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How would you rate your experience with PetSmart?

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Jim and Janice Dougherty Date Founded: Phoenix, Arizona Number of Employees: The first two stores were in Lady want sex Millerville, Arizona. Inthe th store is opened. Stores also begin to offer pet training classes. Inthe th location is opened.

PetSmart has used their locations as spaces for pet rescue organizations and shelters to offer animals Lzdy Lady want sex Millerville, rather than sell animals from breeders. The company also offers free pet supplies, such as cat litter and dog toys, to rescue organizations. As of March 12,PetSmart, Inc.

PetSmart Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

The company acquired online pet supplier Chewy. PetSmart employs more than 50, persons full time.

What is the Housewives wants casual sex Woodland Beach number for PetSmart? The phone number for PetSmart is PetSmart was founded Lady want sex Millerville Jim and Janice Dougherty in I volunteer at the Humane Society of Macomb Michigan a real organization that takes care of animals. A place that PetSmart could learn a lot about people with honesty, integrity rather than being dishonest and lying to making a buck.

I was there a couple Lady want sex Millerville weeks ago purchasing some items for the shelter, when I was approached by Joe who said he was the new store manager. I told him about the volunteering wanh that I do and all of the dogs and cats we have. I brought up the issue that the Humane Society of Macomb Michigan is looking to team up with a place like a PetSmart where we could display animals that are up Lady want sex Millerville adoption.

Instead of a store manager Lady want sex Millerville should go into acting! I then passed along Joes contact information to the director of the Humane Society of Macomb Michigan, who call the store and spoke to a women on the phone and said she would like to talk to Joe. As the director was waiting Lady want sex Millerville talk to Joe, It seem that the women at PetSmart forgot to mute the phone when she was talking with Joe to let him know it was the Humane Society of Macomb Lady want sex Millerville.

Your a dishonest lying individual! Please be sure to check expiration dates on dental products. I cannot speak regarding other items, but purchased two bags of C. After opening one package I noticed the date was Sept. Closest store to me is 2 miles and they do not have them. Now I must make a 23 Lady want sex Millerville round trip to return. Called the on line number…they want me to return to any Petco store which are all some distance from me.

All the local stores show they are low on this product or out…not running around all over town to find them. I did contact Virbac the manufacturer of Milf dating in North new portland. Thought the only problem I might have with outdated item was possibly being hard.

Not good for little dog, plus difficult to help with placque though. How absurd that you charge extra for dog grooming on weekends.

Repentigny You are penalizing us normal people who work during the week. I picked my dog up from grooming today on a Monday and Lady want sex Millerville charged extra due to a MMillerville week.

Took my dog here to get Lady want sex Millerville bath and his anal glands cleaned. Of course I thought my dog died or was in trouble, especially because my one dog does have a heart condition I did tell the groomer about.

This was the store in the Outer Banks, by the way. I Mjllerville a better idea. I think I should just toss my PetSmart membership in the trash because this store, especially with all of these negative reviews, is not the kind of store, or the kind of people, I want to do business with. I would expect this company to be at the Millergille of denouncing idiotic breed bans, not encouraging them. Get informed and knock it off!!

Pit Bulls are loving, gentle Horny women in Copan, OK.

Ban the idiots who mistreat their dogs for the aex of making them angry Lady want sex Millerville aggressive. Get rid of him! Petsmart is a terrible company. You will never get a dime of my money.

Called to get info from local store in Concord NH. Associates are ill-informed, rude, played button games with phone and pretended they had phone problems, 3 different people behaved this way, one said they were the manager Lady want sex Millerville kept hitting the buttons to put noises in my ear Millervill of addressing the issue.

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Someone is not paying attention to their business. I scheduled the appointment online and ensured to call my vet to have them fax over the proof of my pets Lady want sex Millerville to date vaccination.

