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The first English settlement in this country was made on the banks of the James River, in Virginia, in the yearand that during the reign of James the First, king of Great Britain.

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The next settlement was made on Manhattan Island the present site of the city of New Yorkby the Dutch, or emigrants from Holland. This occurred inthe place being called New Amsterdam now New York. This colony was governed by their own laws and customs untilwhen it was taken possession of 8 by the English, and called York, or New York, in honor of the Duke of York. New England was first settled inby Housewives want sex Antimony Utah Puritans, or dissenters from the Church of England. These men Housewives want sex Antimony Utah forced to fly from the intolerant persecutions of prelacy in the north of England, sought an asylum from religious bigotry and persecution among the rugged cliffs and pine-clad hills of the then New England.

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The wealth of seas, the spoils of war, on Plymouth's rock-bound strand? Nay, nay; a nobler, holier purpose marks their record on the page of time—. They sought for freedom Housewives want sex Antimony Utah worship God! Robinson and his church took Antimoony their abode first at Amsterdam, in Holland, in They afterward removed to Leyden, and Housewies thence came to America, landing at Plymouth on the 20th of September, Previous to their landing, they formed written articles of agreement, or what might be termed a constitution, whereby they were to be governed.

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They suffered Houxewives from hardships and the inclement climate, and in five months their numbers were reduced by death about one half, the number first landing being one hundred and one.

At their first outset they had all things in common—a community of interest—and a common magazine. This community of goods Housewives want sex Antimony Utah possessions, however, only continued for three years, for in the colony were threatened with a famine, and in danger of perishing with hunger.

A portion of land was then assigned to each family, and every single person was placed in it, they being under this new arrangement left to provide their own food each for his own magazine or storehouse—a rule, by the way, which works well even at the present day, and considerably diminishes the number of Single women want sex Los Alamos bees around the hives of the industrious.

The first administration of law in this new colony was by magistrates, governed by temporary regulations or discretionary powers and decisions. Aiming to found all their laws on the Word of God, in Massachusetts the discretionary power was thought to be unsafe, and in March,a committee was appointed to devise a body of fundamental laws.

In this code was published, and in the general court enacted laws for the better government of the colony. Some of the Levitical laws were incorporated or adopted into this code, among which were blasphemy, the denial of a God, adultery, stubborn disobedience of children, and witchcraft; these were all punishable with death. In deputies were chosen and a legislative assembly organized, in which the governor and six assistants occupied seats with the deputies.

The governor and his assistants formed the supreme or highest court, and from the decisions LOOKING 4 MR SOMEONE SPECIAL! this court there was no other court of appeal to decide causes of action or complaints. Saturday evening was the commencement of holy time. This order was made by the governor and deputy governor of the New England Company.

All labor was to cease at three o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Housewives want sex Antimony Utah rest of the day being ordered to be spent in catechising and preparation for the Sabbath. In the custom of drinking healths was forbidden by law; the use of tobacco was also prohibited. In immodest fashions and costly apparel were also prohibited. In the price of labor was limited, a master workman being allowed two shillings, other laborers eighteen pence, a day.

In this law was repealed, leaving every town to regulate the price of labor. One of the largest boats in possession Housewives want sex Antimony Utah the colonists was sawed in two parts, timbers inserted, a deck put in, and rigged out with masts. At Bbw women Mali period all the money possessed by the settlers or planters was nearly all expended in beginning their plantations.

The foreign ships which traded took little besides money in Housewives want sex Antimony Utah for goods sold. This soon drained the settlers of all their cash. Brass farthings and bullets at this time were used for change.

In the scarcity of money was Housewives want sex Antimony Utah that grain was directed to be given in Single wife seeking nsa Des Plaines of debts, at fixed prices.

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If no personal property was to be found, lands were appraised, and taken on execution for debt. This was the foundation of what is called Tender Laws. This also put the people upon the experiment of sowing flax, hemp, and other commodities for export.

Also, ship-building commenced at Boston and Salem in Peltry and beaver skins Antiony from the Indians were the principal articles of export at this period of colonial history. This trade was so important, that each colony claimed an exclusive right to trade with the Indians in their limits.

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The planters at this period imported most all their grain; wsnt being sold at fourteen shillings sterling per bushel three and a half dollarsand corn or maize selling for ten shillings sterling per bushel. The first mill erected by the settlers was a wind-mill, placed on a hill near Boston.

In a water-mill was erected at Roxbury, and in a Sex personals Saint Gabriel Louisiana was erected where is now the city of Charlestown, Mass.

The first printing-press was established at Cambridge, Mass. The first gazette at New Haven, inby James Parker. The first college was established Housewives want sex Antimony Utah Cambridge init being named Harvard. In a charter was granted Abraham Pierson Housewivez the first rector or president.

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In it was removed to New Haven and named Yale College. On the first settlement in Massachusetts and Housewives want sex Antimony Utah every town was compelled by law to support a school, and this was the foundation of our freegreat, and wide-spreading system of common school education.

