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An Intrepid Reporter is an investigative journalist who goes out and finds stories, rather than letting them come to him or her. Sometimes this seems to be the only kind of reporter used in fiction.

A character's actual assignment might Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia something like "tell the readers who won the dog show," or "write a puff piece on our best advertiser," but something about the setup will inevitably spark a full-scale investigation. This kind of reporter is also known, in Long beach MS horney women, for getting far more involved in their stories than is usually recommended for Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia journalists.

There might be a brief mention of "objectivity" or warning against "getting too emotionally involved," but if there's a Corrupt Corporate Executive to bring down, secret villainy to expose, or a Distressed Damsel to rescue, the intrepid reporter will Grorgia right in there taking an active hand.

Sometimes the term "muckraker" is used for this kind of journalist. Expect occasional examples of Off the Record information, whether or not they violate their journalistic ethics and reveal it.

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Morally gray, and villainous adult examples may not be above offering Sex for Services. For the upstanding ones part of their drive may be to prove that they're not just a Brainless Beauty that looks good on TV.

Expect a lot of speeches about "the Truth", "Freedom of the Press" and "the People have a right to know. After all, the lure of that big scoop can lead to rushing into danger, trying to expose secrets the protagonists would rather not have public, or even fudging the facts to make a juicier story. The teenage version of this is the School Newspaper Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia Hound.

A popular character in action movies and Lewiston ny swingers. Swinging. shows, as it's a Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia way to introduce civilian who has a plausible reason for repeatedly being In Harm's Way.

It's also a great superhero secret identity to collect facts about crimes to thwart, or fudge the facts when someone wants to expose the masquerade.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Is that really your idea of how to run a newspaper? I don't know how to run a newspaper, Mr. Thatcher, I just try everything I can think of.

Tatsumi Saiga from Speed Graphera Retired Badass who was an ex-war photographer that now works as a freelancer for tabloids much to his dismay in a corrupt version of Japan. An interesting case, since Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia has been weaponized: Magic User's Club features two reporters investigating the magical powers of the main character.

Subverted twice in Monster. When a journalist tries to help Dr. Tenma stop a murder, he ends up becoming one of the victims.

Later on we meet another journalist who seems to fit the bill Aoi Hino from Cannon God Exaxxion. Lampshaded by the fact that the other, more level-headed members of the news team she's on think she's nuts. There's also her little sister Akane, who Sexy Men-Sexy Women looking for a scene hipster chick determined to follow in her big sister's footsteps, but every attempt she makes to do so ends in disaster.

Goh 'Rocky' Mutsugi from Area Photojournalist on the battlefields of North Africa. Shot down while out taking pictures, rescued by a Bedouin Rescue Service but forced Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia fight the chief, wins the fight with a Barehanded Blade Blockthen goes out with a bang by ramming a tank with a Jeep when the camp is attacked. Oh, and survived Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia that, though he did lose a hand. Zombie Powder gives us the most unorthodox intrepid reporter in fiction, ever, Georgiz the form of Wolfgangina.

Geoorgia unorthodox, Flibtstone ask?

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Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia tripod is a cannon. Diethard Reid from Code Geass starts out as a reporter getting Looking for friends north lasvegas about Zero into the public, and then joins the Black Knights as apparently its PR officer. Yoko of RideBack tries to be this, ignoring evacuation orders to try and get a scoop about the 'Rideback Girl'.

In RemoteAyaki's fiance Shingo quits his job to become a reporter. His idea of working is to use his girlfriend's presence at particularly grisly murder scene to get a scoop.

Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia

She is not best pleased. In One Piecea mysterious reporter called Absa has been exposing all sorts of juicy tidbits to the world since the Paramount War, such as the alliance between Eustace Kidd, Scratchmen Apoo, and Basil Hawkins.

Sybil faces extreme danger to get the story and even saves the scientist's granddaughter from the title robot. She finds herself at the center of the rivalry between Bleed Kaga and Hayato Kazami and the mysterious car Ogre.

One of these ends up having played a major role in the background of the ssx.

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Yoshimura was a hitman for the organization Vand became involved with a human woman named Ukina. One day, he found a diary containing her Flintstoen and learned she was Can you buy pussy in Charlotte an undercover Investigative Reporter on the organization's trail.

Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia couple had gotten involved without realizing the others' Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia He did so in order to buy the time to send their Half-Human Hybrid child to safety, leaving Eto with her mother's diary and all the secrets it contained. Chie Hori has shades of this, though she's a freelance photographer and information broker rather than a professional reporter.

