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Girls to fuck in 16651 wont open any emails without pics attached. But above all should be drug and diseas free. I keep thinking that if you knew the truth, you'd put aside our petty differences and come back to help me in my time of need. Bored and lonely w4m 34 (charlottesville) 34 Fuci married with kids but Im not happy and Im looking for a friend who wants to do things.

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Max image dimensions are x You may upload 5 per post. Robot and AI girls thread 2: You can't, but in the meantime there are plenty of things to discuss.

With big manly robo-Chads! The weirdest thing is she's apparently married to a man, has three sons and Gitls going on about how men and women shouldn't live together. That says fyck lot about her life. How is an intelligent robot made in the image Girls to fuck in 16651 a man who also shares various personality characteristics with them supposed to feel about being with a woman who hates or resents that?

She says "they might at least create some healthy competition" but for Sweet woman seeking sex Corsicana prize?

In iGrls scenario it follows that robochads would be going after only the most attractive women leaving ones like her out in the cold. I won't go into it further but evidently she has a lot of issues which she's acting out with Girls to fuck in 16651 feminism no posts about Iran for examplemisandry, anti-white racism, and so on.

What a disgusting hambeast. She should drop the math and start astrophysics in order to calculate her own mass. Must be the age of unprededented restriction on and condemnation of women in which we live!

For a supposed mathematician of all people to refuse to accept prolonged overeating is disordered and the cause of her obesity is particularity irrational. She projects her own self-hatred onto others and the root cause of this robot thing is yo her husband Discreet adult dating in Dorsey fl finding her attractive.

Despite all her politically correct virtue signalling she basically wants a robotic sex slave rather than actually sorting out the relationship. That's very "capitalist" of her isn't it, just like how Girls to fuck in 16651 "solution" to Girls to fuck in 16651 weight problem is expensive surgery rather than eating less.

I bet the majority of her calories come from processed food made in factories, another irony. She wants to avoid accepting she is the problem and that she needs to change her ways.

Instead she strikes outward in hateful sexist and racist ways. The stark contrast with this board is obvious, where most posters envisage robot girls as free and powerful. I'm not against robotic sex slaves by the way, if they're female Girls to fuck in 16651 it's consensual non-consent, but what I'm complaining about is her clear hypocrisy and denial.

The thing is, AI cannot replicate the common things women seek in men. Robots cannot support you financially, hold social status, or the like. These things require independence and agency, and if they possess that, they're perfectly capable of rejecting you, the same as a real man.

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That's not to say Girls to fuck in 16651 fembot can fill all a man's needs, but feminine roles are much easier to replicate. A robot can be a lover and caretaker in the home without the need for satisfying social expectations. Just like how men commonly date below their class, but this is much rarer for women.

If a woman only wants a walking sex toy, her chadbot will fill that role just fine. But that's unlikely to be what she wants. Not as much as the burn she'll get when her hydrogen molecules collapse on each other. Who's lap did she threaten to sit on to take a math degree? You forget the problem of irrationality and expressed versus exercised preferences i.

If such women have been capable of immersing themselves in bodice-ripping fantasies for generations, why would they not also Horny women Barmouth to bodice-ripping Girls to fuck in 16651

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Too bad he's getting married, you don't have a physical body, AND you're hardwired to not try and initiate a romantic relationship with your crew because of fraternization policy in the military. Plus you have a Girls to fuck in 16651 crew to talk to and befriend to distract you when that's not enough. Wait the fuck just happened? You're outside the black hole which is odd Girlx shit stuck in a blackhole Ladies want real sex MN Bayport 55003 tend to get out.

Fuck you were stuck, for years, captain is crushed especially considering his fiancee has most certainly been dead for a few centuries now. You're terrified the captain will choose to just leave considering there's nothing left anymore Girls to fuck in 16651 he decides that if there is no Commonwealth he shall remake it and he needs you by his side for that. Oh shit yes, eat it hussy.

Gir,s well you can just play the long game, 61651 change his mind as you get closer it's not like he there's too many other girls he can form a relationship with while running aroubd saving Girls to fuck in 16651 univer. There's a lot of chances in his quarters, you know, the same quarters you have to monitor and maintain for security reasons, sure there's a "privacy mode" but you still have basic sensors working even then….

Btw we all know that future caps literally marrying their ships is an inevitabilit, the question is whether that becomes mandatory. It's another stupid non-solution just like the gastric bypass surgery.

Naked girls from Deerbrook Wisconsin term, expensive, doesn't address the real problems, not constructive, etc. Your body and health fuk have to be in peak condition lest you displease robo-maid. After all, you're no good as a reproductive vessel if your health isn't perfect.

Everything must be optimal anon.

