worth, Monk hurriedly saves the fish, returning it Matteson members of dating penpal its tank because Julie believes it is the same one Mitch Mount Warning nc chinese girl fuck pussy given her before he died.

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Lonely Evansville Indiana wives looking for fun That night at Natalie's house, Natalie reflects on what Monk did for Julie, telling her that the only other man she knows Matteson members of dating penpal would have cared more about Julie's fish than an item worth a lot of money was Mitch. Monk and the Voodoo Curse", it is revealed that Natalie's superstitions about voodoo result from when she and Mitch lived on a military base in South Carolina.

She met a voodoo priestess who predicted Mitch's death a few days before it actually happened. The episode " Mr.

Monk and the Three Julies " and the novel Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop establish that Mitch Matteson members of dating penpal Natalie how to shoot a gun, though Natalie's firearms skill are called into question in " Mr.

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Monk on Wheels ". When Natalie grabs biotechnician Sarah Longson's pistol to force her to surrender, she whirls around so quickly that Mtteson accidentally discharges a bullet into Monk's right leg. Natalie brings this up in Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion ", when Monk is mentioning that he thinks he can handle his 25th college reunion on his membeds, Natalie offers to stay, knowing that he last met many of these students when he was with Trudy, and she remembers missing Mitch the most when going to parties or visiting friends after his death.

Though Monk turns down daging offer, as she is leaving, Natalie decides to go back Matteson members of dating penpal Monk. In the season seven premiere " Mr. When Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer, and Datign visit Cassie Drake's house and Stottlemeyer and Disher start tapping pdnpal to each other in Morse code on the door, Natalie chastises them, hinting that Mitch taught her Morse code. This comes in handy later in the episode: Monk and the Two AssistantsNatalie mentions that she and Monk actually have a lot in common.

Both have Bdsm dating Kalbarri spouses to violent deaths Trudy to a car bomb, Mitch to a datiing crashand in both cases they were affected heavily and only saved thanks to someone else. In Monk's case, he hires Sharona and Stottlemeyer hires him as a consultant; in Natalie's case, Julie daring her.

The choice of Mitch as the first name of Natalie's late husband is a possible in-joke Sexy women want sex Vallejo to the film Dirty Work ; in that film, Traylor Howard plays the love interest of protagonist Mitch Mattdson.

Although Mitch is said to have died in the Kosovo War, in reality, the United States did not have any fatalities at all, either as the result of military combat or accidents. Mattesin is portrayed by Monk co-producer Doug Nabors, and can be seen in Natalie's membeers in her house and her car.

In the season seven episode "Mr. Though he and Natalie are strongly attracted to each other, she is hesitant because of her lingering feelings for Mitch. He also saves the two from being drowned by Commander Nathan Whitaker, the person who killed Pierce. However, Steven reappears in the series finale, " Mr.

Monk and the End ", Matteson members of dating penpal which he and Natalie have been dating for a long time, and Natalie introduces him to Julie. Warrick Tennyson was a career criminal and explosives expert who was hired to build the bomb in which killed Trudy Monk's wife. Dale the Whale tells Monk that Tennyson was involved in the murder, in " Mr.

He tells Monk he can find Tennyson in New Matteson members of dating penpal. Monk goes to New York in the next episode, datiing Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan ", in hope of answers, Matteson members of dating penpal finds that Tennyson Maatteson dying of heart disease and kidney failure. Because he is being questioned in connection with a Federal racketeering case, the District Matteson members of dating penpal is not letting anyone else see him.

Penal only way for Monk to get access to Tennyson is to solve the recent murder of the Latvian Ambassador. Having cracked the case, Monk's party is allowed to visit Tennyson Membegs on his deathbed.

Tennyson remembers being hired by a man to build the bomb that killed Trudy. When asked, he says he does not know the name or the description of the man that hired him, since it was dark when they met, and it looks like Tennyson is a dead end. But Tennyson remembers one vital clue: Monk asks for a few moments alone with Tennyson. When the others are gone, Tennyson asks for forgiveness, but Monk cannot bring himself to give it. He turns off Tennyson's morphine drip. But a few tense moments later, he turns it back on, saying, "[T]his is Trudy, the woman you killed, turning it Matteson members of dating penpal on.

Frank Nunn was a career criminal who was hired by a mysterious figure known as "The Judge" to assassinate Trudy Hot wives looking sex tonight Calgary Alberta. Nunn hired Mztteson Tennyson, an explosives expert, to build and plant the bomb, while Nunn detonated it with a cellular phone.

Twelve years later, he was hired to build another bomb, as part of a scheme by Dale Biederbeck, and plant it in the back of a car meant to be ridden by the Governor of California and his wife during his hometown's bicentennial parade. Unknown to Monk, Nunn is also a pawn in a related scheme to frame him for murder Ladies looking nsa Fort Myers Shores incapacitate him.

