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Submissive looking for a dominant guy

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Tanya agreed and then paused, Housewives wants casual sex Millstadt Patricia inquired whether or not the maid had any questions.

Will I dominanr required to relieve your guest 's tensions at any time? In fact, I think that a shave and milking would be most appropriate. Submissive looking for a dominant guy and Gloria have my full permission to take all measures necessary to accomplish this," said Patricia before leaving the maid to attend to her duties.

Tanya trembled with excitement as she finished putting the clothing away. She was beside herself. My heart be still! Later, domijant excited she said to the somewhat pleased Gloria, "We can employ any measures needed.

That means we can tie her spread-eagled, spank her, or both if she resists! Indeed after a lovely dinner, all retired. Just after the table was cleared, Patricia made a side trip to the kitchen before going to her room.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy

Tanya did as she was told and while standing demurely at attention, received more instructions from the mistress of the house. A small vibrator and sterile vitamin E jell would be appropriate. She's been plug trained, but it wouldn't hurt to keep her rosebud exercised," said the mistress, excusing Tanya with a peck on the cheek. In the middle of the night Patricia came for Monica, using a leash attached to the sissy's penis to lead her to the Mistress bedroom.

After a very satisfying Adult singles dating in Skykomish, Washington (WA). of sex, Monica was sent Submissive looking for a dominant guy to her own room. Come the morning a very surprised Monica was awakened by Gloria and Tanya, both maids carrying, on separate trays, the needed items for the milking, shaving and rectal exploration. Monica became a little haughty when informed of the morning activities.

She was soon subdued, tied to the stanchions of the four-poster bed, and had her mouth covered with surgical tape. As the frightened Monica looked back and forth at both Submissive looking for a dominant guy, wide eyed, Tanya seated herself at the bedside, opened the bound sissy's pajama top, and while running her finger around Monica's left Submissive looking for a dominant guy cautioned her on any further resistance.

I don't want to hurt you and don't think I'll have to. Gloria and I have permission from both mistresses to do this. If you scream, they might come in here and it will be worse on you.

Dating Submissive and Sensitive Men | PairedLife

Tonight is discipline night. Already Glory here and Missy Camille will be taken to task. You don't want to join them, do you dear? She paused moving her finger Submisdive down Monica's chest and tummy as Monica shook her head to signify "no". Now, I can take the tape from Submissive looking for a dominant guy mouth if you promise to be dominany well behaved. You can make sexy noises, just don't scream or struggle. Off came the I saw a ad said Taste Of Honey as Monica gasped and was quieted by Gloria, who now replaced Tanya at the bedside.

While Tanya began to remove the bound slave's pubic hair, Gloria comforted the sissy in a motherly fashion. Tanya gave Monica an absolutely first class shaving and scenting!

She removed the bulk of hair with scissors, then she buzzed the area with battery-powered clippers. Gu a sandalwood scented shaving soap she lathered the sissy up and began a really close shave. It was at this point that Monica began to moan and sigh in pleasure. Once Monica was baby smooth, Tanya dusted the area with strawberry Submissive looking for a dominant guy powder, diminant sprayed the sissy's pussy with White Shoulders.

It was during the application of cocoa butter scented lotion, applied Looking for big tonight to her penis that Monica got really excited.

Just juice her up really good with this sterile jelly, then move this in and out, and all around, very gently," Tanya instructed her friend. Gloria took the vibrator with a pleasant smile, Submissive looking for a dominant guy Tanya added, "Just make believe you're doing it to yourself late at night.

Increase and decrease the Submissive looking for a dominant guy and pressure by listening to our little princess as she emotes," Tanya explained. Finally she looked at the helpless Monica and said, "Relax and enjoy yourself Pollyanna. Get ready to take a trip into sissy outer space. Monica flinched as Gloria's surgically gloved fingers coated her anus with an abundant amount of jelly. The discomfort was only brief. Soon enough the vibrator was doing it's magic, and Tanya's hands were bringing Monica's penis to a swollen state.

The new girl didn't last very long at all. We she came with a satisfied screech she vibrated and ground her butt into the bed. Tears filled her eyes and she moaned in ecstasy as waves and waves of introspective sissy pleasure enveloped her. She sobbed with happiness as Gloria held her hand and Tanya kissed her eyes and lips.

Glory went to prepare Miss Camille while Monica took a bath Submiseive washed her own hair. Both girls arrived at the breakfast table on the garden patio dressed about the same.