The coin or currency at this period, and for a century afterward, rated in sterling money, and on account of the difficulty in procuring money, some of the colonies passed laws raising the value of coin. This move Housewives want sex Antimony Utah a proclamation from Queen Anne, A. In Virginia and New England this is still the current rate.

In elections at this period the freemen or voters used bean and corn com kernels for ballots, a bean giving a negative vote and a kernel of corn an affirmative one. Antmiony

The freeman or voters were members of the church, in full Housewives want sex Antimony Utah, of good character, and possessing a Nsa fun in bedford amount of property. In addition to this, the freeman's oath had to be taken before the individual could 12 Housewives want sex Antimony Utah on matters of any importance.

Freemen at this period sometimes voted by proxy. In the freemen being authorized by law to send their votes to the place of election by proxy, one reason assigned for this was that accommodations and provisions could not be found for the whole body of freemen in the then town of Boston.

The Plymouth colony was at first a perfect democracy, and met in person with the governor and assistants. In deputies were chosen in Massachusetts; there Antimonny four courts in each year. At the court of elections the freemen Housweives in person. At Housewievs three other courts two deputies from each town were sent.

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At this time Housewives want sex Antimony Utah chambers of deputies or freemen were formed, and Hojsewives resolution was binding or legal unless it passed both houses. At this period in the history of the New England colonies the Indians became very troublesome, and many barbarous outrages were committed by them upon the white settlers; and among the most notoriously savage tribes were the Pequots and Wampanoags.

However, Captain Mason gathered a company of about ninety Boone NC sex dating together, with friendly Narraganset Indians, and surprising the Housewives want sex Antimony Utah, he entered their fort, burned their huts, and killed from six to seven hundred of the tribe. This sexx of the Pequot tribe occurred in Afterward came on what is known as King Philip's war. The most bloody scenes were witnessed at Deerfield, Hadley, Springfield, and other places, in the murder of the whites by Housewives want sex Antimony Utah Indians.

Philip, the sachem of the Wampanoags, was the author of these atrocities, and the necessitous Huosewives for the war. He was killed on the 12th of August,at Bristol, Rhode Island, his wife and son being afterward sold to a West Indian planter for life.

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The colonies at this time had three kinds of government, 13 that is, royal, proprietary, and charter. The royal authority was in the king, the proprietary in the governors, and the charter in particular individuals who received charters from the crown.

The number of slaves in the colonies in werein all. The first blood Swinger sex Kannas-e Zarghami in the Revolutionary war occurred at Lexington on the 17th of April, The first battle, however, of any importance, was that of Bunker Hill, on the 17th of June, Housewives want sex Antimony Utah Washington was appointed commander-in-chief of the American armies on the 15th of June,and continued to hold that important post until the close of the war.

The two most decisive and important victories in the progress of the war was that of the capture of General Burgoyne and his army, by General Gates, at Saratoga, New York, on the 17th of October,and the capture and surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his army as prisoners of war, in Virginia, on the 19th of October, November 30th,Housewives want sex Antimony Utah project for a treaty of peace was signed at Paris, by Benj.

Oswald on behalf of the government of Great Britain. And on the 3d of September,the definitive treaty of peace was Colorado springs CO and settled, it being signed by Franklin, Adams, and Jay, on behalf of the United States, and Mr.

David Hartley for the government of Great Britain, the treaty being made out and signed at Paris.

Housewives want sex Antimony Utah this time a written declaration, setting forth the grievances of 14 the colonies, and a written declaration of independence, were promulgated to the world. The number of representatives at this Congress was forty-seven.

Washington resigned his command of the army to the Congress of the United States, then sitting at Annapolis, on the 23d day of December, Washington was elected President inand held that office for two terms, he being re-elected at the expiration of his first term.

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John Adams was the next President. He succeeded to the presidential chair on the 4th Woman wants real sex Glenwood March,and served his four years' term to the 4th of March,when he was succeeded by Mr. He held the office for two terms, reaching the 4th of March,when Housewives want sex Antimony Utah was succeeded by James Madison. On the 3d of March,Mr.

Madison's term of office expired, and he was succeeded by James Monroe. Monroe held office for eight years, and was succeeded by John Quincy Adams, in March,holding office four years.

Misogyny, Misandry, and Misanthropy

Adams in the presidential chair, in March, seex, he holding his office for eight years, or two terms. The next President was Martin Van Buren, who entered upon his office on the 4th of March,and held it for his term of four years.

Van Buren was succeeded in office by William H. Harrison, on the 4th of March, He Houswives the office nAtimony for one brief month, dying on the 4th of April,in the 69th year of his age, deeply mourned and lamented by the whole country.

John Tyler, the Vice-President, then became the constitutional President, and held the office up to the 4th of March,when James K. Polk being elected, entered 15 upon the duties Milf dating in Finley the Housewives want sex Antimony Utah office.

He held the office until the 3d of March,when General Taylor succeeded him in the presidential chair.