Monk Takes Manhattan ", Warrick Tennyson tells Monk that he was hired penpao build the bomb which killed Hot lady looking nsa Richmond, by a six-fingered man. This six-fingered man detonated the bomb from a distance with a cellular phone. The season six finale " Mr. Monk Is Matteson members of dating penpal the Run " continues the investigation when Monk Matteson members of dating penpal Natalie are Matteson members of dating penpal to the scene of an electronics store robbery.

Several items have been stolen that when combined, can be used to build peenpal bomb, Mztteson a crowbar dropped by the thief bears fingerprints from a man with six fingers on his right hand. Monk believes this to be the same man who murdered Trudy. A note is also left behind which reads: When Monk decodes the message as saying " Marshall Avenue, Angel, California", he goes there alone, taking along his old police-issue pistol. There, he meets Frank Nunn, who recognizes Monk as "the cop with the wife".

Frank Nunn shows no Matteson members of dating penpal. In rage, Monk lunges at him and the two engage in a violent brawl, during which Monk repeatedly kicks and punches Nunn before drawing his Want to meet at warren dunes on tues 8 28 bad women sex and demanding membefs know kf hired him.

Before Nunn can answer, he is shot dead by a corrupt penppal sheriff, John Rollins. Later he appears to be of some use, as the police find papers in Frank Nunn's apartment connecting Wives want nsa Aniwa murder with a mysterious figure known as "The Judge". Judge Ethan Rickover Craig T. Nelson is a cating former college professor turned federal judge. Prior to his appointment as a judge and Trudy meeting Adrian, Rickover has an extramarital affair with Trudy.

The affair resulted Matteson members of dating penpal Trudy becoming pregnant with his child. After the baby was born, Rickover covered up the illegitimate child by telling Wendy Stroud, the midwife, to tell Trudy that her baby died about nine minutes datinng Matteson members of dating penpal and to then put the child up for adoption. Fourteen years later, inRickover is nominated as a federal judge.

Stroud comes forward claiming she has "found Jesus" and can no longer live with her guilty conscience over what she did. Stroud says she will reveal the truth about his and Trudy's illegitimate child, which would ruin his confirmation chances. Rickover realizes any information regarding these events could be daating damaging to his political career and has Stroud killed to keep her quiet, burying her body in his backyard. Around the same time, Rickover hires bomber Matteson members of dating penpal Nunn to plant a bomb in Trudy's car.

Matteson members of dating penpal has already suspected that Rickover was involved in Wendy Stroud's death after she read about it in the newspaper. When Trudy is subsequently killed, it is impossible to connect either her death or Stroud's death to Rickover, allowing him to have a prosperous career as a judge. Matteson members of dating penpal years later, inRickover has come far in his career, having been recently nominated for the California Supreme Court.

He still lives in the same house because he oenpal that Wendy Stroud's body is buried in the yard, marked by a sundial. Malcolm Nash Ed Begley Jr. Coincidentally, Nash is earlier questioned by Monk and Stottlemeyer when they got the call that Trudy had been killed. Matteson members of dating penpal calls Rickover, blackmailing Matteson members of dating penpal for information. Panicking, Rickover hires a different mdmbers hit man, Joey Kazarinski, to kill Dr. Monk gets involved in the investigation following Dr.

Nash's death and is able to uncover evidence at the crime scene linking back to Kazarinski. Rickover finds out about this when Stottlemeyer comes over to his house to sign a warrant to search Kazarinski's premises. Fearing that Monk's involvement in the investigation may cating lead back to him, Rickover orders Kazarinski to kill Monk as well. Kazarinski poisons Monk's wipes with a ricin -based fating poison that will kill him in a period of two or three days.

When Kazarinski gets hit by a train and dies while being chased by Stottlemeyer through a yard, Rickover thinks himself to be cleared of any suspicion. Unbeknownst to him, the day before Trudy was killed, she made a video message to Adrian, explaining how Rickover wanted to meet her in that parking garage, and also mentioning the secret affair. Having just found out about the video, Monk confronts Rickover and informs him that he knows he was behind Trudy's death, although he has no other evidence to back this up.

Eventually, Monk realizes why Rickover refused to move away from his longtime house and confronts Rickover again in his yard Hot women want hot sex Springfield he is returning home, forcing Rickover at gunpoint to dig up Wendy Stroud's body.

The body is eventually found, with both Monk and the police present at the scene, and Rickover confesses to the murders of Wendy Stroud and Trudy. During a coughing kf brought on by the poisoned wipes, Monk decide not to kill Rickover and puts the gun down on the sundial in Rickover's yard, which Rickover then oof up and holds to his own head, yelling "You take care of her!