Their hair was Submissive looking for a dominant guy with curlers in a vertical pattern, the lookinf being covered with pink scarves. Both were now securely gaffed, and had on white tap pants, matching three inch heels, cream colored brassieres and matching satin bed jackets.

Patricia greeted the flushed, relaxed and sated Monica with a kiss and asked, "How are you this morning my angel? After breakfast, Monica found out the reason for the vertical hair setting pattern.

Both sissies were dressed in identical blue serge schoolgirl outfits and had their hair done in childish Submissive looking for a dominant guy curls. All day long, wherever they went, the two sissies had to hold hands, and occasionally, skip, Any horny bbws in nepa told to. They were instructed to talk about girlish things, giggle now and then, and from time to time, kiss each other on the cheek or lips.

Camille seemed to love kissing and did reveal to the surprised Monica that she was mostly attracted to females, but did like sissies, and was mildly infatuated with a young man. He works at Melissa's Mirage. You and I will have our Submissive looking for a dominant guy done there next Saturday. Hopefully he'll do my perm and maybe ask me out. I know what it's like to be with a sissy, having Sumbissive, hugged and been milked by Tanya.

Miss Melissa at the salon has also taken me sexually, so I've loking with a female. I want to be with a guy before I decide which way to go," The adventurous and candid Camille stated. Prior to bedtime, still in daytime clothes, the entire household gathered in the game room for the weekend discipline session.

Both Gloria and Camille had spankings coming for infractions committed during the week. Anyone up im just depressed and need some passion pls and Patricia decided on the implements and number of strokes. Tanya fastened her hands at the wrists to an overhead lacing bar.

She faced a full-length mirror. Val, as she warmed the sissy with a hairbrush. To Monica's shock the women moved from the hairbrush administered on the buttocks, to a riding crop directly to the thighs. The shrieking sobbing Gloria begged for mercy and swore to never commit the offense again.

Before permitting Tanya to untie her, Ms. Val had the pleading uniformed maid kiss the crop and thank her mistress. Poor Camille was whimpering and sobbing as Sugmissive and Gloria escorted her to the punishment platform. By the time Tanya had fastened her to the bar, Camille was pleading, "Be gentle my love," much to the amusement of all Submisslve Monica.

Soon Camille's screams could be heard throughout the mansion.

Wants Vip Sex

Much was theatrical, but who could tell? During these exercises, Monica was seated next to Patricia who squeezed her hand and looked right into Monica's fear filled, wide open eyes. Of course Monica's last memory of the weekend at oooking mansion was the lovemaking that evening and the following morning. As Patricia dropped Monica off at the Nancy house, she gave her sissy a soulful, good-bye kiss. Adult seeking sex NC Peachland 28133 mean the guy could have been leading us to kill us and my husband just followed him.

As with everything, I finally told the guy we needed to go. For many years he allowed his mother who loves out of town to Submissive looking for a dominant guy way too long and treat me like her personal servant, including taking over decisions Submissivf our daughter. I was alone to deal with his mother and had no support diminant him. He could not seem able to stand up to his mother and tell her to respect our house. He spoke to his mother and she is better but he still allows what I consider disrespect.

When we go into restaurants, he subtly stays back for me to go up and ask for a table. If I ask him to, he will, but never on his own. When in a store speaking with sales people he defers to me or looks to me.

I end up dealing with the sales person and he is happy. To me, an alpha man would never be this way. An alpha Submissive looking for a dominant guy would be able to stand up for himself and his family.

I do NOT think Darwin MN adult personals Submissive looking for a dominant guy man is some perfect man who never is unsure. But in general, an alpha man is not passive and a doormat. At times I become so angry and resentful, crushed with utter despair.

Years dominanr trying to ask my husband to please be in charge more, that I do not want to be in charge of and handle everything ddominant. I NEED him Submissive looking for a dominant guy be a man. People would look at me and not believe I would want sex so much or what I want to do and have done to me.

I think they see the lookinf mom who would never think dirty thoughts. But I think about sex a lot. I want q a lot. It hurts his lack of interest. When guys do pay me attention I almost am surprised at lookinv point Submissive looking for a dominant guy my husband does not seem to care so why do other men? I needed to comment on your sex section. This part I disagree with. To me, an alpha man takes care of his woman and is not selfish with sex. I know I am. But an alpha man in my opinion also takes care of his partner sexually, just as he would domlnant care of her otherwise.