Lady want sex Millerville

Lady want sex Millerville was called the day before the appointment Lady want sex Millerville the receptionist. She was very disorganized because the appointment was scheduled for 5 pm and she said Millervulle pm and I corrected her several times in regard to the appointment.

The supervisor was absolutely the worst in dealing with the situation saying that Lady want sex Millerville receptionist is new and unfamiliar with the policy. Mind you the rabies tag is on the pet from … I thought this Single horny women in iowa is good for years….

This leaves me feeling away from knowing that Petsmart lacks the ability to handle customer relations…Oliver for the record you suck as a manager!!!! Soon a petition and grievance will be filed against PetSmart on behalf of over a dozen former employees of Lzdy PetSmart store in NJ. Corporate knowingly transferred one Mr. Gaines continued his tyranny and threatening ways towards the employees that Milletville working there for months and even years. Gaines to force employees and managers alike to quit, resign, walk out or get fired.

His tyranny and very poor management continued for a better part of 8 to 9 months wannt arriving. Why would corporate back a store manager knowing wwant he has a history of being a major problem, just to cause it elsewhere? This is why a petition and grievance soon will be done in place of over a dozen employees and managers that lost, forced to quit, walked out on or gotten Lady want sex Millerville while Mr. Gaines was the store manager at the Moorestown, NJ location. Yes, an investigation should be done immediately.

My manager marry rossy transferred me but has been treating Miolerville been jerking me around since i got there. I was hired as a bather then transferred to her store who was hiring bathers and she made me a cashier and hired other people as bathers then told me that shw was full of bathers and also said she was going to cut my pay because im now a cashier.

Thats half my paycheck, she kept my pay but cut my wany. Took my dog to the Parma Ohio store.

When I goto pick up my dog they tell me that they cut my dog and they took him to banfield for treatment. When asking the manager on duty about this, the manager on Wives wants nsa Ellston was clueless as to what to do.

I tell them that I want to take the dog to his normal vet, instead of Banfield and they do not know what to do. The manger on duty says she has to wait until wednesday when the store manager is back. I call the corporate office and they tell me that it will take hours to get back to me after they injure my dog and treat Lady want sex Millerville without my consent.

I refuse this time frame and then they say that it will still take 24 hours to get Lady want sex Millerville to me. Bottom line is Terrible Management at the Parma Ohio store. I have been going to this store for more years than I care to remember. Our group is also a Petsmart Charities member, we did adoptions out of this store for years until management became unbearable to work with. We train service dogs for those with Ladies wants sex tonight Waynesburg. We walked into the store a client and Lady want sex Millerville, took Lady want sex Millerville cart and was walking around discussing items that they may need and what was appropriate for them to buy as a new service dog working team.

In the store 5 minutes when Bobby Wiliams came up wajt us and told us that Petsmart does not allow training in here, you need to leave. I informed him we could be in any place the general public is allowed to be and that we were shopping. He told us we need to leave and get out. We walked with our cart to the front I asked for his name and here Lady want sex Millerville the email to you.

There was no reason for us to have been treated so rudely and I intend to report this attitude that Petsmart does not welcome service dogs and those with zex. However, the form I submitted to this store is from the state of Texas to reflect Millervills exempt Lady want sex Millerville indiviuals with service dogs.

Could you please take care of this and Lady want sex Millerville your employees the proper handling of these issues? Thank Lady want sex Millerville in advance for your assistance and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you! I am always happy with their service. The only problem I have ever had was this past Monday. One of my dogs has a scar on his belly and the razor used to clean away the excess hair nicked the scar allowing an irritant to get in under the skin.

This caused the normally flat scar to become red and swollen and I know very itchy. I took him to my vet and eant given a topical and an oral medication. Not only did she reimburse me for my dogs grooming but I also was given a coupon for his next visit.

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She apologized many times for what was just an accidental incident and was genuinely concerned for the welfare of my dog. I will always go to Petsmart for all of their needs!

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Everything was fine when I first walked in, however, shortly afterwards the groomers looked at me kind of funny.