Memberz he is the og person left to know that Trudy's child is still alive, no one is able to figure out what exactly he meant by his final statement.

Eventually, Monk finds an article, dated the meembers day that Trudy's illegitimate child was born, detailing how Wendy Stroud saved a child.

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Adrian is then able to locate his stepdaughter. Gravatai sex exploration xxx first appeared in " Mr. Monk and the End - Part I " membees later in " Mr. Monk and the End - Part II ". She was born January 2,but was taken from her mother immediately after birth by Wendy Stroud, the midwife, at the penpao of Rickover; Trudy was told that the baby had died Matteson members of dating penpal minutes after birth. Stroud then claimed to have found Molly abandoned at a playground and took her to an orphanage.

She is eventually adopted by a family and becomes a movie critic for the fictional East Bay Chronicle. Monk initially believes Molly to be dead, based on the information given to him by Trudy in her Mattesob to him. After finding evidence to suggest otherwise, Monk discovers that she is still alive. Monk decides to meet Molly, and the two of them quickly start bonding and forming a friendship. According to Monk, Molly seems to be similar to Trudy not only in appearance but also in her mannerisms.

With Molly filling the void that Mattesoj death left in his life, Monk initially Matteson members of dating penpal to retire from detective work.

However, when Molly reminds Monk that there are other people out there who are going through the same things that he has gone through and that they need his help, he decides to resume his career as a detective. Molly appeared only in " Mr. Jared Stottlemeyer is Leland's eldest son who appears in four episodes, always played by Matteson members of dating penpal actors to show his aging. In his first appearance, in " Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame ", Sharona gets angry at Leland because Jared is too old to be in little league baseball, something Leland is forced to admit.

This implies that at one point Jared had to repeat a grade. He was portrayed by Cameron Cush in this episode. Monk and the Captain's Wife ", Monk is forced to take Jared and his brother to lunch because Karen is hospitalized after a tow truck driver is shot and killed by a sniper, causing the truck to veer into Karen's oncoming van, and because Leland is working the homicide case.

Matteson members of dating penpal this episode, he was portrayed by Jesse James. The relationship between Leland and Jared was a little difficult after the events of "Mr. Monk Housewives seeking sex tonight Jud North Dakota the Captain's Marriage", with Karen divorcing Leland, leaving Leland estranged from their sons.

Leland's and Jared's relationship is evidently strained, since the only photo Leland has for the bouncer at the main entrance to the grounds is a photo from a trip to Cabo San Lucas that obviously is several years old. However, Leland's efforts to find Jared are sidetracked when roadie Greg "Stork" Murray turns up dead in a port-a-potty, discovered by Monk and Natalie.

Woman fuck buddy Maidenhead and Natalie investigate the murder with help from Stork's girlfriend Kendra Frank Tamara FeldmanMatteson members of dating penpal coming to the conclusion that Trafalgar's lead singer Kris Kedder Brad Hunt is the killer after Jared identifies a guitar string found at the crime scene as coming from a string guitar, of which Kedder is the only person on the property to own one.

As they move to capture an incriminating beachball with air from Kedder's asthma inhaler, the ball lands in the scaffolding for one Housewives looking real sex Dogwood Texas 75979 the loudspeakers.

Jared is about to throw it to his father when Kedder comes up, leaving Jared with the split-decision to either Matteson members of dating penpal a killer get away or standing up to his father. After a few tense moments, he throws the ball to Leland, and Randy arrests Kedder.

At the end of the episode, Jared and Leland stop at a photo booth so that Leland will have updated photos for the next time he takes off. He makes a brief appearance in "Mr. The expanded universe novels written by Lee Goldbergand later by Hy Conradintroduce an additional cast of characters. Listed here are characters that exclusively appear in the novels Matteson members of dating penpal make multiple appearances:.

He works out of Fire Station 28, based in North Beach.

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He first appears in the novel Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse when Monk and Natalie are hired by Julie to investigate the death of Joe's pet Dalmatian, a dog named Sparky, killed while Joe and his crew are away responding to a fatal house fire.

Natalie begins dating Joe during the investigation, but she dumps him when she realizes she is becoming way too attracted to him. Joe later appears in Mr.

Monk and the Two Assistants when he approaches Natalie, asking Monk to investigate the Wives seeking sex WA Brinnon 98320 of some firefighting equipment from his firehouse, including a Married ladies wants real sex Warwick of Life.

While Natalie's sexual attraction to Joe is re-sparked, Monk discovers that the person responsible for the theft was responsible for killing a local shoe salesman named Ronald Webster. Ambrose's live-in assistant, then later girlfriend, and eventual wife. She is introduced in Mr. She moves in with Ambrose after Dub dies from terminal cancer. Stottlemeyer's replacement right-hand following Randy's departure. Her career, as revealed in her Matteson members of dating penpal appearance in Mr. Monk on the Roadbegan in the Vice Division.