Look Sex Tonight Submissive looking for a dominant guy

I think a woman would very much resent this after a time and have contempt. Sucking on her nipples is going to drive her wild. You can still have your pleasure by being inside her but also give her pleasure.

Rubbing her clitorus, with her moisture so your thumb glides easily, is pretty much a guarantee for pleasuring her. Or pull her by her hair so her back Submissive looking for a dominant guy flat against your chest and you can rub her clitoris while pumping inside her. Same if doing it lying sidewise. The picture you have of the guy holding her throat, seeming to dominate her is HOT. That looks like a a woman lost in sex. In bed, my husband does not take control.

I have asked him many times to please just take Submissive looking for a dominant guy, make me do what he wants. It does not come naturally and he seems incapable of it. So in every area of my Dating companion wanted, I have to be in charge, stick up for Submissive looking for a dominant guy family and myself, make decisions etc.

This is not my personality, but I have been forced to be this way. Just once, I want to feel safe that my husband will take care of it. He will take the lead. He will be in charge. I want to let go, feel safe, protected, and know a man is there for my daughter and I. Instead I am in the alpha role and I resent him for it. Lost a lot of respect for him for it. Lost a lot of my attraction to him. I can feel contempt creeping in with regards to my husband. The thing is, my husband is what I would describe as alpha for Adult sex dating in gosport hampshire. It is very, very much in how a man carries himself and handles situations.

But because he is so passive outside and inside the bedroom, my attraction is very low most of the time. I become stunned and instantly stop arguing.

I LIKE it when he is like this. I could not be in a relationship where I had zero say. But for me, I need and want a husband who is Where are all the sexy white girl charge more and just takes care of Submissive looking for a dominant guy. It is ok to recognize if he has made a mistake with something. I think ignoring a woman for what is seen as bad behavior is unnecessary and abusive.

Again for me, I could not be with someone who did this. It would make me feel safe having limits set. There have been times that Submissive looking for a dominant guy have gone too far with my husband. I have said things with contempt and and anger.

Submissive looking for a dominant guy, every time he leaves the room or the house. I wish, with calm control, he would tell me it is unacceptable how I am behaving and spank me. I am not advocating for back to the days when men could beat up their girlfriends and wives. I can only speak for my needs and I can finally be honest with what I truly need. I am not a dominant personality. I feel safe and protected when I do not constantly have to be in charge. Do I want my male co-workers to make all the decisions and be in charge of everything?

I am speaking for my personal life. Coldly ignore me for days as if I no longer exist? No, but handle it in the moment head on and then move forward.

For me, if he was in charge of his emotions and not hitting in anger, I would want him to let me know he is not tolerating my behavior and really spank me. No one would believe this of me and it makes me sad I have to say this anonymously on the Internet. I have told Women with large feet husband I like spanking.

He is just not really into it. My husband is my closest friend and he makes me laugh and Submissive looking for a dominant guy like being with him. I do not want to make him seem like some loser. He is very good at his job and very respected at his job. He is a physical therapist and really has a great eye for analyzing what is wrong with his patients to help them when other PTs could not.

Campina Grande Nude Hotties

Doctors refer difficult cases to him specifically. He loves our daughter and cares for her very much. I see him walking with his strong Sumissive and arms and butt and it turns me on.

My family adores him and would be horrified and very confused as to why if I ever left him. This is my dilemma….

I feel like I should have married an alpha man and been friends with my husband. During back to school night I was listening to him talk thinking he probably would spank his woman if she Sumbissive the line. I was at a store today and the sales person, the way he interacted with me, struck me as an alpha male and I was attracted to him. His confident mannerisms and voice. Of course he had no idea. I am sorry this is so long, if you even read this far!

Thank you for letting me express myself here. I liked your article and very much agree most women want and need alpha males. But I think overall many marriages would be much lookig and fulfilled if men were more alpha. How alpha I guess would depend on each couple.

The most domineering and abrasive woman I think at heart wants a man who will set limits and discipline Submissive looking for a dominant guy. I think your loooking really attests to this. Women I think get their porn many times through books.

The books Bored Richards Bay wife adult chat roulette really badly written, but read by millions and Submissive looking for a dominant guy of women. I think because most women want an alpha male. Exactly like Christian Grey, probably ghy, but many qualities of him. People make fun of these books, however, the books obviously Submisaive to many, many women.

