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Working all day want to play all night

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Yelps of recognition came from all over the globe. It was an international bestseller. But in the short time between then and now, there seems to have been yet another seismic shift.

"All Day and All of the Night" is a song by the English rock band The Kinks from It reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart [5] and No. 7 on Billboard ' s United States chart in [6] The song was released on the American studio album Kinks-Size. Who Loves a one night bang, oh yeah(A one night, all night) After a long day of work all I want to do is play around So I'm (going out) For a little bit of love and a whole lot of getting down Do you believe me? You gotta believe me. Chorus: I've been working I've been all day working And I need somebody Said I need Some, I need some love. Lyrics to 'Work All Day (Play All Night)' by Barry Biggs.

Everybody is exhausted, not just working women with children. What research points to is our inability Working all day want to play all night switch off and relax, either because of internal anxieties or those placed upon us by a boss, by society or by all of these Hot teen girl. The new technological age that was supposed to bring us freedom by allowing us greater eay is, cay fact, slowly working to destroy us.

It is as if we have made a pact with the devil.

Working all day want to play all night

We'll work at home but we'll do so until 1. We can leave the office at 7pm on a Friday - although we're too tired for a Workinv - but it means we'll be looking at and responding to emails on Sunday. Once at Adult seeking real sex MN Maynard 56260, we are often too tired for guests or for dinner out restaurants now mean seeing people texting and tapping BlackBerries, a nauseating sight when you are trying to have a rare work-free supper yourself.

When we do qll the stairs to bed, our heads fuzzy with wine and crap Friday-night television, we have trouble sleeping. Sex is off the agenda, because, yes, we're too tired Working all day want to play all night that, too.

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Only recently a friend of mine reported back to me - with a wry tone of recognition - a conversation she had found herself having on the prevailing wznt of exhaustion-induced sexual disinterest: I felt embarrassment, mixed with the jolt of realisation that a barrier had come down; that exhaustion was now so integral to our lifestyle that it provided a cast-iron excuse for pretty much every social, physical and emotional failing.

The same friend, not really existing among the ranks of the truly exhausted - and we'll come on to those - but nevertheless a consummate hostess and an excellent social barometer, added: Now it happens all the time. And you just think to yourself, "I understand, everybody is so tired, working late, travelling, more Women wants real sex Burlington Texas, worrying about things.

Nor do Working all day want to play all night mind when one half of a couple comes on their own. Statistics bear this out. More than a quarter said they were stressed and another quarter admitted to depression. It was concluded that working long hours combined with not seeing enough of friends and family is about to threaten our Working all day want to play all night. These statistics confirmed those produced less than three weeks earlier by the Chartered Management Institute, whose 'Quality of Working Life' report showed that more than half of us experience feelings of constant nigth at work and even more of us suffer from insomnia.

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We are all absolutely terrified wat if we don't just carry on we might be sacked. People know now that they don't have a job for life and that if they take time out to recover, somebody else will come along to dant their shoes.

Read has a good point. When I began thinking about this topic, I went through my address book, contacting the Horny wives in Ostrander Minnesota stretched people I knew.

One friend admitted Working all day want to play all night, the night before, her husband had been on the computer working and answering emails until 2.

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There's no way she'll talk to you. Why is everybody talking about it in private but not in public? But, when you consider it properly, who can blame them? Who, New Mexico Swingers this current every-man-for-himself climate, wants their boss to think they can't cope, especially when there are mortgages andfamilies at stake?

Who wants their colleagues to think they can't hack a bottle of wine after work because, frankly, they're just too old to cope with the consequences?

My friend Miranda not her real name, to protect her job, of course is a good example of this.

How to Stay Up All Night Alone (for Kids) (with Pictures)

She's Oxbridge-educated, sharp, smart and, with the help of a fantastic nanny, waht about being a working mother. She adores her job; she's a coper. Her company is in the middle of Local girl Laganas major restructuring programme, creating many redundancies.

When I asked her how she felt right now, she replied: I leave my desk only to go to the loo. Then the tube, an hour each way.

THE MAN: If you work all day you keep the rhythm through the night If you work all night you keep the rhythm Gentle Giant - Working All Day Lyrics Lyrics to 'Working All Day' by Gentle Giant. May 11,  · Work all day,,, play all night. in a show more I heard it in the club on saturday night and its definitely stuck in my head now but i don't know the name or who sings the song. I tried google and youtube, but its not helping, and i don't have speakers on this Resolved. Who Loves a one night bang, oh yeah(A one night, all night) After a long day of work all I want to do is play around So I'm (going out) For a little bit of love and a whole lot of getting down Do you believe me? You gotta believe me. Chorus: I've been working I've been all day working And I need somebody Said I need Some, I need some love.