She spent numerous years working undercover to infiltrate and shut down drug operations. Her career in Vice was ended, though, when a judge refused to let her Matteson members of dating penpal at the trial for her last case without showing her face.

Thanks to the job opening caused by Randy's departure from the Homicide division, Devlin was reassigned to the Robbery-Homicide Division. Devlin is different from Randy in many ways. Among other things, she is less tolerable of Monk's eccentricities and less flexible to accommodating his needs than Randy ever was. However, her life as a former Vice cop does give Devlin some advantages that Randy does not have.

For instance, Matteson members of dating penpal her breakout role in Mr. Monk on the CouchDevlin uses herself in Lonely Lund women pair of sting Meet sexy singles in Glasgow Missouri to catch two different related killers. In the first sting operation, she and Natalie wear mini-dresses to pose as hookers who seduce a crime scene cleaner named William Tong, suspected of assisting his partner Jerry Yermo in the murder of a train engineer named Stuart Hewson over stolen diamonds.

They use this to knock Tong out, steal Matteson members of dating penpal wallet and car keys, and plant pig's blood on his car to make it look like Tong was killed by Rico Ramirez, an ex-con who has knifed three people in Natalie's neighborhood looking for these very diamonds.

The staged crime scene allows Devlin to pressure Tong's co-conspirators Corinne Witt and Gene Tiflin into confessing to their part in the Hewson shooting.

Afterwards, Devlin poses as Corinne as part of the second sting, which is to draw Ramirez out of hiding. Monk on Patrol, where she runs a store in Summit called Poop, which as the store's name suggests sells dung and other objects made from fecal material. However, she also has obsessive-compulsive Matteson members of dating penpal and takes a liking to Monk after a couple of encounters.

Monk Gets Even, she moves her business to San Francisco. The following is a list of characters of Monk, an American comedy-drama detective mystery television series, created by Andy Breckman and starring Tony Shalhoub as the titular character, Adrian Monk. She was replaced by Natalie Teeger, in the episode "Mr. Stanley Kamel, who portrayed Monk's therapist, Dr. Charles Kroger, died of Matteson members of dating penpal heart attack in Aprilduring the production hiatus in between seasons six and seven.

Neven Bell, portrayed by Hector Elizondo, who Matteson members of dating penpal for the final two seasons. Thus, Tony Shalhoub w For more detailed character information, see List of Monk characters. Below is Naked people of Rio grande list of actors Matteson members of dating penpal actresses that were part of the cast of the American comedy-drama television series Monk.

Monk and the Airplane". An actor's name appearing in italics denotes that only archive footage or voiceover was used for that particular Matteson members of dating penpal.

Adrian's attempt to solve the case of her murder is the show's longest-running plot arc, and it was her death that left Adrian "emotionally paralyzed," the trigger for his obsessive—compulsive disorder. She worked as a columnist for The San Francisco Examiner,[1] and as a reporter for San Francisco Chronicle, writing hard-hitting exposes.

Character development Casting When Trudy was merely in photographs and short flashback scenes during the first two seasons, Stellina Rusich was used in the role. By the third season, the character needed to be recast, but with someone similar in appearance to the original actress.

Series executive producer Randy Zisk recalls the search was narrowed He is a renowned former homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department.

Monk has obsessive—compulsive personality Housewives wants sex TX Harker heights 76542 OCPD and multiple phobias, all of which intensified after the murder of his wife Trudy, resulting in his suspension from the department. He works as a private police homicide consultant and undergoes therapy with the ultimate goal of overcoming his grief, taking control of his phobias and disorder, and being reinstated as a police detective.

Series co-creator David Hoberman says that he based Monk partly on himself, and also on other fictional detectives, such as Lt. Columbo, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. The network eventually chose Shalhoub because they felt he could "bring the humor and passion of Matteson members of dating penpal to life" A list of lists of characters in fictional works, broken down by medium and sorted alphabetically by the name of the fictional work.

Vampire Hunter Branson vampires of Anita Blake: Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera.

It was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 23 October The following is a list of characters and cast members who are currently appearing in the show by order of first appearance. Meyers offered an extensive unofficial revision to the class, expanding and strengthening many of its game abilities for example, increasing the monk's hit di Note that some characters' allegiances or positions may have changed over time; and, although the series has ended, the placement below is generally meant to reflect their most recent situation.

Also, some specific plot lines may be revealed in a character's description. The Law Law enforcement is an integral part of The Wire and characters in Ladies seeking sex Rochester New Hampshire field range from those enforcing Matteson members of dating penpal law at street level to those setting laws citywide.

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