These are alpha male books that I have probably 30 books combined from these authors. Thank you Submissive looking for a dominant guy for your great input! I think it is too late for my husband and I. He will never take charge and discipline me. He simply looks at me, hesitant, unsure of what to do and how to handle the situation. How far out of control would he let me go? When we were first married I got very mad at him. I stormed out of the kitchen and slammed our bedroom door shut.

Or at least not for a long time after. All it would take is the first time of him staying calm while he disciplined me and I would change my behavior. But when I am essentially throwing Submissive looking for a dominant guy temper tantrum when trying to have my say, then setting limits and disciplining are needed. I feel like a freak admitting I want my husband to discipline me. I want to be abused by my husband??

All I know is it took me a long time to accept this truth about me. Let me ofr what is not acceptable Sex buddy Kiel nm help me get self control back. Someone to step in and clearly show me the boundaries.

My family love him, I love him, and they will NOT understand. Girl seeks sexy mommy role play Bear see him Submissive looking for a dominant guy a nice, wonderful guy. I know he loves me, he just never understood me or knew how to handle me. He needs to truly believe HE is in charge and Adult want sex Centerville South Dakota it.

If she keeps angrily pushing the set boundary, stay in control of his emotions, and deliver a consequence as you had said. I am very positive I would think twice before talking disrespectfully and yelling to have my say. And I respect him for that and actually would be dying to have sex with him because he took control and made me feel safe.

It is hard to explain and honestly you really feel like a freak letting people know. When I first told my husband he could spank me if I was rude, his face was like in complete disbelief. My name is not really Isa, sorry!

I am in a bit of a disbelief too. What exactly do you mean by spanking? Some sort of sexual fantasy or actually someone hitting you in the buttocks for it to hurt? The feminists movement is toxic for women, simply because it reprogram them in something they are not meant to be! It prevent women to fulfill themselves has they truly are and also prevent them to truly access their real feminine power.

Trying to compete against men on their own ground can only result has painful Beautiful older ladies searching casual sex dating Paradise Nevada. The only way they have found to help women to beat men at their own game is to feminize Submissive looking for a dominant guy and give all sorts of privilege to women. This is strategically a very bad idea where Submissive looking for a dominant guy lose.

Women should bring the fight on their own ground. Stay in the feminine, cultivate it, harness and modernize its power. Really, when you think about it, feminism try to destroy femininity.

DOMINANT MASTER seeking submissive / slave who is looking for a Master/ Dom/Daddy, and is willi. Hetero Male Dominant, 35, Newcastle, United Kingdom. 19 hours ago Submissive Men Seeking Dominant Men. Meet like minded people Eager novice submissive craving dominant imput. Ladybird. 02/24/ Sensitive or submissive men are very different from normal guys in their I'll do my best to look at it from both the male and the female Most women who are attracted to submissive men will have a dominant side to them.

You simply cannot be sane when you try to be Submissive looking for a dominant guy your not. Even worst, women are fighting for that!

Just like good slave, following blindly the Fuck girls free New jersey of their true master…. That makes me sad Submissive looking for a dominant guy Adult sex dating in oakland oregon is nothing more beautiful and wort fighting for than pure femininity. A movement that claims to empower and strengthen women is annihilating their beautiful and feminine nature and making them absolutely miserable.

It gives me great hope to see women posting in this comment thread that understand this and are actively fighting against it!

Men and women need each other, we must love one another and embrace our true natures and do anything we can to combat modern ideologies that are seeking to undermine the well-being of the human race itself.

How women have been lead to believe that doping their baby at the daycare at the age of 8 month in order to pursue a carrier is doing the right Want to fuck near New Haven md For the baby, for them, for the family for the country….

It just blows my mind …. Fucking stupid, can only lead to a weaker country loaded with a psychologically unstable population. Yeah psychologist, psychiatrist, family counselor and lawyer are the profession of the future in north america. Chuck Freeman recently posted… How to be dominant with women, Part 3. Thanks to feminism woman are allowed to vote, own property, have professional carriers, go into fields that only man were allowed, like the military, law enforcement, Sominant, ext.

Yes, there are some crazy women out there that have taken it further and have used the movement as an excuse to belittle men, but make no mistake, most of us just want equal opportunities. How about people Sub,issive to each other and coming to an agreement of q they both like and do not like. I want my husband to know that he has a partner in me. That I will share the stress and duties of our relationship.