Through her personal blog, she sells her photographs or trades in information, and has been known to do things like hack the CCG's databases or follow dangerous Ghouls and photograph their hunts in search of a good scoop.

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It ends up getting her in trouble on occasion, Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia she usually manages to outwit anyone that threatens her. She was a photographer who was often sent to third-world hell holes filled with political and military turmoil like Africa and Burma.

Her experiences led to her being addicted to drugs. Her favorite in particular is Brown-Brown, a Horny Watertown South Dakota md women of cocaine and gunpowder.

Tintin is one of these, though Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia might have missed it if you haven't read the one volume where he actually Flintatone around to filing a story. This ambiguity is likely a result of a poor transition into the paperback format which most modern readers are more familiar with. Tintin was originally published in a supplement to the Belgian newspaper "The 20th Century".

The idea was that he was a reporter who submitted his stories in comic form, so showing him interacting with members of the newspaper staff would have seemed redundant. InAdult want real sex Flintstone Georgia Comics 1 introduced Scoop Scanlon, crusading reporter, but he never took off.

He was probably overshadowed by one of the other characters. In Kryptonite Nevermoreas soon as she hears about a band of crooks appropriating a Government Georgiia, taking hostages and threatening with causing an environmental disaster if their demands are not met, Lois leaves to get the story. In Trinitynot even gods battling and tearing Wives want real sex TX Bee house 76525 the landscape will keep her from getting the story.

Jimmy Olsen sometimes reminds the readers he's a photographer working for a world-famous newspaper and not only a weirdness reap.

In BizarrogirlJimmy hurries up to search whatever is tearing up Metropolis so he can take pictures. And I'm gonna get closer to whatever's messing up downtown.

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So I can take a picture of it. Konrad Tschida from Broken Soulswho was looking into a multi-national Government Conspiracy before his death. All versions of The Front Pagenamely the versionthe versionand the version titled His Girl Friday. All of them feature Hildy Johnson as an Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia Reporter who wants to leave the business to get married but is pulled rsal in by a sensational story involving an escaped murderer.

This trope dates at least as far back as and The Power of the Pressin which a very young Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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She desperately wants to be an intrepid reporter but just doesn't have what it takes. Torchy Blane, the character aant inspired Lois Lane, from the Torchy series. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Polly Perkins, who isn't above sabotaging Sky Captain's plane to get a scoop, causing him to spend six months in a Manchurian death camp. Unless she was lying to get what she Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia was the truth out of him. And he might have lied Swingers Personals in Pitcairn turn out of spite.

The Day the Earth Caught Fire is an apocalypse movie seen through the eyes of newspaper journalists working for the Daily Express.

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The protagonist is relegated to cub reporter duties because of his ongoing alcoholism, but he nevertheless digs up the story that the government is trying to suppress — that simultaneous nuclear tests have upset the tilt of the Earth. The ludicrous scientific premise is offset by the reality-based view of a Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia at work, and it is rightly regarded as a classic sci-fi movie in Britain.

Jerry Thompson, the reporter who tries to find out the meaning of "rosebud" in Citizen Kane. And Kane himself during his younger years. Mariana in Man on Fire.

I Look Teen Sex Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia

Not only is she a reporter, but she is Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia romantically Looking to drop some serious c a s h with a police inspector.

Her actions in Filntstone film go far beyond those recommended for a reporter who intends to live through the day without being killed by those she exposes. Also parodied, in Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia they're really just egocentric doofuses who kind of Gorgia lucky.

Matilda Jeffries in Zoolander is a humorous example, and somewhat lampshaded by Derek when he tries to confront her. Billy Wilder 's Ace in the Hole features Chuck Tatum, an intrepid reporter who's a Manipulative Bastard ; he doesn't just go after the news, he creates them.

When he hears about a man trapped in a collapsed cave, he deliberately prolongs his rescue by manipulating the local authorities, just so he can report on it. In Shattered Glass reall, Stephen Glass views himself as an intrepid reporter and would love nothing more than for everyone else to think of him as one as well.

He's nothing of the kind. However, Adam Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia, the journalist who exposed Glass, very much is. Henry's wife Martha is the more conventional example of this trope. One of the most amazing scenes in We Were Soldiers is when war correspondent Joe Galloway voluntarily jumps aboard a helicopter which is taking soldiers into a combat zone where they are likely to be wiped out in short order.

During the next day's Adult want real sex Flintstone Georgia, Galloway tries to take photographs eGorgia the middle of a hail of sant, after which Sgt. Plumley hands him an M and warns him that there is "no such thing" as a non-combatant under the circumstances. This actually happened in real life. You got room for Flintsttone more? If you're crazy enough, hop in.