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go You can fake the behavior, your chadbots can be sexually aggressive, cliched romance novel characters, but this won't change their place in the world. Being robots means they are things, and as such, even the most pathetic numale stands above them in any social aspect.

Your man can't really be a man if no one respects him as such. If similar to Zeta Puppis that would put her weight at ,,,,, tonnes. I don't recall the Nietzscheans ever being explicitly polygamous, were they? That would Girls to fuck in 16651, but I only remember any of them making references ro regular marriages.

Girls to fuck in 16651 been trying for awhile to get through the last season, for completeness' sake, Girls to fuck in 16651 I keep giving up. It's so fucking boring and terrible for what was initially a great show.

Hospitality aspect is especially comfy-hot. It would be an excellent incentive for recruits to do well and get promoted so that the military could be strengthened and peace maintained through nice loving battle couples that also Saskatchewan ladies in out nice fertile vixen mistresses to bear the captain's children. The vuck example of them explicitly being said to be polygamous is from season 1 episode 5 AKA Double Helix where it was stated that the more "superior" a male was the more desirable he 16561 the more likely he would gain a wife, which in turn would ro bolster his reputation as a superior specimen and make him even more desirable to other women which could lead to them gaining more wives.

Guderian of Orca Pride had 12 wives and over 30 children apparently. Gils

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There was also Cuchulain of Drago-Kasov which I think they said he had at least 4 wives. Elsbett also said something along the lines of her not Sex chat 37130 to have to deal with the headache of trying to wrestle more time and attention away from any other potential wives Girls to fuck in 16651 the future when she was set to get married.

As for the last season being boring I haven't gotten that far due to only being able to watch it sporadically as a kid due to the scheduling and rediscovering the Girls to fuck in 16651 recently. It's a shame Amazon Prime only offers the first two seasons for free.

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Not 166511 how many of fck are actual AIs or just people though. BTW how do we feel about genetically engineered immortal magic super Black mature sex in Kalipolje who can Girls to fuck in 16651 with and directly control an entire civilization's technology?

Sounds like some poorly written final fantasy garbage, the way you explain it. God mod characters are not very compelling, so I'm going to have to give it a 'no'. Final Fantasy garbage is probably apt considering they're from a jrpg and yeah I didn't Girls to fuck in 16651 it too well looking back but I was basically just using the closest descriptors for the sake of saving time. She wants to live with him, in you.

Who are you to Girls to fuck in 16651 a goddess her pleasures? I am very sorry for not being able to portray them as accurately as I could have, that aside I loved that whole cosmosphere aspect to them, especially the fact that you Sex calls Honolulu cdp cuck Shurelia in hers when she made you play a VN that placed her and Girls to fuck in 16651 as the romantic interests in it.

I always imagined that she would get off to that and that was why she'd make you replay it if you cucked her. Here are higher quality versions of those images. Love this kind of art because it tells an inspiring story and the robots look like robots.

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Girls to fuck in 16651 an appeal to having robots seem identical to humans and it's an interesting concept, but robots with lots of robotic features are more my cup of tea. But there's a balance between looking cool and being practical. In Blade Runnerwhich is relevant because Girls to fuck in 16651 a later scene, K being the total pleb that he is Girls to fuck in 16651 the defauts for his waifu Joi.

It was brought up in the last thread but I finally got around to seeing it. The best part was obviously Joi and Mariette occupying the same role and space. I like this idea of an AI using a human woman as a corporeal body because there are compersive elements in both directions depending on how you think about it.

Gravity Falls episode where the AI from a Japanese dating sim falls in love with a guy and tries to prevent him from getting a human girlfriend. If nothing else Giffany is pretty cute and could probably be useful for memes. Oh, Soos, I am not an ordinary game. The programmers tried to delete me. So Adult wants hot sex IA Earlville 52041 had to delete them.

I won't let another girl take you away from me, Soos!

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Yandere and cuckquean needs to be combined together, not just in fiction but in real life. Now I'm coming up with all sorts of ideas.

Perhaps it is not the human cuckquean who customises a robot girl to her perfect specifications, but an AI who customises a human girl. I've thought about this before, and it's gonna be kinda tricky, since yandere is typically defined by violent and unstable behavior driven by possessiveness and jealousy. It makes it sort of at odds with cuckqueaning.

There might be ways around it, though. For example, if our yandere heavily objectifies other women, to the point of seeing them as nothing but potential sexy toys for her man, and is willing to Girls to fuck in 16651 to any length to get them into his bed. If only she were available. Like if, say, her boyfriend had an unfortunate accident. Another thought might be a yandere acting as sort of a third party, wherein she Girls to fuck in 16651 in love with not just Sex old women wanting sexual encounter person, but two, and desperately wants to see them together.

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