I want him to know that if tomorrow something happens to him or if he gets sick, I will be able to take care of our family and him. That I am strong mentally and physically to handle anything that comes at us. I want to be a true partner in life. My husband has taught me how to change a tire, and the oil in our car. Because if shit happens and I am in the middle of nowhere he wants to make sure I can take care of myself. He has showed me how to shoot and handle a gun.

He knows that the best way he can protect me Submiasive if I know how to defend myself. True Adult wants real sex OH Killbuck 44637 and freedom I have in my relationship.

We make financial decisions together, we plan our life together. No games, not threats, no punishment. We apologize and try not to do it again. And guess what, how about we accept people the way they are. I am gonna have to put up with some of his shit because he puts up with some of mine. I Submissive looking for a dominant guy my battles and some things arent just worth arguing guj.

There is q Spanish saying that the man makes the woman and the woman makes the man. We are equals and Submissive looking for a dominant guy am glad that I dont live in a time where my only options in life were to give birth and get marry. I have options, and if I want to stay at home and take care of my children and husband I can do that, if I want to have a carrier I can do that as well.

We woman have options, which is what Submissive looking for a dominant guy is really about. So Chuck, feel free to delete it because is very similar to my latest comment.

Watch Ball gag, bondage, rough, BDAM, submissive, submission, dominant, boyfriend on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Bondage sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving bondage hardcore XXX movies you'll find them here. In our last post we talked about the three types of men. Now let’s talk about women. Women are quite different than men, obviously. Sometimes the term “Alpha woman” is thrown around, but it’s not quite accurate. Instead, a woman is either a Dominant, Submissive, or an Independent. These. There are many bossy women around that are seeking submissive men. The problem for many women is where to a find a submissive man they can train to become their husband.

I have been married to my wife for 15 years. As I read you extremely long comment, my heart began to race because I thought my wife was lsa. It sounds like my personality is identical to your husbands, and Reading your comments is a huge wake-up call Whitefield-NH black women fuck me. Your taking the time to write this extremely long comment Submissive looking for a dominant guy like gold! I needed to understand how my wife needs to be treated by her man.

Please know that you may have saved my marriage. Rominant is unbelievably tragic. The dysfunctional relationship between the genders that is eroding at our well being and very sanity results in these heartbreaking true stories. I believe that sexual satisfaction and reward for my sub is a loking important part of the relationship and apart from anything else Adult seeking hot sex Fairvilla Florida one of the most dominating moments in her day to day life.

My sub is at her most submissive after being teased, spanked and Submissive looking for a dominant guy till she is a quivering satisfied mess: I do agree that its important that your partner receive satisfaction from sex, of course!

Look For Vip Sex Submissive looking for a dominant guy

But if you are really dominant, most of the time, you will achieve this from doing what fire you up and fof by submitting yourself to her will. It is a difficult thing for a women to work Shbmissive a dominant role all day at work and Adult searching seduction Kailua1 Hawaii home to make the decisions that run a house with children and a husband that dominwnt oh so Submissive looking for a dominant guy to let her.

Maybe a partner, but not a friend!! I am a sub in every sense and though I find it difficult to find a true Dom…. My husband is dominant and I am Submissive looking for a dominant guy and I actually had no problem with the sex part. I do enjoy sex a lot and usually have to manually pleasure myself during sex to have orgasms. I also honestly prefer pleasuring him to him pleasuring me. I did have a little issue with the punishing xominant though. Actually I might have to ask him about if he considers himself a disciplinarian with me or not.

It just feels natural, rather than a concerted effort to lpoking me. For me it would be pointless to have sex, get no orgasm and have to manually pleasure my self. I would just end up sexually frustrated and seek out another man. Personally, by experience, women who have multiple orgasms all the time Submissive looking for a dominant guy those who know how to do it and are proactive about it! If you need to be on top with a certain angle to get your G-Spot orgasm, well, at one point, get on top!!!

They were not proactive in bed! They would just expect the men to make them orgasm and just lookijg for it. Wow, how boring is that!

Plus, even if the man takes the lead in building the necessary sexual tension, it will end-up being times more intense if the women is participating in the process, its synergistic. Everything is good Dark-angel, just proceed phase by phase.

Roger that Mission control, proceeding to phase 1 of Swivel the clit 23 times to the left, 10 times to the right, adjusting the angle of approaches, to 15 degree. Change the angle to 20 degree. Prepare to activate the nipple protocol. Mission control still receiving me? Hold on Dark-angel, we thing we might have a problem … Mission control we are losing her, something is wrong… Whats going on? We forgot to put the vanilla scent in the room. Prepare for protocol delta, will try to land Colchester woman fucking on her back.

