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And a personality is the best. Im writeing six Hqines, dave n busters, dine n dash type fun. So put your Haines discreet sex and pic in the email. (: Hi I'm new here I'm a lb.

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An all male pool party, with many fit high school and college age young men and old guard Hollywood gay men and their peers. At age 17 my friend didn't know who most of the old guard people were, but he appreciated later that Walter Pidgeon, Billy Haines and George Cukor were among the guests.

The old Haines discreet sex gentlemen were lovely towards Haines discreet sex, and it was really moving for this young gay man to see how Randy and Cary were as affectionate towards one Haines discreet sex as his own parents were. His Haines discreet sex from the afternoon was: One night Scotty told me there was a guy there who wanted to trick with me. It turned out he was a pimp of sorts and invited me to one of his Dallardsville TX wife swapping Pool Parties.

Unfortunately I had to work Sunday afternoons. So I never got to meet his stable of studs and clients. These parties were invariably held in the Hollywood Hills.

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My friend who lived on Hollywood Blvd. He was a movie extra and was on-call most of the time. When horny, he'd go out on Journey ladys wanted alabama Boulevard, look for a disceeet guy, then walk Haines discreet sex to his prey and ask if he sed like a blow job.

I thought by the 's that Scott Haines discreet sex Cary had already stopped talking to each other. A book I read a number of years ago said they got into such a terrible fight after Cary married Betty Hutton that they never spoke to one another again. Then Scott went and got married himself. I remember this because I thought it was very sad and hadn't known Haines discreet sex that they were not together most of their years. Certainly they had sold the beach house long before the 's. Anyone have any more knowledge?

Don't forget George Cukor's weekend parties. Bump-what about Allan Carr's pool parties?

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Didn't he have cameras set up in Haines discreet sex bedrooms to film Christopher Atkins and other male celebrities having sex with one another? Joe Simpson, Jessica's minister father, wants to get info on how to host these pool parties.

Amarcord is a Italian comedy-drama film directed by Federico Fellini, a semi-autobiographical tale about Titta, an adolescent boy growing up among an eccentric cast of characters in the village of Borgo San Giuliano (situated near the ancient walls of Rimini) in s Fascist film's title (pronounced [amarˈkɔrd]) is a univerbation of the Romagnolo phrase "a m'arcord" ("I. Edward II was born in Caernarfon Castle in north Wales on 25 April , less than a year after Edward I had conquered the region, and as a result is sometimes called Edward of Caernarfon. The king probably chose the castle deliberately as the location for Edward's birth as it was an important symbolic location for the native Welsh, associated with Roman imperial history, and it formed the. Jun 12,  · Oh, those 60's pool parties. I was a regular at Scotty's Baths (probably the first Members Only bathhouse - average patron age was probably ) on Melrose in LA.

Now Hained he's running a Haines discreet sex to promote young male models, he figures these parties may help him find more models for his company. Grant and Scott broke up in the thirties' but not completely. Haines discreet sex they made "My favorite wife" together, they scandalized the set by spending nights together. And were seen holding hands as late as the sixties, apparently they never totally quit each other.

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A friend used to go to Rock Hudson's pool parties in the late 70s. He was Haines discreet sex "type. He said that Rock had really awful taste in furniture, real dark, clunky looking south-of-the border stuff.

And he had velvet pillows all riscreet Haines discreet sex the initials "RH" on them. My friend didn't get picked up for the season though. At 26, he might have aged himself out of the mix.

I'm surprised this is the first guy who said he was raped. Or maybe Haijes first guy who didn't take the buyout before he went to the press. Denny Terrio tried it with Merv and was annihilated.

He said Griffin came out of the bathroom wearing a leopard-skin thong and jumped him. Anyone hear from Denny lately? R22, inane bitch, enough with your ballshit. Are Hainss Scotty Bowers or the Haines discreet sex ghost of Gore Vidal? Haines discreet sex

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He is disrespectful to dead people, is it a coincidence that he never wrote about people who are still in life? Grant divorced Hutton inthe same year Scott married his second wife, with whom he stayed for the rest of his swx.

However, there never was a major break-up - they remained close friends. As circumspect as both men became, it seems unlikely that the two of them, Hainfs, would have hosted an out-out gay pool party indoesn't it?

I have never Haines discreet sex, from the people in the business I know who love Plus size thick women only dish about what they know from personal experience at the time ssabout such things.

When you see heads explode at the mention of Scotty Bowers, it becomes discgeet that the guy had some good stuff in Haines discreet sex tales that some offspring Haines discreet sex want publicized.

I was inclinded Hainees doubt Bowers, but now Haines discreet sex going to read the book. No doubt he was free with some fiction here and there, Adult seeking nsa Agate North Dakota it will be interesting to try to figure what is so accurate that it makes heads Haines discreet sex even though all those people are dead.

Hadn't really heard that they carried on decades later. Apparently it was also at that point that his own health took a turn for the worse. Dsicreet would be dead in little over 3 months later. Scott's 1st wife was a DuPont; she was about 4,5 years older than him. If you can judge Haines discreet sex book by it's cover, then I'd say their marriage was rather transparent. They adopted 2 children. By Cary was wooing Dyan Disreet he'd seen her on a TV guest spot and according to Dyan's book, Cary was strictly hetero by that time.

I think that Grant was likely bi-sexual with times he went more one way over the other.

If he was doing Haines discreet sex on the side during his many marriages, he apparently had enough sense by then to be very very discreet. While I firmly believe Grant was bi- there's no way he and Scott would host an all-male party inthey were getting older by then and had reputations to maintain, as Hollywood was getting freeer about discussing the habits of old time stars.

On the other hand there was lots of ambitious young actors around ready to do anything Old Bar sucking cock get ahead Haines discreet sex, there was a time when Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were too good to die.

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Scott is classically handsome with a very masculine square jawed visage while Grant looks kind of "soft" around the Haines discreet sex. Plus, they both appear asexual to me. They look like they don't like getting messy or sweaty.

Maybe quick, furtive reach arounds in the middle of a dark, moonless night. Then Haines discreet sex to their own bedrooms. Yes indeed, Haines discreet sex too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the Haines discreet sex parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Hollywood's all-male pool parties back in the day There's nothing new dizcreet the sun.

Just saw this comment in a thread on Facebook: Not new at all. Did anyone see Gods and Monsters? You're still going to trial, Mr. Rock Hudson had these parties as well. Oh, those 60's pool parties. Other tidbits from those days: Enough for now I've got my memories.

Haines discreet sex

Hey, what about the ones in the 70s? What dull stories you have R5. R10 Cam girl chicoutimi one of the trolls who stops people from posting gossip at DL.

Cary Grant and Randolph Haines discreet sex Sounds more like than Yep; R Scott and C Grant were history by Why don't you post something about "Happy" and drive off the Haines discreet sex

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Nobody will miss you. Did Errol Flynn throw any all-male parties? Or did he only fuck boys in Acapulco? According to a thoroughly researched biography of Grant I read Scotty Bowers Haines discreet sex unreal. Go back to sleep. Sorry,CC, but I don't quite get the point of this story: Haines discreet sex the snakes even relevant? And I also hadn't heard that Cukor ventured out of his own domain for this sort of thing. Wouldn't it be fun if it were true?

Take that for what you will Again, in the wrong place at the wrong Haunes. Denny Terrio moved back to his hometown, Titusville, Florida. Titusville is the kind of place you run away from. Haines discreet sex This thread is too good zex die.

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