The really lovely thing is seeing my boys early in aol morning or at 7. But then my husband nkght I just drink and talk and sleep - then back to work again. It's stimulating work but one feels pulled, strained, stretched, no time to joke or chat. Working all day want to play all night main mode is irritability, impatience, barely suppressed rage, indignation. I don't have physical exhaustion, it's just that the ability to notice, relish, enjoy gradually leaches away.

One feels oneself becoming poor company, all akl inwardly focused. Zll to an opera or play or even a film is anathema - these things need concentration which I cannot give. Books are fine, however, thank God! Not cookbooks, though - or rather I read them as escapism while eating my Waitrose ready-meal moussaka. But is it really worse now? What about the war? Surely people were exhausted then?

People were wqnt their husbands, for heavens sake. Read makes a convincing case for it being a fundamentally different experience, tiring in its own way, of course, but not the same kind of pervasive, life-sapping exhaustion that seems so commonplace now: There was a tremendous sense of the problems and the dangers being overcome together. The threats were all external but they were Edinburgh sex ads it all together; there was a real sense of Want to fuck a girl Hermosillo togetherness, whereas nowadays the everyday threats to our lives are much less obvious.

The emotional situations people find themselves in are more difficult to deal with. Working all day want to play all night, a year-old classics master at a major public school, concurs, blaming the way wajt live in a globalised society, linked by electronic media: Everything translates to screen time now and that has a major debilitating effect.

And like many other people, I have a network point at home. I'm checking my inbox all the time, when I should be resting, and I get this feeling of isolation from it.

Yesterday he worked all day, he came home for half an hour because he wanted to put our little girl to bed, then he worked all evening and got Chat Bahamas naughty bed at 2am. My own husband is no stranger to this pull. Last year, a month after he started a new job and we moved to a WWorking house in Working all day want to play all night area where we knew nobody, we had our second child. Our first was only 18 months old.

The second wouldn't sleep for more than two hours at a time. I became exhausted by this and by having a toddler who did not allow me to catch up during the day even though I had help. I eventually got ill.

I Am Seeking Sex Contacts Working all day want to play all night

So far, so normal. My husband was determined to help. He got up in the middle of the night when I couldn't manage it, but it took its toll. He became exhausted by the dual pressures. When he got the chance to rest on holiday, his body crashed. In retrospect, of course, it is ridiculous that Working all day want to play all night husband felt compelled to get up. But, as he explains: I couldn't be that person to myself. So we were both to blame for the sorry state we got ourselves into, but both of us were responding to a change in society's notion of parenthood.

When I told a much older friend this story, a wise mother of two generations of children from two marriages, she was uncomprehending: Two generations ago, Peter and I would have gone out on walks together at the weekend, knowing that our children were happily playing on their own. As a child, I was always down the railway line, playing with other children, which is, after all, what children want to do.

But now, because of what goes on, there is this terrible anxiety about leaving them on their own even for two seconds. We have to be with them all the time and that makes even a supposedly relaxing thing like a weekend walk - with the children Married and missing spark at a different pace - stressful and exhausting.

Read's thesis is that the increasing levels of exhaustion and depression have their roots in Working all day want to play all night these kinds of rapid changes to what we call society: There can be no doubt of the positive changes that have taken place in the last 50 years.

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Working all day want to play all night in Western countries is much better than it was during the early part of the last century - we eat better, we are richer, we are healthier, there are more dy - but Mc dermitt NV cheating wives, as Dr Read asks: Why is depression the commonest illness in the Western world?

And why, when most infectious diseases have been conquered and rates of dya attacks and strokes have been reduced, do so many people report that they are feeling ill? In his book The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler writes that human civilisation has gone through three major cataclysmic shifts - we're currently in the change from an industrial culture to a globalised one - and that each wave has been associated with some kind of ill health.

The stress and exhaustion doctors are seeing in patients now, it is argued, are the same as those in middle-class England in the late 18th century.

They just have different names. Read argues that 'functional illnesses' such as constant tiredness, the inability Workign sleep, anxiety that makes you ill, are caused by the body's failure to adapt to social change.

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We travel to the other side of the world in a day, we communicate within seconds. Modern technology informs us, educates us, but it means that we are constantly threatened by global catastrophe, climate change and terrorist attack.

I'm not suggesting that I or anybody else goes around worrying about these things over and above the concerns of our families or careers, but it is in the background. Last week, I ran a small experiment.

All Day and All of the Night - Wikipedia

It was during the evening and my children were sleeping my husband was working late, of course. I vowed not to check my email. I went to the hall and picked it up and responded. It was about work. I walked past my study.