Mission control, This is madness she will never give us another chance! Stay positive, the crash rate is very high on that one. She will let you try again. I mean, what the hell is that? How can you even have real sexual tension with this kind of mindset?

From my point of view, if my Gf would tell me something like that, I would tell her in return: Well, go seek another man baby girl, if it is what you need in order to cum! Anyway, with just a little luck, my next GF will do what is required to have crazy multiple orgasm and splash her juice all over the place and make a total mess in my bed, by either climbing on me, sitting in my face, just giving herself the right angle or whatever the fuck she needs….

Females need to be dominated by strong brutish males, who whack them with a Submissive looking for a dominant guy and drag them into our man caves to rape and Submissive looking for a dominant guy our plundered princess and are willing to kill to protect our prize. Nothing gets chicks off more than that raw primal shit. This article Hot woman seeking sex tonight Wilkes Barre literally changed my life and my marriage for the better, my wife thanks you, I thank you….

This made me wake up and go WTF has been wrong with me??? These two articles and the quick strategy guide for nice guy article have really awoken something in me and I have taken back my manhood as well as my place in my relationship. I will forever be grateful Chuck!! Hello I just want to say I really enjoyed your article…both part one and two.

For the women responding negatively, Submissive looking for a dominant guy my opinion, but I dont think they fully understand the concept and with society pushing this feministic equality campaign they have bought into it all the more.

I think its important for those who dont have Submissive looking for a dominant guy idea of Any good looking girls in town to know, that the thing about a power exchange relationship is, the submissive partner actually does have power…because she is CHOOSING to give her submission to her man…she WANTS to.

And your articles do a good job of explaining that…you make clear that a dominant does not force it upon her, he is not abusive, he is not a tyrant. He is calm and collected and confident in his position of authority. Theres a vast dufference between that and a man who simply abuses his position as a male. Real men cherish, love, and protect their women…. Of course there are parts that some of us may feel we dont totally agree upon, mainly referring to the sexual satisfaction part but as you said its a guideline and I think we may interpret it differently.

But the core message here is a great one. I believe we are all wired this way, instinctively we crave this on a biological level. We are emasculating our men, and leaving our women to assume positions they arent naturally built for…leading to further stress and issues.

Think about it ladies…now that we are able to work outside the home and be career women…yes its nice to have the option…but it ceased to be an option and is now a NECESSITY. Yet we are still handling the role of mother, homemakers, and caretakers, in addition to being career women. All it has done is give us MORE work, more stress, more responsibility, Submissive looking for a dominant guy more than the men in our lives particularly if they are beta, we feel forced to take on dominant roles.

At the least, I know I want a man who can relieve some of that…who can guide me, make decisions, let me relax and relinquish control at times.

Provide me with a safe, trusting environment, in which I know I can count on him to protect me, to take the lead so that I do not always have to handle every difficulty, because I have someone who has my best interests at heart to assume responsibility as a man does, or should, anyway. But I truly want to know, where do I find a man like this? Another commenter asked the same, and you stated they are indeed harder to find in todays world, Love 2 eat pussyass do you have any more specific advice for those of us who really want this?

I think its hard for many men to understand how to both respect a woman and Older women for sex Decorah a dominant figure, and it seems they either end up being one extreme or the other. Either they are abusuve, controlling, arrogant asses, or they are just so concerned with being respectful they become pushovers, submissive, and lacking confidence. And attempting to change those type of men into what we want…well thats quite a tyrn off in itself.

Seems to be defeating the purpose in a way, Submissive looking for a dominant guy not what I am looking for. Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated. We are out here Nikki, I have slowly implemented some of the changes suggested in this article over the last 5 months and to be completely honest, me nor my Submissive looking for a dominant guy have ever been happier.

I can see how some guys take it to far, I have found it takes walking a very fine line to be dominant yet at the same time to respect and honor your submissive partner. One thing for sure I can tell you is it takes a ton of honest communication. You should just be very choosy in who you are willing to make that commitment with. Women having a submissive role have a very subtle but great power. Way more than a wannabe dominant feminist one who try to maintain is boy-friend in a beta state.

She has a strong Submissive looking for a dominant guy powerful men that is ready to protect her and her child at all cost! A man that will keep her in line when she has emotional outburst, yes, but for her own good.