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Up to anything tonight

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Up to anything tonight your favorite sport in the subject line. I am a professional, middle-aged black man. need some tlc m4w Hello, I am just seeking for a good gal that tonignt like something discrete maybe once or twice a month. I know this is not a typical request, but I am willing to make exceptions for the right girl.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Look For Cock
City: Darwin
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Serious Women Plz Read

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I overheard my manager asking "What are you up to? HanuAthena HanuAthena 4 9 It's just an informal way of asking "What are you doing right now".

AEE How to Respond to "What Are You Up To?" in English | All Ears English Podcast

An excellent example of a sentence that's awkward to not end with a preposition: True, but it's not like you'd be using this Up to anything tonight in a formal setting.

BenLee The rules of grammar Yoda does not adhere to. I would phrase it "To what are you up," which is still very awkward. If you add an adverb to the end of the phrase, for instance, "What are you up to tonight?

Hope you don't mind the edit. Makes things just slightly clearer in my view, good answer otherwise. Thanks for improving my answer.

English Phrase: up for anything |

Palavuzlar Sep 15 '10 at Can also mean "What's your scheme? There is no definition of "be up to" on Merriam-Webster site.

Is it not used in American English? I found it only in Cambridge dictionary. I think this distinction is important and salient and I'm really surprised the checkmark went to answer that didn't even mention this.

Hahaha, be funny dude: Her "What are you doing tonight? And then invite her out if she's cute because Up to anything tonight and the Homeless can wait, but hold on a seck I have to finish my laundry".

Up to anything tonight

Just be straight up. Give her the option to accept or reject your intentions.

If I don't open directly and I like the girl, I try and put my intentions out there as soon as possible. But for me, "working" means that PU put myself out there.

I'm not going to sneak into the pussy. I'm just going to keep replying I think I might Up to anything tonight for that sort of response next time. I only decided to stop being a AFC and start making something out of myself relatively recently.

Up to anything tonight

Thanks for reminding me to read up on this stuff myself! Out Lady seeking sex tonight New Douglas curiosity - where are you located? Wait for giggles, then Up to anything tonight her out. Not any "uh, Up to anything tonight dunno, probably see what my friends are up to" bullshit.

Make up something on the spot if you have to, even as simple as "I was going to go out for drinks, want znything come?

Rock climbing is great, as are go-karting, bowling, salsa dancing, watching Westerns, skiing, or really anything other than the boring shit she would otherwise be naything.

good response to "What are you up to tonight?" : seduction

Make her think she'll have fun with you, and you win. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I'm a college student. Also, there is no Greek life on campus. Want to add to the discussion?

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Do those interest you? And have a go-to anyting, one that you've seen before, so that you won't mind when the make-out session distracts you.

You may join me, if you can keep up. It Up to anything tonight both the best and worst option. If you're attractive to her, she'll think there is some romantic potential there and want it. If she's anythjng into you Also, you better actually have games or cards or something.

That might be fun.